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Twin Boy and Girl Birthday Party Ideas

I need some ideas for a boy/girl birthday party for my soon-to-be 4 year old twins(May 10th). My little girl just loves princess stuff, but I would really like to have a theme that would be for a boy and a girl so I don't have to buy separate theme supplies. The past two years I have had their party at a near-by park, with little mermaid/princess and superheros both years (at their request!). They have a lot more friends from church and school, and act all grown up, I wanted to do something different and a little more exciting. The only thing is, I am a single mom and don't have much to spend for a huge party at Chucky Cheese's or something of that sort. Is it too boring to have their party at the park again? Does anyone know of inexpensive inflatables for parties? Any good theme ideas for boy/girl twins?

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ugh...This isn's a So What Happened comment, this is a PLEASE HELP request...AGAIN. Well, I was all excited about planning my twin's birthday party and today, when I dropped them off at their babysitter, I received an invitation to one of the girl's b-day party. And guess what, it is planned for the same day as my kids. But the thing is, MAY 10th is their actual BIRTH DATE. My family has already planned around that day, but if I send out invitations at school, for that same day, I feel like I would be trying to compete with who is coming to who's party at school. And MAN, she is quite ahead of the game (3+ weeks away?!?)
Ok, there's the scoop! So do I just plan my party around her's so that everyone can make both? OR Do I do my original plans? The kids there are the majority of my kids friends. Any suggestions????

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How about a luau theme? If you still want to do the park thing, luau would be great for boys or girls. Go to orientaltrading.com and you can get supplies in bulk, very inexpensive.

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Hi R.,
I have twin boys who just turned three and another boy that is 17 months old! Wow, I understand the expense of birthday parties. Anyway, I had a friend who had her sons party at the park and it was a bug/creepy crawly theme. She found little cardboard boxes that the kiddos decorated and then she bought real ladybugs from a garden/plant store and the kids caught them and put them in the little houses they had decorated. That would be great for the girls. You could do something with snakes or worms for the boys. They would enjoy digging in dirt (cooler with dirt) searching for plastic bugs. Also, she had a friend face painting bugs, etc. These are just a few thoughts that I had. Basically, the girls theme: ladybugs, dragonflies, buterflies,etc. and the boys theme: snakes, worms, etc. Hope this helps.

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Hi R.,
Your Monkey's are turning 4!! It all happens so quick. I don't think it would be boring at the park again! What matters is that they have a good time with there friends and love ones. You can only do what you can! Being a single mom with one is a challenge I can only imagine two! Than again you could do it at your Church!! Play games and singing songs is always fun! Another advice would be to buy your candy at Sam's club and buy a pinata at Wal-Mart. They are not to expensive and there fun!!
Hope I helped!! Good luck and Happy B-Day to your Monkeys!!!!

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Hi R.,
I understand not having a lot of money for birthday parties. I have a 7 yr old and a 14 almost 15 yr old. We have our parties every year at our house. We buy hotdogs at Walmart in the big package i think they are no more then 6.00 and hot dog buns which are like 88 cents. We get all the dec. at the dollar tree they carry theme items and we also get goodie bags and fillers there. We had a Hawaiian theme for our 7 yr old last year and we got most of the items at the dollar tree. We even got a pinita at party city and candy. Then to make things fun we spent 125.00 for a jump house. It was delieverd to our house set up and taken down. we had it for 24hrs. Total cost for birthday for 25 kids and 10 adults was just under 200.00 They had a BLAST and we will be doing it again this year. You can also go to Rebecca's in Euless to get all your stuff. This place is just like Orintal Trading with out the shipping and you get it right them. Have fun and I hope this helps

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Hey, R.. I also have twins (boy/girl) who will be celebrating a birthday soon. We are throwing them a "Birthday Boot Camp". There are several cute websites online that give great, inexpensive ideas about army party ideas - even how to make a tank cake. We are SO excited about their party, and I think it is something that we can turn into a fun theme for both. Some activity ideas are: a camo-face painting station, a make your own dog tags station (you could have frilly beads and puff paint for the girls to work with and more masculine stuff for the boys), and even an army obstacle course with hula hoops to go through, benches or chairs to crawl under, and other fun stuff. For our party, we're telling everyone to wear camo, and I found lots of cheap camo fabric on Ebay (I made an offer and got a great deal) to add to the decor. I know an army party may sound a little too rough for a girl, but it's totally what you make it. Whatever you decide to do, have lots of fun, and take lots of pictures!!:)

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Last year my little girl turned 3 years old. There was going to be boys and girls so I did a themed birthday - "Tinkerbell gets shipped wrecked with Captain Hook". I did all my shopping at Big Lots and online with Oriental Trading. I bought Capatain Hook treasure map table cover with Tinkerbell plates and captain hook napkins. I also bought the Captain Hook invites and put a Tinkerbell sticker on it to incorporate her. For entertainment I had a waterslide, small inflatable pool with water and bought magnet fishing poles to do fishing, sand box with gold goins and shovels and buckets to find treasure and chalk to draw on the cement.

How about Ken and Barbie?

how about a camelot theme with princesses and knights? you could get the stuff from oriental trading.

I, along with my daughter Rebecca, own Bouncin Bonanza in Crowley. We have about 15,000 square feet with 13 inflatables to jump on. We offer birthday packages at reasonable prices. Please call us at ###-###-#### or you can check us on the web at www.bouncinbonanza.net.
I hope we are able to help meet your party needs.

Mermaids and pirates.As a single mom I did this for my daughters 4th birthday. Girls get necklacaes boys get pirate hats Easily made!!

Why don't you do king's and queen's or princesses and princes, you could do a luau theme, and I would go ahead and do the party the way you were going to maybe you could call the other mom whose party is the same day and let her know that your planning a party the same day and do a different time so they could make it and you could possible go to there's. Good Luck (just remember you can't please everybody)

I agree with the pinata idea. My son is turning 7 soon and this is the first year he has not asked for one. The last 3 years we have just had the party at home with the pinata, water balloons, and the kiddy pool in the yard. Hot dogs for the kids and brisket (or hamburgers) for the adults. He always had a great time. You make it fun for them, not the high price tag.

The Fort Worth Zoo has a good party too, but I have no idea on the cost.

How about a luau theme? If you still want to do the park thing, luau would be great for boys or girls. Go to orientaltrading.com and you can get supplies in bulk, very inexpensive.

Maybe you could do a princess and knights theme?? Or if you go with a bounce/inflatable type place you could do a gymnastics theme. You could even do a favorite games theme like candy land or chutes and ladders. Or maybe a scavenger hunt party. Just a few ideas. I hope this helps.

It's been so long since we've had any around that young, but you can always go to Freecycle to find decorations, once you pick a theme. You know, to help save money.
There used to be a place called Palmer Sales on Hwy 80 in Mesquite where you could buy stuff for parties and carnivals and such. I believe they are still in business. And www.orientaltrading.com is a great place to order things for parties. They have a great variety of products, are inexpensive and delivery is usually VERY prompt. You might look there just for theme ideas too.
Also, when ours were in elementary school, we didn't have much money, and definitely couldn't afford a pool. We went out and bought a watering trough, a big round one, and our kids and their friend really enjoyed this as a wading pool. That along with hot dogs and home-made piñatas made for some festive times in our own backyard.
I know they are still rather young for this, and the weather might be too cool but it's a thought.
Y'all have fun!

How about a castle theme, with princesses and knights. It could be a dress up party. You could buy pipe insulation tubes at Lowes for 1.oo each (or so) and cut them into 18 inch sections...these are swords for all the kids (girls like them too.) You could have a craft where you make princess hats. Balloon type games are good for this age. Maybe Sams club could make a cake with a castle on it. Costco has a bunch of plates, placemats, bowls, napkins in the princess theme for 15$, as I just bought them for my daughters 3rd bday coming up. Hope this helps!

What about knights and princesses? You could have the boys make foam swords and the girls make foam princess crowns. I know I've seen foam crowns at Joann's. I haven't seen foam sword kits, but I doubt they'd be hard to make. Also, there is a coupon for 40% off non-sale items in the Sunday paper for Jo-Ann's almost every week. I think a party at the park is fine. Your kids won't think it is anything but great unless you give them idea that you think it isn't so great. If you search online for party theme ideas and activities to match, like "Princess party activities" you will get lots of themed idea games. Good luck!

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