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Undescended Testicles and Surgery

My son who will be 5 months next week, his left testicle has not dropped. The Urologist has not found that one yet. He is scheduled to go for surgery on April 22 to see if the doc can find it and tack it down. If it does not look right, she will remove it so it does not cause tumors down the road.

Any advice on what will happen to my little man after he wakes up and how long will it take for him to wake up? What about diapers? Do I need to get the next size up so he is not hurtting? I am really scard about this. I think about it daily and what I can do to prepare myself and him for what is about to happen?

He is also going to get a helmet the day before, because he has a flat head and his ears are not even. I have read that they have to wear it for 23.5 hours a day. Wow.. that is a lot of hours for a little person to wear it. Can you decorate the helmet so it looks better then just something white on his head?

Just lots of thoughts and concerns for my little man!

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My little man had his surgery and I am now at work. Sorry, that I didn't post this earlier.

He was in surgery for almost 3 hours.. a very long three hours. They found the hernia was a large one and she removed it and the doc had a heck of a time looking for his testicle that was way up there. She looked at the testicle to make sure it was ok to keep and she tacked it down. It might not work but it will take 6 month to find out.

He is such a trooper. It looks as if he has had a C-section. The doc also redid his the cerimsision.. not sure how to spell that. He does not seem to be in any pain. But we are giving him a little of Motrin. As for the diapers, he had to go up a size or two. I don't want his diaper to rub where the cut is. Although he does have it covered, just want to be safe.

He is in great spirts! He can't jump or sit straddled for two weeks. My little man loves to jump. So we are just laying him on the floor so he can kick his legs and get all the energy out.

Thank you for all the responses. It is great to know that I am not the only one out there with these problems.

Thanks again for everything!!!

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This is from another perspective . . . my husband is 55 and we have three grown children (never a problem getting pregnant) and he had the undescended testicle operation when he was very young. All in all, what he remembers is mostly what he was told and his health and fertility were never compromised.

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My son was also born with an undescended testicle. At one year old they went in found it, pulled it down were it was suppose to be and attached it to the scrotum, repaired an umbilical & groan hernia & put tubes in his ears. He did not seem to be in any unusual discomfort from any of this. We put him in his regular size diaper and followed the doctors instructions.

I am afraid this may be too late..But footzonology has worked for undescended testicles..one of my friends who zones has a 3 yo grandson with one and after 3 zones it came down..just a thought..

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I don't like saying that I'm an expert on this, however, I am. My 6 year old has had 4-5 surgeries, 2 of them outpatient and one of them for an undecended testicle. When my son was almost 3 months old, he had to have a gastric feeding tube put in him (he was on a ventilator for longer than 6 weeks and couldn't suck). He was 1 1/2 years old when he had his undecended testicle surgery, so I'll talk about both.

Pre-Surgery: The Surgical Center should be sending you instructions as far as, don't give him anything to eat or drink for 5-7 hours before surgery (I can't remember the time frame, it may be less time for a 5 month old). By not giving him anything to eat, whatever amount of hours the Dr. says before surgery, will not make him as sick when he wakes up from surgery. My son threw up when he had his final surgery when he was 4 1/2-he ate and drank something (big brother forgot, and gave him some juice and string cheese while I was in the shower, with my last words "don't let him eat or drink anything!") When he woke up, he threw up, making his recovery from surgery more messy.

When he Wakes Up: He will wake up groggy & sleepy. He should already be on some pain medications. It will take an hour or so for him to wake up, but he will be sleepy for a few hours. The best thing Not To Do-is do not pick him up right away. Stay close to him, hold his hand, kiss and stroke his head, talk to him softly, try to cradle him without moving him from the bed. When he is waking up, he is dizzy and the room may be spinning for him-and the best thing to do is to let him lay there until he wakes up more (30 min to maybe an hour). Also, because he is having surgery on his groin, KEEP HIS LEGS STILL OR TOGETHER for as long as possible. Watch him, he may want you to pick him up, and if he screams, put him down, and continue to comfort him by having him lay on the bed, with you talking to him, etc. The hardest part is the first 30 minutes afterwards, because you want to pick him up, comfort him and hold him.

After He Wakes Up A Bit: This is about an hour after he's out of surgery. You or your husband should be holding him by now, carefully. The hospital will make sure he is able to drink, and be alert before you leave the hospital (it's outpatient, right?). He will be groggy or sleepy.

When You Go Home: Because of where his incision is, you shouldn't have to buy a bigger diaper, but all babies are different. It may be a good idea to have his regular diapers, as well as one that is 1 size up. Have him wear little sweat pants and a t-shirt- no onesie that snaps near his crotch, no denim, something soft and loose. Depending on where his incision is, use your best judgement. Have a small towel (like a hand towel) with you or on him incase he throws up. The Dr. will probably prescribe pain killers (tylenol with codine or something), get his filled at the hospital or on your way home.

In The Car: I'm assuming that your husband is going with you, if not, have your 12 year old daughter go with you. Someone should be in the back seat with your little one when you are going home. He will be awake (or not, everyone is different). If he is awake, he may still be groggy or disoriented. It's also good to have someone talk with him, be there in case he throws up. When you get him in his car seat, adjust the straps a little so they aren't tight around his crotch area, this is just for this one time. I know some mothers will disagree on compromising safety by loosening his straps, but, this baby has just had surgery, and you don't want any pressure in this sensitive area.

When You Get Home: Hold him, let him sleep, and love on him-it's been a long day for him. Continue to keep his legs still, he may do this himself. Do not put him in a swing, vibrating bouncy chair, or anything that requires things inbetween his legs for several days. If you need to put him down so you can get things done, put him in his car seat.

My now 6 year old had his undecended testi surgery when he was 1 1/2 years old. I took cues from him as far as what he wanted and needed. He was very active and would swing his leg over the couch or ottoman to climb up on it, he did this once when he was home for not even 30 minutes and he screamed for 5 minutes. He walked, but he didn't like too. He kept his legs still, for the first day, and then as it healed, he progressivly got better. I gave him 1 dose of the pain killers that was sent home from the hospital, otherwise, he didn't complain about pain, he was just sore.
I do not work in the medical industry, I'm just a Mom who has been down a long medical road with my son.
Good Luck, feel free to e-mail me with any more questions. I don't have any experience with helmets, I think they are cute, and you should go ahead and put stickers on it to make it more cute. :-)

SAHM of 2 great boys ages 12 and 6 years. Married to the most patient husband and best Dad in the world.

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My son had a flat head too. He was rated a 9 on the scale of 1-10 severeity. His jaws were beginning shift. He wore the helmet. Never seemed to know/care that it was on. He wore it the 23.5 hours with no problem. I took it off during feedings because the strap would get so messy, and during bath time. His head would get really sweaty so when I took it off I would wipe it out with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. He just turned 11 and has a beautiful head!

Good Luck!
T. M

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Hi L., I totally understand and am sympathizing with you.

My son had the exact issue with the undescended testicle (and the docs didn't know if it was "alive" and undescended or if it was "dead" and twisted off somewhere in the abdominal cavity). My baby had his surgery when he was 14 mos old (the docs wanted to wait til after he was a year old - apparently if there are no other risks, it's good to wait til after a year to put them under anesthesia) and it was the most nerve-wracking thing ever! I don't know HOW your son is having his done, but my son's was laparascopically, which was a great way because his "little guy" (or the region) did not hurt at all.
Coming out of anesthesia was difficult, only because he was definitely wanting me and whiny and still soooooooo sleepy but the nurses had to stay close by and monitor him for a good hour or two.
All in all, it was tough but not as tough as I had imagined it would be.
I truly hope your guys' experience is uneventful in a good way and that they find the little testicle!
You're in my prayers today....don't know if he had the surgery yet or not (did he end up having it on the 22nd???)

Sympathizing with you,

P.S. They found my son's, it was "dead" and twisted off. The prognosis for a healthy and fertile life is still just as good as if he had two! Great news! (They said we/he just has to 'guard that little guy with his life'! :)

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L., don't worry. My son was 6 weeks early when he was born and one of his issues was the undescended testicle. He had surgery when he was 9 months old. It was pretty quick. Honestly, the worst part was just watching the anesthesia wear off because we didn't know if he was in pain or nauseaus or just feeling bad. He just wanted his mommy so they brought us back to the recory room. I will say he looked really pale and miserable and the next couple days he wasn't in the best mood but listen to the doctors and make sure you give them the pain medicine around the clock for the first couple days. His 2 little incisions really didn't seem to bother him much. I think his problem was more sick to his stomach. It will be over before you know it and just cuddle with your little one. It's not fun but not half as bad as you think. I was pretty surprised myself. I didn't change his diaper size. All i had to do was leave the incsisons alone and put some neosporin on them at each diaper change. So be prepared for him to be a bit crabby but it's not bad! And to make you feel better, my friend's son had it done and after his surgery he was running around like nothing had happended! good luck!

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Hi, L.!

I'm glad Surgery went well! I just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend, Jodi has two kids and both her daughter and son were born early and her daughter wore a helmet for a couple months and did just fine:) The only issue is that it started to stink after a while and was hard to keep clean. Her son will now have to wear it as his soft head is not round because he lays on the same spot while sleeping. She has gone through it once and knows it is no big deal. It may take a day or two to get used to, but I just wanted to let you know how it went with my friends kids. Her daughter, now two and half is doing great! Take care!

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This is from another perspective . . . my husband is 55 and we have three grown children (never a problem getting pregnant) and he had the undescended testicle operation when he was very young. All in all, what he remembers is mostly what he was told and his health and fertility were never compromised.

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My son had the same surgery at 2 yrs old (he's now 15). He was born a preemie at 26weeks. They did the surgery and found that his left testicle never developed. He came out of surgery very easy but was very sleepy. His recovery was not bad, but I think a bigger size diaper would probably be a good idea for your lil guy. Actually we had my son rechecked 6months ago just to be positive because his new dr. thought he felt it up there (probably the same thing his original dr. thought) but after the sonogram they found his results to be accurate from years past. But his dr. said he's still able to have children & can have an implant when he's older if he chooses. Hope all goes well with your lil guy!

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I will pray for your son,you,and your family!!I know the Lord will take care of your little boy,he has diffently taken care of my little girl,she is blind in one of her eyes and on the left side of her brain has fluid on it.The Lord works miracles,and I will add your family into my prayers.God Bless you

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