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Tubal Ligations

Long story, made short...I had a tubal ligation over 2 years ago. I am not regular at all, but get still get worried every time I am late. Just wondering a couple things of anyone who has had a tubal..

1) Have you noticed a difference in amount and frequency of your periods?

2) Anyone ever gotten pregnant after a tubal?

Please don't suggest the pill to regulate my periods, because I don't do well on them and part of the reason I got the tubal!

What can I do next?

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1) Didn't notice any change to my cycle...

2) Yes.

I had a laproscopic tubal ligation done in September of 2007... and I have become pregnant three times since then. All ended in miscarriage. (normal, for me... over 20 pregnancies, 4 children.)

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had mine done back in 2001 and never have been the same since check out this post I found in 08. I really wished I had came upon this before I had got mine done. http://retardedrugrat.wordpress.com/2006/06/14/post-tubal...
I since then been saving up to get it reversed.
Best Wishes

1) Didn't notice any change to my cycle...

2) Yes.

I had a laproscopic tubal ligation done in September of 2007... and I have become pregnant three times since then. All ended in miscarriage. (normal, for me... over 20 pregnancies, 4 children.)

I'm a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist and would highly recommend Chinese medicine to regulate your periods and control any uncomfortable symptoms you may have associated with your periods (changing emotions, breast tenderness, cramping, clotting, etc.)

MANY women come into my office and mention some complaint with their cycle, even if that's not the reason that they're coming in. Because of the holistic nature of Chinese medicine, you don't even have to directly address menstrual complaints, and they'll improve/resolve. I always love it when a woman comes in with something completely unrelated - say a sprained ankle - and their PMS gets better. Or their insomnia goes away.

If you need any help finding an acupuncturist in your area, let me know!

I had a tubal a just about 2 years ago. I have noticed an increase in flow and length of my period as well as much more painful cramps. I am now regular but that took some time too. the doctors told me 1 in 100 women could become pregnant after tubal ligation. I have not personally known anyone. hope this helps a bit.

1 out of 99 will get pregnant. You might go to your doctor and suggest maybe your T levels may be off. He/She will do a blood test on your Thyroid. Or it could just mean your hormones are still trying to get back to normal.

Hi T.,
I had a tubal ligation and still had 3 healthy children after it. I didn't have abnormal periods, but sister-n-law does and she had a successful pregnancy.
Personally I stressed about getting pregnant after the ligation so I went to the dr just to have a check-up and after I did, I was able to relax and got pregnant shortly there after.

You could make an appointment with your OB/GYN and have them run tests to see if the ligation was successful. That way you can rest easy.

1) My periods have gotten way longer and heavier/more painful. I was 23 when I had mine done I'm now 27.
2) I have not gotten pregnant since having my tubal.

i had a tubal and i had anywhere from severe to mild periods. i have never been pregnant but i still would talk to your doctor about it. sometimes the frequency or it means something else is going on..could be hormone imbalance or any number of things. please make the appointment and go see her. its better to save then sorry later.

I haven't had one. I don't like hormonal BC either. I just track my fertility signals. I'm never worried if I'm late because I know right when I ovulated and my period is only late if I ovulated late.
Check out the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It's really easy after a couple months when you get the hang of it. And since you won't be using it as BC, you don't have to be really strict about it which will make it even easier:)

Another thought, how old are you? Your cycles can start to change in your mid-30's, so it could have nothing to do with the procedure and everything to do with your age.

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