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Twin Vs. Full Bed for Toddler's Room

We are about to create our 2-year-old's toddler room. He currently sleeps in a toddler bed in the nursery, but I have another one on the way, so we want to make room for the baby in the nursery. I am hoping to buy him furniture that will last him until he leaves the house. His dad is about 6 feet tall, so I'm guessing he'll be about the same. But I understand that the twin and full size beds are actually the same length. Anyone have opinions about whether to go with the twin or full size bed for his new room? We could fit either, although obviously there would be more room to play and move around with the smaller bed.

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All my kids have the convertible crib. It transitions to a day bed then to full. When we switched it over to a full bed at 3.5 he loved it- felt like such a big boy!

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Here's my 2 cents worth. Get the full size. On those nights when your son has a bad dream, and you have to lie down with him to get him back to sleep, you will appreciate it! And it will serve better as a guest bed in a pinch, too!

A full size bed is really not THAT much bigger than a twin. Go with the full. Also-maybe other kids do this but my 2 rarely "play" in their rooms. They would rather be either around us on the first floor or in the finished basement.

Hi M., Actually you can get an "extended twin" that is a bit longer than the adverage bed if you are intrested. But then you have to search out bedding at places like Bed, Bath and Beyond. For a child's room I have always gone with a twin bed except in the room that also doubles as a guest room for out-of-town family. Twin beds are very versitile and more than enough bed for just about anyone under the age of 21...that's what they have in dorms at college too! If you buy a bed frame that is neutrel you can use the bedding to dress up the room for any age. I recommend you look at the choices of beds and dressers at IKEA. I love that place...the funiture is great quality, good prices and the dressers actually hold more than standard dressers you buy in an adverage store. We have done two bedrooms "everything IKEA" so far and have been very happy with everything. Best wishes and Happy Holidays!!

M.--for both of my children, we transitioned them into full/queen size beds...makes it very easy for my husband or me to lie down with our children and cuddle, or lie with them if they have nightmares or happen to be sick.
Happy Holidays!

definately go with the full bed. your child will thank you later on!

LOL. I say full even though my 4 yr old daughter has a queen bed. It makes for nice movie nights in bed with Mommy and Daddy. We can all fit:)

M., My grandson turned 2 in october and just started sleeping in his new bed which is a full bed. He loves it and so does M. and dad.Also he had furniture that will last for years. I have another grandson 8 months old that will sleep in the crib now he still likes to sleep with M. and dad. The full bed also lets M. or dad in if he wakes up and they need to lay back down with him till he falls alseep, they also have bed rails on it.

We got a full size bed for our older son and then when the time came for our younger son to get out of the crib we went for the twin. The full is nice because of the room for toys and child, and the potential for guests to sleep in it. However, the bedding is more expensive and the laundry more work. Also, there isn't as much space for play in his room. If I had it to do again, I would go with the twin. Hope this helps. :)

All my kids have the convertible crib. It transitions to a day bed then to full. When we switched it over to a full bed at 3.5 he loved it- felt like such a big boy!

full...we made the mistake geting a twin and there are many times when we are reading, he is sick, etc and the twin is just not enough room for child and parent to rest comfortably...would love to change my son's bed to a full immediately but we purchased a wood bed in PotteryBarn so feel it is too much of a $ loss to buy a new one!

Think about a twin XL...and in my opinion invest in a trundle. At this age you will use it!

M.,....Either way you need rail guards. I bought both my girls full beds. My oldest flips and flops all over the bed. Great investment for her. My youngest barely moves from the time she falls asleep to the time she wakes. Heres my thought...Styles change. Space changes. I thought the same way you did. Now I'm divorcing and might have to get bunk beds in the future. (not saying you will) The first bed was well over 1000.00 then there were sheets, covers etc, a canopy style bed. I personally would evaluate your childs needs for the current situation and go from there.

Good luck and happy holidays!

If you have plenty of room, why not go for the bigger bed? Keep in mind that for avwhile, it may be harder to make up the bed (wideness) if it's pushed against a wall. My son has a twin b/c although his room is a decent size, a full would have taken away too much of his play room. Also, if it's important to you--do the kids style bed sheets come in full? They must, I guess, but seems like I usually only see in twin. ?

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