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Two Year Old with Acne

My daughter has had pimples (small with white puss)on only her cheeks ever since she was born. She has outgrown all allergies that she has and I still don't give her the dairy, but she still has acne. The doctor said I need to just clean her cheeks well and apply cetaphil moisturizer to her face...6months later no change. She eats a very healthy organic diet and since she has had allergies in the past I refrane from giving her any such foods that could be potential causes. I use no fragrance or dye laundry det and all natural fragrance-free baby products. Any other suggestions?

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It is ketosis no cure nothing you can do but keep face clean and moisturize. Thanks for all your suggestions.

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Hi E. , my name is B. and I can help you!! You need to use Arbonne ABC baby skin care products. You will be amazed at how gentle, yet effective they are in treating skin ailments just like this!! I am a consultant with the company, call or email me and I can get you a free sample to try. If you find it works for you I can show you how to order it. Here's my info....

I doubt it's actually acne, esp. since it hasn't changed. My son had "pilarus" (I think that's how you spell it) and it's very common. Please Google it. There is generally nothing you can do to actually get rid of it - they grow out of it. It's also common on the back of the upper arms, but my son did outgrow it.
Hope this helps.

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make sure the car seat, pillow case and anything else touching the face is not causing it....washing those items in dreft stopped my daughter's face from breaking out

I have a 7 week old & at 2 weeks she started getting bumps on her face. The dr said it was baby acne. I then noticed it started to spread to the rest of her body. I stopeed using Johnson & Johnson products (lotion, soap,shampoo) & started usuing Aveeno for babies. Her skin has cleared up 100%. She was allergic to the fragrance. Grant it, her bumps did not have white puss though. If it's not allergies, I would try to see what she is laying her face on at home & any where else she goes (daycare). Make sure pillow cases and bed sheets are washed often. I would also make sure she is drinking water & eating right. Good luck!

Hello, E.,

Thank you for your question.

Your daughter must have the flora in her system built back up. I have excellent foods that I use to regenerate the body with clients. I would be happy to share them with you.

Also, look into The Body Ecology site on line. Excellent information. Drop an email if you cannot locate it or would like me to forward the latest newsletter to you.

Check out also a book by Sally Fallon called, "Nourishing Traditions."

I have a recipe collection called, "88 Recipes That Heal". I would be happy to email it to you. These will be very useful, too.

Your daughter chose well!

My very best,


i use this wonderful natural product that has royal jelly and propolis in it. I use it very sparingly it keeps my skin totally and completely clear.

you may want to try it:

you can call them
1 800 322 5572
the company is called pBee products.
they do have a website:

this stuff is wonderful!!!

There is a skin condition called ketosis pilaris that shows up on the upper arms, upper thighs and/or the face. It mimics acne, causing red bumps and occasional "whiteheads" caused by blockage of the hair follicles. My daughter has it on her arms. I had thought it was acne for months until we went to the pediatrician because it looks so similar! So I'd have a dermatologist check her out just in case, because the treatments are so different.

Good luck!

Hi E.,

I would put your sweet girl on fish oils. There is a great chewable fish oil that you can purchase a Henry's market or go on line to www.nordicnaturals.com they also have liquid form that taste like strawberry if she won't do the chewable. My 2.5 y/o calls them his gummie vitamins! It is called Children's DHA and it supports their whole body, it really is worth trying. Don't use any creams or acne washes, etc. she is still too young and you don't want to put those chemicals on her skin because they go right in to her system by soaking in to her skin. Also, son't use acne creams no matter how "gentle" they claim to be, often they have steroid agents and can scar.

Good luck!

My son has had the same thing since he was 2 days old. I used some of my mom's Arbonne face scrub and it worked wonders but is very expensive. Avenno isn't as good but a lot more affordable.
Keeping the skin moisturized is important because if the skin is dry it will try to secrete more oil and make it worse. Try to get lotions without mineral oil-not baby oil/ lotions. I use Trader Joes regular lotion-do not use the heavy moisturizer-and it works great.
His still comes back whenever we stop the scrub and he's 8 1/2 but atleast it is under control.

A lot of times babies and kids get this from the chemicals in our cleaners including laundry soap. I would try using a more natural way to clean your laundry and wash your little one. I use Ecosence for cleaning and Koala pals for the kids. This has really helped. And when your new one arrives you will not have to buy special soap for the laundry you can use the same one for the entire family!
If you would like to learn more about these products please feel free to contact me!

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