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ok my doc is going off the wrong due date. so i went to get a ultrasound done to see how big she is and he ultrasound lady said my due date is feb 3 now my ob said my due date is not till the 17. who do i listen to. i was very small 100pds 5`2 and now i am 130 and they said that she weighs about 7.10 so what do you think.

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your baby will come when shes ready, but stay off that bike, thats scary! lol my due date was december 3, my daughter was born november 27...i guess you never know for sure, but it sounds like shes a healthy weight, shouldn't be long, i'd say. my daughter was 7.5 pounds that was big enough for me!

my daughter was due on march 18 of last year and at my last ultra sound it showed her due date based on size was like march 2nd. She was just measuring bigger. doctors will NOT change your due date based on this ultra sound. Your due date is determined by your last period AND on the size your baby measured at the first ultra sound. Dont be in such a hurry to get her out. Enjoy your sleep and get some rest. Also 25-35 pounds is the average on what they want you to gain. My last two months i didnt gain any weight...in fact the last month i lost weight. So dont stress about your weight...your doing great. I have friends that gained WAY more then that! :) anyway the longer you keep her in the healthier she will be :)

I ended up having my little girl on my due date and she was 8lb 1oz!

anyway good luck and dont worry about the due date...she will come when she is ready!!!

Babies have a funny way of NOT CARING AT ALL what the Dr's, US techs, nurses.... think about when they are supposed to come. My docs were wrong with BOTH of my pregnancies, sometimes you just have to be patient and let nature take its course!

ok well I have had three girls (4,3,6months)and with my frist I wasn't sure of when my last period was and she was born on her due date. Due dates aren't exact, some time in the two weeks before or after your due date your baby will be born. If you get to two weeks before get ready your baby will be there either then or two weeks form then. Don't count on your baby being born on there due date, only one of mine was. My second was three weeks early and my third was a week early. so If he/ she is two or three weeks early don't worry he/ she will probably be very healthy.

She will come when she is ready, if not then your doctor will know when to enduce. just relax and enjoy your sleep, with my experience and all my friends the ultrasound tech and doctors due dates never are the same and the doctor is usually closer, they go by when YOU said your last menstral cycle was, if you chose a compitant doctor then have faith in him/her they know what they are doing. Good luck maybe next time we hear from you you will have a wonderful HEALTHY baby girl. Congratulations!!

The farther you are in your pregnancy the less acurate the ultrasound due date is. Ultrasound dates are made by measuring the length of the femur (thigh) bone and spine, the circumferance of the head and abdomen. The measurements are less acurate later in pregnancy because babies are not all born the samw size.
The most acurate prediction of a due date is the first day of your last period. If your cycles are irregular or you weren't sure of your last period, your doctor may go by an early ultrasound date.
During my first pregnancy, I worked for an OB doctor and had weekly ultrasounds (because I could) and near the end of my prenancy my ultrasound due date fluctuated by a month. In the end she was born 40 weeks and 1 day after my last period started.
Keep in mind that 1. Only 4% of babies arrive on their due date
and 2. Your doctor is not going to risk your babies or your health over a due date.
Bottom line is RELAX, she will arrive when she is done.

I would go with your Dr. unless you gave her the wrong time you had your last period. My sons U/S always come back as an earlier due date than the one my Dr. gave me that she figured from my last period. If you are dialating already your baby is decided when your due date is, no one else. All my kids came early, one 5 weeks, one 4 weeks and one 3 weeks. My sister her daughter came 2 weeks late. Just lok at it this way, by the end of Feb you will more than likely be holding your baby :)

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