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Uncontrollable Itching: Allergies? Dermatology? Nerves? Heating System?

For the past few years, I've had a problem with itching. The first year I noticed it in my arms, legs, and neck. I would scratch uncontrollably (and sometimes unconsciously in my sleep) until I caused bleeding on my thighs. The scratching on my neck has caused "bruising" which my dermatologist says will eventually go away... If I can stop aggravating it.

It's now been 3 years. I've gone to my family practitioner, an allergist, and a dermatologist. No one is concerned. The itching on my arms and legs isn't nearly as bad as my neck.

I've tried OTC lotions, prescription creams, and pills. Nothing seems to help. (The pills help somewhat, but make me loopy ... which I HATE.)

I thought I'd finally licked it until a couple of weeks ago. The itching is back with a vengeance! The one change I've noticed is the change in weather (temperature swings from 30's to 80's) and the need to turn on the heating system.

Has anyone gone through this? I **CAN'T** go through another six minutes - let alone another six **months** - of this. Can you recommend a doctor? treatment? cause? CURE?!?!?


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Hi J.,

I use to work for a Board Certified Allergist/Asthma doctor in Baton Rouge, La. He is an awesome doctor. Very intellegent. Very nice. He is from India and has a heavy accent, but he is amazing. I don't know if you are willing to go there, but he is really good in my opinion. His patient's always told me that on the way out. If you are interested in seeing him, let me know and I will forward you his information and you can contact the office. Could it be some type of urticaria? This is an allergy condition. I have allergies and some types of food allergies. I completely understand your frustration. Unbearable at times.

I had this problem once; it turned out to be the fish oil supplement I was taking. The very thing that is sometimes recommended for such problems! I became suspicious after having a bad reaction to shell fish; I went on vacation last summer to a coastal city and ate fresh local fish (not shellfish) and in two or three days the itching started. Bummer, I like fish. My immune system is really screwy so I don't know if any of this helps. If it could possibly be food related you may want to try an allergy elimination diet and maybe that will shed some light on your situation.

Do you by chance take Zyrtec? I have a similar problem and then read an article in The People's Pharmacy of others who had this excessive itching when trying to get off of Zyrtec. I've been taking Zyrtec for two years and I get bright red spots, large and small, on all my limbs but not my neck. The itching is just horrible!

been there and it sucks. i feel for you. i have severe allergies, eczema(dermatitis) and have gone through everything. topical sterorids, allergy shots 3 seperate times, nose sprays etcs. my first question is this... do you take any medication for seasonal allergies? like zyrtec, claratin etc. if not, i would suggest trying zyrtec. it can make you sleepy (doesn't me but does others), but i've found it works the best and the quickest. after having gone through tons of things and talking with a dermatologist i found out that eczema is actually your body just reacting to an allergy through the skins vs sneezing or other ways. i actually take zyrtec, singulair and flonase nose spray daily and this works well. when i am on my medicine i don't itch and i don't have the eczema. the most common areas for eczema is the inside of your elbows, back of knees and neck/chest. i know that whenever my jawline or neck starts itching that i haven't taken my medicine or there is a new pollen in the air. i would also try there Dermarest Eczema Medicated Lotion. they sell in the grocery stores for around $10. it works pretty well and you can limit your prescription use. (i was at the point where i was told to no longer use meds b/c i had used topical steroids too long). good luck! please let me know if you have other questions. i can go into more detail if you need.

Hi J. my niece has skin problems really bad here are a few suggestion I hope this helps

1. HERB-LAX: promotes detoxification
2. ALFALFA: promotes cleansing of the blood; strengthens the
elimination ability of kidneys; contain chlorophyll which aids
in skin healing
3. OPTIFLORA: increase good bacteria levels
4. ZINC: promotes healing
6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: improves circulation
7. OMEGAGUARD: for tissue healing
8. VITAMIN C: promotes healing
9. CAROTOMAX: promotes tissue healing

you don't have to try them all at once but I due recommend the
optiflora, omegagaurd, vitamin e, alfalfa, and changing you washing powder and shampoo


Hi J.,

I see another person has suggested that you might have a food allergy and I concur. If I drink certain types of beer I get an uncontrollable impulse to scratch my nose off within minutes. Any typed of wheat foods make me itch. I know that I have a candida issue and my son and I are now on a gluten-free diet which has helped me with a myriad of symptoms that we both were experiencing. I think you should look into the elimination diet where you keep a food diary and cut out certain foods for a week at a time and see if you get any relief. I feel for you! Good luck and Happy New Year!

Hi J.,
I also get itchy during the winter on my legs, not anywhere else, but I've scratched my legs raw in my sleep. The only thing I have found to work, although I didn't try pills only lotions, is Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Skin Bump Minimizer. I'm not sure what it does but it's amazing. The more irritated the skin is the better it works. I put it on before bed and I never scratch again during the night.
I am an Avon Independent Sales Rep and I discovered it in a bundle of skin care creams that I bought. I tried it and have used it for the past 6 months and loved it. If you would like to try a bottle here's my contact info:
W. Bierschenk
Avon Independent Sales Representative

Good luck I hope you find something that works for you!

Check out these websites;
www.Glimpsebeforeandafter.com , clic on photos and More photos, and see some results. (this is not my website)
www.CosmeticsDatabase.com , enter your product name, like your shampoo, creams, makeup, and see how toxins and chemicals can cause reactions , allergies, etc.

and look for some natural alternatives.
I do use the Glimpse myself. and the Aveno cream during the day.

hope this helps,
God bless,

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