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Unable to "Pee" After Giving birth...Has This Happened to You?

People, I am going through a living hell. I write you today for your feedback in the hopes that someone out there has gone through this and can share their words of wisdom with me and I can get through this. I gave birth 2 weeks ago, and haven't had the sensation of needing to "go" until my bladder is filled and I am overflowing. In the hospital I noticed that once I sat down to pee, I'd be going already. For whatever reason, the nurses never caught on to this, it wasn't until I told my OB when I was about to be discharged that I was having this problem. I was refered to an urologist, who said I was fine, but over the weekend, I was unable to pee without pushing the pee out. I mean I was pushing as hard as I was pushing in labor. And I was really scard that my body wasn't healing itself because of all the pushing. So I went back to the urologist, and he made me wear a catheter for one week. It was so irritating wearing it this past week, you're already so sensitve down there after giving birth, the only thing that got me through it was knowing that it would be out today. But today, I went to the urologist and after an exam, I still wasn't peeing and emptying out my bladder. I have to wear the catheter one more week. And he wanted me to take some medicine, stop nursing my baby and feed him formula. I just about lost my mind there at the doctors office, and refused all meds, as I am the biggest nursing advocate and couldn't imagine not nursing my baby. Anyway, if you have gone through this, or know of someone who I can see/talk to about treatments that go along with nursing, Please, please, please write me. Success stories only, I am so upset, I don't want to hear about anyone who ended up wearing Depends. Thank you!

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Thank GOD I posted this question on this site, because Toni C. answered and referred me to UCLA and got to see the top Urologist in the world, Dr. Raz the next day! Miracles do happen! After seeing him, he took me off the catheter, and had me work on going to the bathroom, and retraining of the bladder. And the nurses taught me to check and monitor myself ( I have to catheter myself, 2x/daily until I am no longer retaining more than 5 oz.) and I am much much better now. My body is doing its job. He said only two things could cause this: A traumatic birth (which I didn't have) OR the epidural temporarily paralyzed my bladder. I thought this was an urban myth, as I only heard about it from midwives and "natural" birth advocates. But it is real. The epidural can paralyze your bladder, and do much worse, I imagine. The good thing, the Dr. said it that 99% of the time, it comes back. The longest case he's heard of is 3 months. Thank you Toni and all of you who took the time to write!!!

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Hi C.,
Definitely get a second opinion - maybe a female doctor who can better understand what you're going through.

Good luck! Hopefully this will pass quickly.

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Hi C.,

I know it's very frustrating situation your in and I would suggest you get a second opinion from a gyn/urologist! The best ones out there are at UCLA by the name of Dr. RAZ and or Dr. Rodriguez they specialize in Female Urology and they are the top in there field. You can look them up under www.uclaurology.com

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Hi C., I had this problem too but not as severe as you. Sorry you are going through it. I had it after my C-section and years before after my appendix surgery. The little bit of advice I have is to give yourself a half hour, alone, relax and take a trashy magazine. Sit and see what happens. Worth a shot?

Hi C., I recall having to use the peri bottle filled with warm water each time I went pee for several days. That seemed to relax me and get the flow started.

Why did they have you wear a catheter for a week? That makes you loose control of the muscles in your bladder and you have to retrain the bladder muscles. Before they took it out did they have you clamp it for an hour or so then unclamp it throughtout the day? That way your bladder would get the sensation of feeling full. If you do the valsava exercises where you tighten and relax the muscles down there several times a day it might help with bladder control. And why did you need a catheter in the first place? Catheters, left in place for several days can actually give you a urinary tract infection, UTI. What was the medication he prescribed? Was it an antibiotic for a UTI. Are you still swollen or did you have a bad tear that had to be repaired? I think you need answers to many questions to know why and what's goin on. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Hi C.,
I don't have any advice, just empathy. I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time, but good for you that you won't give up breastfeeding without more information. I agree that you might want to try to relax and use what the other mom suggested: warm water. And getting a second opinion is never a bad idea. Maybe someone will have suggestions that do not mean you will have to stop nursing your baby. I certainly hope so! Good luck to you; I am sure it will all work out OK, just don't give up!

I had the same problem after my son was born (now 7 months old) but I thought my problem was BECAUSE of the catheter. I had an epidural so I was put on a catheter during labor and the hospital left it in for 24 hours after delivery. After that it took me an hour of sitting there washing with warm water before I could pee. This went on for at least a week after I was home. I never felt the urge to pee I just had to remember to go every couple of hours and it was a battle every time. I never thought of pushing the pee out but I am sure that would have worked too seeing how once i started peeing it was not a constant flow and it kept starting and stopping. After a week or so I started slowly getting the urge to pee back and it started getting easier to go. I would suggest instead of pushing you use the warm water method and let your body realease naturally instead of forcing it. Child birth causes a lot of stress on your muscles, as you know, which makes it hard to relax them when needed. Dont worry, you are not the only one and I am sure if the Dr told you the first time that there was nothing wrong...there is nothing wrong. It sounds to me like he is putting you on the pills just to see if they will work not because he thinks you have a problem. I would wait a little longer and if relaxing doesnt work THEN get a second opinion but deffinately dont rush into taking medicine for something that may or may not be wrong with you especially if it means that you have to stop breastfeeding. Also, I would not let them put you on a catheter again because it could be making the problem worse. It keeps your bladder empty at all times so it is hard for you body to recognize the signs of a full bladder again. Good Luck!

I'm sorry I don't have any advice. I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for all you are going through during this hard time. Good for you for not listening to that Dr. who told you to stop nursing. What a jerk! If I hear of anyone who has gone through this, I will pass your info onto them and vice-versa. I will keep you in thoughts and I wish you the best.

Hi C.,
I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I do hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you do need a second opinion. I have two acupuncturists that I can recommend. Perhaps they can help in some way. One is Susan Minich in Burbank ###-###-####. The other is Catherine Aquino in Toluca Lake www.tcmaquino.com. Good luck to you.

Hi C.,
Definitely get a second opinion - maybe a female doctor who can better understand what you're going through.

Good luck! Hopefully this will pass quickly.

I couldnt pee for the day I gave birth and the day after.... I really had to go- it just wouldnt come out. the nurses told me I was just scared of it stinging the stiches for the episodomy....when really I just could not phycially push out any pee no matter now much I relaxed, or how hard I tried. The first night I was cathed and stuck in the bed, the next day I kept trying and failing so they'd cath me here and there to empty my very full bladder. Finally the next morning they said i could not leave until I could pee a certain amount into a basin or a cup or whatever and finally I could pee ever so little but enough to make them happy.

what pissed me off the most was the fact that they just assumed I was scared it'd sting when in reality I pushed for 4 hours to get my son out and my insides were probably very battered and tired.

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