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Underarm Hair and Small Amount of Fine Pubic Hair in 6 Year Girl

My daughter just turned 6 in July. Two days back I noticed some fine underarm hair. I checked her and noticed she has a miniscule amount of fine hair about an inch long in her pubic area too. Her clothes smell too after a day of play. What could be happening? Is it normal this early? She is pretty tall, might be the tallest in her class and lean.

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Thanks a lot. I have received some great advice. I called her paediatrician and she wants to see her. I have taken an appointment for next week. I just hope everything turns out fine.

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You know, I wonder if its in the water? Some chemicals in the water will increase the production of estrogen thus creating an early puberty reaction. I wonder?

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A doctor could tell you exactly, but you could look up some information on Precocious Puberty to see if this seems like what your daughter is experiencing.

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I hope that this is just a timing variation within the range of normal for your daughter. However, please get this checked, and if a doctor blows it off without doing extensive testing, then keep going to different doctors until one will take it seriously. Don't accept verbal assurances without medical testing to back it up.

My son started having b.o. when he was 5. Because this seemed abnormal to me, I asked his pediatrician (who blew it off...."kids get stinky when they play outside") and my former father-in-law who's a doctor (who merely suggested using deodorant soap....despite me emphasizing that I was addressing a medical concern and not hygiene).

Later, when he was a teenager, even though he had hit puberty early, it was clear that he had not been growing properly. FINALLY, I got another doctor to take it seriously and refer us to a pediatric endocrinologist. She diagnosed a hormonal disorder.

This was at age 15, his growth plates were 99% closed, and it was too late for growth hormone to work. He was 5'2" at that point. The good news is that he's continued to grow, despite the dire prognosis, and is now 5'5" at age 19. This is still several inches shorter than what his genetics would predict him to be.

Sometimes children who hit puberty early will be taller than their classmates, but when puberty finishes, so does their growth in height, so that essentially stops too early.

My point is, that you should consider pressing the point with more than one doctor until one will take it seriously and do some testing. At best, a disorder can be found early enough to prevent permanent problems. At worst, time and money may be wasted, but your mind will be set at ease with medical tests that reveal no problems.


This sounds like a condition called precocious puberty. Due to hormonal imbalances young girls start to develop sexual characteristics at a young age. If treated (usually by an endocronologist) the effects can be reversed and treatment will prevent her from starting her period at a very young age. Therefor, I would recommend you make an appointment soon to have your daughter her seen by competent specialist.

Mom to one daughter age 6

Definitely see a doctor but also check out what you are feeding her! The hormones in our food today are aiding in the process of speeding up puberty. Make sure she is getting only organic milk and meat. I have friends who put children on organic products and saw a complete reversal of this "early onset puberty" process.

The hormones in meat will do this. It will even give little boys boobs. Eat organic meats!!!

Our daughters are always being checked by their thyroid doctor for premature puberty as they don't have thyroid glands. Have you talked to your pediatrician to see if she has any thyroid issues?

You definitely need to take her to the pediatrician. He will most likely recommend that your daughter be seen by an Endocrinologist who specializes in children.

With the increase in Hormones in our food many girls are maturing early. Also the thing that triggers the hormones to cause maturity is weight, so if a girl gets to a certain weight it triggers a start in the hormone production. A Dr can be consulted if needed but many girls are starting to develop early.

My son is seven now. He has had fine pubic hair since he was 6 and has had to wear deodorant since then also. I also checked with a few of my friends with children my son's age and there children have had the same things. I think its the hormones in our food. Don't worry your daugther is not alone.

not normal
take her to a doctor

Please take her to a doctor and her checked. I dont want to alarm you but this issue came up with one of my niece's and I tried to get her mom to take her to the doctor and get checked out but she didnt until 2 years later and it was a major medical issue. Please do not wait it is better to be safe and protective then to wait. Again I apologize if I have alarmed you. Make sure the check ALL her hormone levels and ask about her puturitary (sp) gland.

Take her off all regular milk and meats. Use organic only. The growth hormones in milk and in meat are causing this more and more in kids today. A friend had a daughter who had started developing breasts, body odor, and started her period at age 7.

She took her to her pedi. in Austin. Luckily she had a pedi. that was more inclined to natural health. The doctor suggested going organic - especially in milk and meats for this reason. The girls breasts reduced and body odor disappeared. She also stopped having her period. The doctor said he is seeing this kind of thing more often and tells all his patients' parents to go as organic as you can. Also, said he knows that it is more expensive but if you can only afford to go organic for the kids then buy regular milk or meats for the adults in the family that will cut the cost and still protect the kids.

Hope that helps.

Sounds like precocious puberty???

I agree, it could be a sign of something but also, it could be normal. Girls now are maturing SOO fast!! My 9 year old has the beginnings of breasts and underarm odor as well. I've seen girls at her school that do NOT look like they belong in elementary school!
Nevertheless, better safe then sorry. Ask your pediatrician to make sure. Good luck!

You know, I wonder if its in the water? Some chemicals in the water will increase the production of estrogen thus creating an early puberty reaction. I wonder?

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