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Ugly Set in Stains on Carpet

Hi there,
I have these ugly set in stains on my carpet that I can not seem to remove with anything. I have tried numerous carpet cleaners. The worst part is that my carpet is beige all through my apartment. The soles of the shoes make an ugly black print when you step on it. Then if you drop even a small drop of water, it turns black, then I can not get it out. My son has this thing of sneaking pudding, or yorgurt, and even popsicles into the living room and in his room. I tell him that he needs to eat those in the kitchen, but he still manages to sneak. I can always tell because there is always a drop of something on the floor.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can remove these set in stains?

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You say you live in an apartment....so I take it that you rent? I'd take this to the landlord, because it sounds like you really need to get it replaced. It could be mold, or who knows what. If he refuses, you can contact the EPA and find out who locally can look into environmental health issues. The not knowing is not good, and I'd be especially afraid of having my child on such an odd thing. This is the landlord's responsibility for carpet and pad replacement, and possibly even remediation of the flooring underneath.

Buy powdered Oxy Clean and dilute in hot water. Use a scrub brush with a small amount of solution to scrub the stains away. I use it in my carpet steam cleaner as well.

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Spot out, you can get it online. It is an industrial strength carpet cleaner and works like a charm. get a scumbuster by black and decker. it really adds to the cleaning power and saves your arm muscles from the scrubbing. It is a wonder tool. Get the one you can put cleaner in the handle of. then put the carpet cleaner in the handle undiluted. Trust me it has saved my carpets (beige) from my houseful of teenage boys. It's a miracle set up.

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My five year old and I lived in an apartment with really light carpet - the hand held oxy clean with the scrubber was our best friend as there was carpet dining area and he had a tendency to spill a lot. However, to get a fresh start I would suggest going with a professional and perhaps seeing if they could treat the carpet with something that would resist stains. It did miracles for us in our previous house. Good luck!

If you would like, you could schedule a cleaning with my husband's company. He obviously can't get out everything but we clean a lot of carpets in apartments and he has been called a miracle worker. Our minimum to come out is $50. Our phone number is ###-###-#### and we are Anderson Clean Systems. (you can check my rating with Mamasource too). Good luck!

Hi K.. =)

I feel your pain. =) The best thing I have seen work is Resolve Spot Shot (blue & orange can) works miracles on 99% of ANYTHING I used it on. You might need to get a Scothguard product after the stains are removed to help not restain again. I have also found good results in the "Queen of Clean" cleaning geru lady that is always on Channel 3 with her tips & miracle cure AND she does have like 3 books out that are amazing. Anyways- she says pour club soda & soak the stain with it & GENEROUSLY soak it & this will "boil" or fizz the stain up to the surface & take a rag towel & lay it over the stain & press a foot in the towel for long moments to soak up all the liquid & flip towel & press down again. You can repeat this process. I have my own Rug Doctor & I have found out that if it is set in (soaked the padding) then it will just re-stain over & over again. Sometimes it can be managed with routine carpet cleanings but until padding changed out (cut out pieces & replace with new padding in its place)some can never be 100% cured. Hope some or any helps you. Good Luck.=)

I too have beige carpet (light). I found a great website called Chester's clean house and there were a lot of recipes for homemade cleaning products. The one that worked for me (for pet stains, etc) was peroxide, baking soda and a little bit of dish soap. Put in spray bottle and go to town. The soap and baking soda were for the odor and peroxide..well, when mixed w/ baking soda really foamed up. Anyway it did a good job and it was inexpensive to make (I needed a lot of it). You might also try "Kids and Pets" I picked up at target and you can also put it in a carpet cleaner. Good luck to you

Well, I can give you advice on your stains, and a way to work from home! I see that you are a single mom, who works full time, and I'd love to help you convert your home to a healthier safer environment for your family (I can reccommend the most amazing stain remover ever and best of all, it's safe for the environment and your family!) AND be able to spend QUALITY time with your family right from home! If you're interested, request more info. at www.workingmommyathome.com

This may sound silly but it worked on my beige carpet. I use water and vinegar. 2 part vinegar and 1 part in a spray bottle. I spray directly at the stains and really soak it up then put a towel and stand on it for a long time til it is not so wet. It usually kiLs all the bacteria smell of all kinds. I used it on pet odors and all other stains. I don't know if that will work for you but it is something you may carry at home and it is free. Good luck!

I found out that I could take a bottle with Dawn mixed with water and squirt the solution on the stain and it will rub out. My daughter had an accident on the floor and it was the only thing I found that worked. Works great for stains on clothes too.

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