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Twin Party. Do I Buy Two Gifts If One Invited?

My son has been invited to a multiples birthday party. The last one he attended was easy because he knew both boys so I bought a gift for both. This time only ONE of the boys invited him to the party. I assume each boy got to invite so many kids in their class. My question is do I still need to buy two gifts or just one gift? Or should I get something like a game for both of them? Or a game for one that both can share? I know I am over thinking this but I hate to only get one a gift and everyone else bought both of them something. I also hate for the parents to be stuck with a lot of unwanted presents when they made sure only one name was on the invite. AH! Please Help!

*The party is for both but only one is in his class. My son doesn't know the other boy very well.

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Buy one gift and give to both boys. My son's are different ages but share birthdays a week apart. We have joint parties and the boys share toys at home so I welcome guest to buy a gift that they can both play with.

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Is the other child in his class? If so, I would buy both children individual gifts. If not, only for the child that he knows and by whom he was invited.
Good Luck!

Go witha game or sports item for the two to share-
cant go wrong-
Soccer ball- Basketball

If he was invited by only one child, I would buy one gift especially if he doesn't know the other twin very well. The twins will likely end up sharing anyway.

I would get a game or something that the two of them can enjoy together.

I have twin boys and I would definitely just get the one gift for the child your son knows. If he knew/was friends with both and both invited him, I would say get two gifts, but since he only knows one than thats fine.
Its hard having parties for twins because most twins are in different classes so you have two sets of friends coming to one party. My brothers are also twins and that used to happen to them too.

If it were me I think I would buy only one gift because I'm sure you're right and they both invited friends.

Buy one gift. I was in the same situation one year and the parents specifically put on the invite to only buy a gift for the one twin that was in my daughters class and do not feel obligated to buy for the twin in the other class. Maybe the parents should have put that on your invite to ease your concern but since they only put the one child's name, I'm guessing they thought that's all they needed to put.
I think the idea of buying a game they can play together is a great idea. I'm sure they play a lot of games together already so I'm sure they'd be happy with that.

Have fun and take care!!

Buy one gift and give to both boys. My son's are different ages but share birthdays a week apart. We have joint parties and the boys share toys at home so I welcome guest to buy a gift that they can both play with.

Just to be safe I would get them a joint gift...

If you need ideas for great gift baskets visit my website!

A. J

I would get a gift (board game, movie, football, etc) they can share or maybe something small for each one.

I would buy one gift - because they ARE going to share.. they're brothers. I've never particularly cared what other people bought because I stay in my budget and don't fear of looking socially silly push me into Credit Card misery - um, I mean debt.

If he were friends with both, I'd split what I could afford on gift cards- because some twins like joint, some like the same, and some like completely different gifts.

Have fun. :)

What does the invite say? My party or Our party?
Something that can be shared is always a good idea, regardless.

I am a mom of twins and personally I think whatever you want to do is just fine. If only one invited your boy then I'd just get one gift for that child. Most likely there will be a lot of kids/gifts there and no one will notice. If you feel bad about getting one gift then you could get something to share or get a small little something for the other kid, but I don't think that is necessary. They are two different people with different friends, and that is OK! :)

My brothers are twins and when they got into school. They got to invite so many friends each to the party. Some people just bought for the one that invited them, some people bought for the one that inveted them plus a smaller gift for the other. It really all depends on what you want to do.

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