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Tummy Sore 10 Months After Birth?

Please, I hope someone can give me some ideas of what this could be... My tummy is still sore 10 months after having my daughter. It doesn't hurt as I do simple tasks, but for example, if my daughter is standing on it, it hurts like heck. It hurts (sometimes alot) if its pushed on in any way. I had a vaginal delivery and have regular periods... I'm just at a loss as to what it might be. Does anyone have any ideas or is anyone else feeling this way?

STACIE B- I don't know if I would describe it as muscle pain.. I don't know how to describe it. I do work out about 5x a week and it doesn't hurt me while I work out. I will say my tummy is very weak (to the extreme) and I think my muscles have seperated. It seems other people with muscle seperation don't have pain though. And yes, it has been like this since having my daughter.

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It is DIASTASIS RECTI! I already excersize 5x a week so I will look into surgery when I am positive I'm not having kids anymore... cause maybe I'll get a tummy tuck at the same time! lol

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When you say sore do you mean like muscle sore like when you work out? Have you talked to your dr about this? I am wondering if you have a weak spot in your uterus wall or something like that? When did it start or has it been like that since you had her?
S. Bailey CLD

My stomach has been tender for years. Mine was endometriosis. And even though I haven't suffered most of the symptoms of endo for years now (like pain during sex) I still am very tender in the tummy.

Have you had your gyne check for cysts, endometriosis, shifted uterus and so on???

I am a personal trainer certified in the TUPLER TECHNIQUE which deals exclusively with the separated abdominal muscles - called a diastises recti.

The rectus adominus (6 pack muscle) the transverse (inner most abdominal muscle) and the obliques (diagonal ab muslce) all connect at the linea alba - a piece of connective tissue from the 3" above the belly button roughly to the pubic bone. When the muscles separate, it causes the linea alba to go over the organs like saran wrap - stretching it very thin. This is the only thing separating your ORGANS from your skin - and essentially the only thing PROTECTING your ORGANS from the outside world. That is not much! When you daughter stands on your abs, she is probably literally standing right on your organs!

The woman with a larger diastisis - 3 fingerwidths or more - you can actually feel the organs - stomach, large & small intestine etc - because the muscle is no longer there holding everything in.

Your discomfort most likely stems from this - it can cause lots of problems.

You can get the book "LOSE YOUR MUMMY TUMMY" which has exercises to do to bring the muscles back together. I personally had 3 - 4 fingerwidths separation after baby #2. I completely close the separation in 5 months with the technique. An added bonus - I went from a 32 " waist to a 25" waist. The exercises are amazing, instrinsic, and very easy.

I also teach a class in the TUPLER TECHNIQUE (closing the diastisis) in Homewood-FLossmoor and Orland Park Park Districts if you are close by. Our next session starts July 31st. We also have abdominal splints we sell that approximate and protect the muscles. Corset do not work for this purpose as they come in contact with the bones of the ribs and pelvis. A splint approximates the muscles between the bones for fast results. We have physical therapists and doctors that refer clients to our class all the time. In fact, I co-teach with a physical therapist.

I hope this helps!

PS - it is common to experience back problems from a large diastisis as well. Also, it is easy to make your diastisis bigger from incorrect abdominals, another pregnancy, or any foreword forceful movements (jack knifing out of bed is the worst!) GOOD LUCK. Email with any questions!

I'm going to agree with the others that it sounds like a hernia. I have one and probably did for years and never knew it, because it only hurt when it was touched and I always put that pain off to something else. See your doctor and see what he/she has to say. They can tell from physical examination if you have one, and then suggest where to go from there.

I had an umbilical hernia and it sounds like it might be similar. Your OB should be contacted. I did have surgery when my child was 9 weeks old but I am totally fine now. You have to be careful lifting, etc. and you want to make sure what it is so it doesn't get worse. Take care and best of luck.


Hey L.!

I have the muscle seperation (diastasis recti) and I have pain. If my kids or cats press on my belly it's very painful. I wear an abdominal binder and have been in Physical Therapy for almost a year. I highly recommend PT, try Kamin Physical Therapy in Park Ridge. They are AMAZING! They helped me decrease the seperation by half. Plus they are women's health specialists and very knowledgeable about how the seperation relates to other symptoms and weaknesses (bladder, pelvic floor, back, hips, etc.)

Also do a diastasis recti Google search and you'll find boards where other people post their symptoms and you'll find lots of people with pain.

And you should also talk to your GP or GI. They'll give you the prescription for PT and rule out any other causes.

Good luck!

You should have an xray done.

I am a physical therapist and agree that this is probably the route to go. It could be a diastasis, hernia, or the organs may not have returned to their pre-pregnancy position. Talk to your doctor to get a referral to therapy.

Perhaps you have a hernia. I have a friend who has one from pregnancy. It doesn't hurt while she's exercising or other times but when you push on it it does. Ask your doc to check it. If so physical therapy could help. My friend who's a physical therapist actually sees the friend with the hernia and it has improved. Of course surgery could correct it, but since she plans to have more kids it wouldn't make sense because it would happen again. Every woman gets a sort of hernia during pregnancy because those muscles are pulled apart. After they get back but they may never be like they were before. Lay on you back flat, legs out straight, put your finger along the middle of you tummy. While doing this lift up your head and shoulders slightly until your muscles tighten. Feel for the ridge in the middle the muscles is like a corset so you'll feel where they should meet. See how many fingers width wise you can fit into the gap. If it is more than two it would be a good idea to see a doc and ask what they recommend. I have 4 kids and I have 1 1/2 finger gap, this is considered good.

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