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Tubal Pregnancy

I just found out that I'm pregnant and I'm at risk for tubal pregnancy. Of course, I feel pain in my abdomen and I'm worried it's tubal. Has anyone had a tubal pregnancy or had pain and not had it be tubal? I'm just hoping that the pain and pressure I feel is just "normal" pregnancy issues...

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Hi, I guess this really does happen....I ve been told many stories about getting pregnant while having tubal and it worries me for the same reason you are worried. I hope this is just normal pregnancy pains and nothing serious. good luck and many blessings! Will this be number 5 for you?

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Hey J.,

I had a tubal to years ago and the pain from it was excrutiating!!! I woke up the morning I was supposed to confirm the pregnancy with my dr COVERED in blood so they rushed me to the hospital. I was put on bed rest for a week because there was no baby sac on the ultrasound, I went in for daily HCG blood tests to see if it was a miscarriage or a tubal and it was indeed a tubal. I couldnt not walk or breathe the pain was sooo bad! Finally at 8 weeks they finally did the surgery to remove the pregnancy and good thing cause they said my tube ws about to rupture! I hope this helps...I know what its like to feel like every little pain is something horrible! If the pain is mild and just a little cramping its probably normal, just try to stay off your feet as much as possible...I know its hard with 4 little ones!

If you get a tubal pregnancy, you won't go very long before the pain is excruciating. Tubal pregnancies never end. Your tubes are about as thick as a hair, and they don't have the rich vascular tissue or flexibility to contain a pregnancy. If it's tubal, you'll end up in the ER, no question about it. If you are more than 6 to 8 weeks,it's probably not tubal, but it's still good to check with the doctor to find out exactly where the embrio attached. And after having 4 kids (I assume they are yours) you must know what's normal and what's not. If you do feel pain, go to the doctor ASAP. If the tube bursts, it could be life threatening.

if you have insurance, there's absolutely no reason your doctgor can't order an ultrasound for you or do one in the office to confirm that everything is fine.
if anything is bothering you -even if you just have a panicky day and need to hear a heartbeat - CALL YOUR OB/GYN and ask for their help -that's what they're there for.
at 37 and having had previous pregnancy problems before, i also just had a baby - during her pregnancy, i went in about 3 times over the first 12 weeks just because i had a bad feeling or becuase something wasn't right - she's fat and sassy now and fine as wine.
CALL - GO IN - that's what they're there for.
don't go on worrying - there's not need to.


If you are at risk (though I don't know what would specifically put you at risk) and you are feeling pain and pressure GET IT CHECKED. Call your ObGyn and tell them you have pain and pressure. IF it is tubal and ruptures your tube it puts your life in extreme danger...your other 4 kids NEED YOU. I'm not a "doctor person". I don't go unless i absolutely have to (haven't been since 3 months after my hysterectomy 3 years ago). BUT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND CALLING AND GETTING EXAMINED.

Praying the baby moves down into the uterus if he's not there already.

Hello J..
I did have a tubal pregnancy last summer. I on the other hand had no clue I was pregnant but was bleeding for 10 days and I bit nervous to see a doctor. My husband finally convinced me to take a test one night and after calling my gyno I was advised to go directly to the E.R. All this because I had an IUD which caused the tubal pregnancy. I had extremely sharp pains all across my one side. But these only lasted for the first two days around the time the bleeding began. This pain felt absolutely nothing like the normal cramping or pain I felt with my first 3 pregancies. If you're not bleeding at all, I wouldn't be worried. I am curious though as to why they say you're at risk? Feel free to contact me at ____@____.com. I will keep you in my prayers.

I found out I was pregnant in March, but I hadn't had my period in almost 2 years because I was still nursing my 12 month old. So, they had no idea how far I was. The ultrasound showed nothing, but my HCG levels were really high. So, they were certain that the pregnancy was ectopic. In one week, I had 3 ultrasounds and 4 blood tests. The ultrasounds still didn't show a baby, but my HCG levels continued to rise. They also tested my progesterone, and it was slightly abnormal. I had a little bit on blood and pain on one side too. I chose to wait another week before doing anything. And we had one final ultrasound...and there was a baby with a heartbeat! It turned out that I had just found out that I was pregnant really early (3 weeks). Everything is good now. I highly suggest getting an ultrasound and having your hormone levels tested.

J., I had an ectopic pregnancy and i kept denying the symptoms that I was experiencing. It wasn't until I was so sick that I could barely walk that I went to the ER. It had ruptured and that is extremely dangerous. You can bleed internally and you do not want to take that risk. Go to the ER and should your insurance not cover everything, you can look in to the other payment options. The most important thing is your health and this is nothing to mess around with. I hope all goes well for you!

Hi, I guess this really does happen....I ve been told many stories about getting pregnant while having tubal and it worries me for the same reason you are worried. I hope this is just normal pregnancy pains and nothing serious. good luck and many blessings! Will this be number 5 for you?

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