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Underwire Bras and Pregnancy


I heard that I shouldn't wear an underwire bra during pregnancy or while nursing as it may interfere with my milk production. Any truth to this? If so, here is the problem: I am busting out of a 36DD and I haven't seen any non-underwires in even this enormous size. Any suggestions/adivce?

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Thank you everyone for such great advice- what a fantastic resource. I will definitely talk at a LC and get fitted in a Medela and a Bravado. Thanks again!

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I've been in the range of 24DD-34H through 2 pregnancies and I ALWAYS wear an underwire. I've never had an problem with milk production. In fact, while I pumped I produced more milk than my baby could drink.

Yes I heard the same thing too when I was pregnant. I love underwire bras and wear them all the time. Despite what everyone said I wore one and when my milk came in I had so much pain from the underwire bra I had to get rid of them. Congratulations on the baby and graduating law school!

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I know exactly how you feel...I was in your position last summer. I wore DD/E, and found some bra's at Motherhood maternity. Underwire and wireless. I stopped wearing underwire when I was about 7 months along. I had a sharp pain on the side of my breast. My doctor said to stop wearing underwire because it can interfere with milk production. I went to Target and picked up their nursing tank tops. I had to buy their XXL. My doctor was right! As soon as I quit wearing my underwire bras the pain went away! Those tank tops don't have the BEST support, but I can't go without any kind of support, and I thought is was better than the pain.
Good luck I hope you find something that works for you.

I always had underwire in my nursing bras and never had any trouble, infections, blocked ducts, etc. I did wear a sports bra type nursing bra to bed just because it was more comfortable for me. I breastfed my daughter for 14 months.

I wear an underwire nursing bra every day and I produce milk just fine and have done this for nearly a year now. However at the end of my pregnancy the underwise was VERY uncomfortable! So at that time I bought them without the underwire. I think it's totally up to you. I can't see how it would have anything to do with milk production...????

This is just my experience, I've heard others say they can be bad, but I've worn underwire bra's through two pregnancies and two years of nursing and never had a problem. I too am a 36DD/E and I just can't get any support out of a non-underwire bra. You can always try it, and if you have a problem, get fitted for a non-underwire bra. I suggest you get fitted now anyway, at a real bra store, or at Motherhood Maternity store.

I've been in the range of 24DD-34H through 2 pregnancies and I ALWAYS wear an underwire. I've never had an problem with milk production. In fact, while I pumped I produced more milk than my baby could drink.

I was also given the advice to avoid underwires and I think I was around a 38F at my biggest. I was very happy with the service and products that the United Hospital's Birth Center store. You don't need to be a patient and you can call and make an appointment to have a lactation consultant measure you and help you find a comfortable bra and other nursing supplies. The prices are very comparable to department stores. No pressure sales or anything, just comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I'd call the Birth Center for info. Congratulations!

Yes I heard the same thing too when I was pregnant. I love underwire bras and wear them all the time. Despite what everyone said I wore one and when my milk came in I had so much pain from the underwire bra I had to get rid of them. Congratulations on the baby and graduating law school!

A recommendation for you if you are looking for nursing bras, United Hospital/Children Hospital in St Paul has a Breastfeeding Resource Center staffed with lactation specialists that will fit you for the perfect bra. They have a small retail shop there in the hospital which I heard about from some other moms when I had my son. They are only open certain hours, if I remember right, but highly recommended. Their number is ###-###-####.

PS The Bravado bras, mentioned in one of the other posts, are awesome! I lived in mine 24/7 and it was super comfortable! If you can avoid it, don't use underwires. Blocked milk ducts can be very painful.

Try going to Avenue We are in the knollwood mall, dont have 36 but do have 38DD with no wire.

I just recently heard this... I have always worn underwire and continue to while nursing. I asked my lacation consultant about this and she said it depends on the person she has found after 30 years of work. She said usually she sees where the wire might cut into the persons bust because the bra is too small and then the woman gets a clogged milk duct.
Good luck finding bras. I HATE looking for nursing bras of ANY size...

Hello, I am a 42DD and have found the Medela underwire Bra and Bravo sports bra (i sleep in this one) the most comfortable. I am nursing and they have had the best support of any bra that i have tried so far. You can find them at any hospital in the lactation center. I got mine and methodist hospital in St. louis park. I highly reccomend both brands. And the underwire is so soft you wouldn't know you were wearing it:)I suggest going in and trying on a few to see what you like. the prices range from $25-$45 but money well spent.

Hi R.,

I, too, was blessed and the blessings grew rather large during pregnancy. I wore underwire during pregnancy without a problem. But after my son was born I looked for a very good nursing bra. I spoke with my LC at the hospital and she told me of some stores in my area that personally fit you. The cost is a little expensive, so I only got two and rotated them. But it was well worth it. They were comfortable and supportive. Also, my LC explained that the reason for no underwire was because it puts pressure on your breasts and you can get blocked ducts. Good Luck with your blessings! And your family and law career!

I hadn't heard this and I wore Underwire bras during my entire pregnancy. After Delivery, I wore non-underwire bras only because I just couldn't find any underwire nursing bras. So, perhaps there is some truth to that theory and that bra makers just don't make them because no one would buy them knowing it would slow milk production.

I heard the same thing but when I got fitted for my last nursing bra they gave me an underwire. The first one I got at Bravo Bras in Blaine and it fits great and isnt underwire. I didnt go back this time because they are more expensive but I regret it now. I have a large bust too and Bravo Bras seem to work the best. They are not the most attractive bras but work.

Try Lane Bryant. I am over a 40 DDD (not yet pregnant :(...), and they have underwire free bras there.
Also It's not too early for you to wear a nursing bra. Try finding one of those just a bit too big for you, so you can "grow" into it

just be careful to not dry them...

Hi! I guess I never heard that underwire bra's are bad for milk production, but I am a 38E and I found great inexpensive nursing bra's at the Motherhood Maternity store. They have many many different sizes and styles. I still wear the bras even though I am not nursing any more because they fit and are comfortable. Good luck!

Don't worry about wearing an underwire, as long as the bra fits. If the wires are cutting into a portion of your breast tissue (instead of wrapping around the outside of it without pinching), it could lead to a plugged duct, which is very painful. If they outline your breast without pressing on any of it, then you're fine.

You might want to read the fitting articles at www.figleaves.com - they have good advice about sizing bras and figuring out if what you're wearing is the right size.

One of the most common mistakes when fitting a large-busted woman is increasing band size instead of cup size. I was fitted (by a professional!) as a 36C when I was actually a 32DD. Now, post-kids, I'm a 34G, though the "traditional" measurement method pegged me as a 36DDD instead.

Something I wish I'd known earlier when I was pregnant is that you should wear a bra to bed - basically, wear a bra 24 hours a day, seven days a week (it stinks, I know, but it will help a LOT with post-nursing sagging).

The best bra I found for sleeping is the Bravado bra: http://www.bravadodesigns.com/ It doesn't have much support, so it's not the best for during the day, but it's very comfortable for nighttime, dealing with engorgement, etc. They make an incredibly comfy pair of panties, too.

The best bras I found for during the day were Wacoal and Medela - Medela has non-underwire styles.

Congratulations on your upcoming new arrival, and good luck!

Don't know much about underwire, but I've found the best place to get nursing bras is birthandbaby.com. Not sure, but I bet she'd have some in your size! (and at only $1 for shipping, and a generous return policy, you've not much to lose!)
Best of luck and congrats on the pregnancy!

I have worn an underwire since I was fifteen and through 3 pregnancies and a total of 3 years of nursing and had no problems I started out as a 34 DD and have ended up a 38 DD.

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