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Tylenol or Motrin?

OK--so dealing with a fever/throat thing with my son (almost 8 yo) for day three now. I've been giving him Tylenol, and it does bring the fever down temporarily, but to those of you who swear by Motrin--why?
Now I know a fever is a natural, normal thing and I try to give the Tylenol sparingly so the fever can do it's work, but at 101, 102 I do give Tylenol,
I'm taking him to the doctors today to make sure it's not strep or an ear infection but would like to know what YOU use for a fever & why.

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Motrin, because it works faster. And I agree, only use it "sparingly" to alleive the child of the pain/symptoms, otherwise fever is body's normal way of fighting germs.

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My Peds recommends alternating Tylenol and Motrin. But I also want to add that my 8 year old Daughter has a mukticystic kidney and only one normal kidney. Her Nephrologist warned me NEVER to use motrin because it is horrible on the kidneys and he mentioned that he is a grown man with two normal kidneys and he would never take any Motrin type med. Hmmmmm Although too much Tylenol is not good for the Liver so who knows. Knowing this info has made me think twice before giving any meds to my children. So now I never give Motrin to my one kidney daughter but I admit that I do give Motrin to my other two children SPARINGLY and IF their fever is above 102, and especially if it does not respond to tylenol. Motrin does seem to work better. As a Mom it is always so hard to feel as if you are doing the right thing. Good Luck!

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I've had numerous nurses and doctors tell me to alternate them to keep a fever down. I personally prefer ibuprofen because (for me) it keeps the pain at bay better and longer, and I feel like if my child has a sore throat, aching head or something like that, then it helps better than acetaminophen. My oldest and I went through 2 bouts of strep in December, and ibuprofen definitely was much better!

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My triage nurse told me, in reference to my son, that for a fever around 100-101.5, it's probably viral, and it would be fine to simply let the fever do it's job and make your child's body inhospitable for the virus. For virus fevers, rest and fluids, and waiting a few days to let the symptoms dissipate is about all you can do....treat the symptoms.

For higher fevers, 102+, it is usually caused by a bacterial infection, seek medical care for possible infection (ear, nose, throat, chest).

In any case, if you feel uncomfortable, trust your intuition, and also your child's symptoms. If they have a 101 fever and are having obvious unusual pain, difficulty breathing, sleeping, keeping fluids down, or in.....goodness, contact your pediatrician.

Take care!

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I use Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen together. One does not cancel the other out but you must give the proper dosage of each at the recommended intervals. I don't know why Ibuprofen seems to work better but I do know that the two drugs given at the same time does bring a high fever down rather quickly than if only one drug is given. Yes, you are absolutely correct, a fever is a normal and healthy response for the body to fight an infection. So many people are paranoid of fevers but as long as the child is hydrated and made to fee comfortable, a child can tolerate a higher fever than an adult. With that said, it is not always necessary to dash off to the ped, or for some the E.R. for a high fever. For me, other life threatening symptoms would have to be present for me to justify a visit to the doctor or the E.R. Are his ears bothering him? That would be an indicator that an ear infection is present. Is his throat hurting him? While strep throat is highly contagious, it is always very painful, is he complaining of his throat hurting so badly that he cannot swallow? Can he eat and drink, does he have an appetite? Does he have energy or is he lethargic? Vomiting? Diarrhea? Sometimes just a call to the pediatrician is all you need to do to determine if the doctor needs to see him at all. My goal is not to convince you to NOT take your child to the doctor. That is a personal call that only the parent of the sick child can make but if it's JUST a fever, you can always manage the fever at home for a few days and more than likely whatever viral illness he has will pass in a few days and you will have saved yourself a trip to the doctor and saved yourself an unnecessary expense.

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Tylenol (acetaminophen) is okay as a fever reducer and for mild headache pain. But in my opinion, Motrin (ibuprofen) works much faster, lasts longer, and does a much better job at reducing pain. Tylenol is easier on the stomach though so that may be a factor in your choice making.

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My pedi recommends alternating Tylenol and Motrin. Be careful though with the timing. Motrin should only be given every 6-8 hours and should be given with food. Both meds metabilize differently by the body and affect people differently. Sometimes one works better over the other depending on the illness so alternating helps.

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I do Tylenol if the fever is below 101, Motrin if higher. Motrin works better on high fevers and lasts longer.

I too have done the alternating, but ONLY when the fever is coming back after 4 hours. The alternating should not be done if the medicine is holding the fever down. My one exception to that is if the current dose will wear off in the middle of the night.


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I prefer Ibueprofen - BUT....you have to give it to them w/food because it is not good for your stomach. That is why most Dr.'s suggest tylenol. To me, ibueprofen works better, lasts longer, and relieves the aches better than tylenol. I really only use tylenol when the kids are super sick and I have to rotate in between tylenol and advil because it is so bad......

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I alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 4-6 hours (per the ped). This way it hopefully takes care of the fever. At his age, it could be teething. If so, use Hyland's Teething Tablets (or I heard chewing on cinnamon sticks works well too) if you don't want to use OTC medications.

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