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Ultrasound Shows Spine Abnormalities in Baby

We have just been told by our OB that our baby's ultrasound (at 20 weeks) shows spinal abnormalities and we have to see a specialist. I am completely at a loss to what I should do right now. Our appointment isn't for another week & I am just consumed with "what is happening?" and cannot stop thinking the worst. I wondered if anyone has gone through this- and if they can give me any advice- good or bad. I am just numb- and am so worried right now. Thank you.

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Dear D.,
I don't understand why they are making you wait so long for a specialist. When I had my 20 week check up at my OB they found a few problems too. They made sure I got in the same day with a specialist for a level 2 and everything turned out fine. There was actually nothing wrong. So please don't drive yourself too crazy. I know that is easier said than done. I was a wreck for those few hours between Ultrasounds.
Your OB is just being extra careful. Hope everything turns out for the best.

I have learned from experiance not to trust ultrasound. I was given horrible news too myself. I had a early ultrasound and everything was fine. A few weeks later I had one they could not find the baby, sent me across town and the other doctor could not find baby either. I was told I was miscarrying. I was a mess and so depressed. 2 weeks later when I hadn't bled or anything I was scared and nervous and thought they would have to do a d&c, they did another ultra sound and guess what they're was my baby wiggling around with a heart beat. That baby is my now 5 year old little girl.

I hope everything turns out for you and will keep you in my prays. Try and keep your hopes up.

Oh hon....I woudn't trust an ultrasound either...the way the baby is positioned in each woman is different...

they told me my son didn't have a stomach....I never got the "second opinion" because I thought they were well silly...my son is two now and he definately has a stomach...and everything else works too

ultrasounds are wrong all the time...just base it on the sex of the baby...if they say it is a boy usually there is a good chance it is a boy...but if they tell you its a girl...you have like a 50/50 chance...

going to see the specialist is yet another precaution, just as the ultrasounds are...precaution

and a chiropractor can help the baby...but not until after the baby is here, as they cannot do spinal manipulation through the fetus

My advice is to wait until the level two ultrasound is done. I had a scare with my daughter. They said that she had a hole in her heart. I couldn't get in for the level two for two weeks, and worried myself sick during the wait. It turned out that it was just fine, and she is a healthy 4 month old. Don't worry yourself until you know for sure.

I don't have any experience or help to give to you but I'm so sorry. You have a little blessing no matter what her condition is. May God bless your family and give you and your family stength.

If there is actually a spinal abnormality, you could check with a good chiropractor along with your doctor. There is alot that they can do to help.

I know how hard this must be for you. I also had to go to see a specialist because I had a rash of pregnancy that has a high mortality rate for fetus. In my case every turned out fine and I now have a beautiful two week old little girl. I just want to encourage you that going the specialist and having a stage two ultra sound is actually a very good calming thing to do. In my case the specialist was amazing. Right now you can't know what to do because you really have no idea what you are facing, once you go to your specialist you will have a better idea of what the possibilities and then you can do some study up on cases like yours and know what to do next. I really hope the best for you.

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