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Twins Sharing Placenta -- How Dangerous Is It?

Hi Moms! I need to hear reassuring stories about successful identical twin pregnancies. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and was told after my last ultrasound that my identical twins (boys) share one placenta but each has his own sac. And one of them has less fluid in his sac than another. I didn't think of it as of a complication until started reading more about it on the web. Now I cannot stop worrying even though my doctor didn't say that he sees a problem at this point. If somebody had similar situations with your identical twins please share your experience.

Thanks so much!

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Hi P.,

PLEASE do not worry! Do not worry! Do not worry! I know it's hard not to want to research but there is too much information on the internet, and not all of it is accurate! I have identical twin girls. When I was pregnant, it was difficult for the doctor to find the separation between the girls because they were sharing a sac... As the doctor monitors you, he will tell you if there is a concern. They will monitor the weight of each baby and as long as one of them does not start to grow a lot faster than the other, there is no cause for concern. Even if that was to happen, this is a manageable situation. At 16 weeks, the difference in weight would have already been noticeable. There was a difference of mere ounces at 12 weeks for another reason with our girls, but the point is that the doctors noticed immediately! My girls were born at healthy weights and are now 9 years old.

If you haven't already looked into it, I am a member of the North Dallas Mothers of Twins Club, a non-profit dedicated to moms of multiples. Our national parent is National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. You should check in your area for such an organization. It is an awesome way to connect with other moms who have gone through any and everything that you may encounter.

You are going to have a great pregnancy and be blessed with beautiful babies! Take care of yourself and rest!

All the best to you!

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I was in your situatuion a year ago. myidentical twin boys just turned one in july and they are happy and healthy. I was scared as well but the docotrs kept a very close eye on me and the boys. one baby was always bigger then the other so that is normal. as long as your doctors watch the growth, check the fluids, and all the measurements that they take you and the babies should be fine.

i hope this helps and i wish you all the luck! if you have any other questions pls feel free to ask...believe me I know how you feel.


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That's what happened with my identical girls. It's not dangerous. They came from the same egg and--depending on when "the split" happened--will determine whether or not they have the same sac or 2. The sooner it was, the more likely they are to have separate sacs. Normally, only fraternal twins have separate placentas. I carried our twins til 40 weeks with one placenta. Please, stop reading things on the web...they only scare you ;) Congratulations!

Get off the web, and rejoice in your two wonderful boys! If the doctor isn't concerned, you needn't be - doctors really tend to give the most concerned slant these days. You have been excited about having a baby and now it's really happening. You'll be feeling them moving soon if not already. Have your husband talk to them daily - they'll know the voices they hear regularly. And play music you want them to like. Relax - it really helps your pregnancy and their development. And there is nothing you can do to change your placenta.

I have not gone through this, but my cousin had identical twins that shared the same sac and placenta. They are both healthy five yr olds now. Try and not worry about it. There's nothing you can do about it, except pray (if you pray), that everything will be ok in the end. Many blessings to you and your double bundle of joy.

I am 15 weeks along with identical twins who are sharing the same placenta. I too got myself all worked up, but my super laid back, ultra-calming OBGYN told me that it was nothing to worry about and to stop reading all of this stuff on the internet. All will be fine. Enjoy your pregnancy.

In my first pregnancy I was so naive it was wonderful! Now with my third, I am paranoid about everything. Quit reading about this stuff- while it is good to know the risks, the ultimate reality is you won't be able to control or change any of this! Your doctor will need to monitor you as I am sure he will.

A good friend of mine has 2 beautiful identical twin boys born just 2 months ago! She had a great pregnancy, although she did have to be put on bed rest the last few weeks, her boys were big and healthy! I'm sure you'll get many more stories that are more personal, but I'm sure those boys are going to be just perfect! Stop reading the internet! It will only scare you! ;) Good luck, congrats, and have a happy pregnancy!

I have 5yr old identical twin girls who had 2sacs and 1 placenta. My advice to you is to keep an eye out for the difference in fluid levels. If the fluid levels are really different then you need to be checked for TTTS. I don't want to scare you or make you worry but just make you aware.

P....I really can't answer your question because I didn't have this issue, But I do have fraternal triplets and found a wealth of information and support at
It is a Multiples website.
Hope this helps and congratulations

sometimes the internet gives to much info.. and frighterns us. if you dr. is not worried.. dont worry either.. my friend had this.. and her babies are beautiful and healthy.. good luck

Hi P.,

Please don't stress. Many many pregnancies have this and worrying is not healthy for the babies. Stress is the most destructive thing in any pregnancy. I can't emphasize that enough. Take one day at a time and do everything you can to stay healthy. Make sure you're on a good absorbable prenatal and eat right. Everything should be fine!

God bless AND congratulations!!!


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