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Tubal Ligation - Phoenix, AZ

We're having our second child and this is it for us. We're 100% sure we don't want to have more children. I'll have to have a C-section and I was thinking about having the tubal ligation at the same time. Has anyone been through this procedure? Does it make the recover from the C-section harder? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I had a C-section this February and went ahead and had my tubes tied at the same time, mostly because you get the whole thing over with right there. I didn't want to go back in later to have it done. I didn't feel it took any longer to heal, or made it any more painful, but then I had nothing to compare it with. Hope this helps, and good luck,



I had a C-section/tubal combo in January. I also had a C-section with my first baby. The recovery was not any more difficult due to the tubal.

Good luck!

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I had a C-section/tubal combo in January. I also had a C-section with my first baby. The recovery was not any more difficult due to the tubal.

Good luck!

Hello. I have three wonderful children that were all delivered via c-section. During my last delivery I had a tubal ligation. The only effect was that I was a little sick to my stomach afterwards because I was under the influence of the spinal a bit longer than I was previously. I had the procedure around 8am and by 11pm I was up and walking around. I have found no other ill effects.
I wish you the best of luck.

We are also planning on having a second child when our daughter turns 7 and that would be it for us. I might also consider a c-section, although it is very frightening to me and that is why I'm not sure if we should try to have another child at all. But if we do, I would also like to have the tubal ligation done. I wish you luck.

I had this done- c-section & tubal ligation in Dec. 2003. I had 2 prior c-sections and the recovery was no different. My advice is if you know for sure you do not want more children, no matter what happens in the future, if you are doing the tubal it is easiest to do it while you are have the C-section anyway. No additional surgery or recovery time. Just make sure you do NOT EVER want more natural children. Good luck and congrats on the new one!

You know its funny you posted this question. 5 yrs after I had my last child I am sitting here recouperating from a tubal ligation. I was ging to have one during my last c-section, but during my hormaonal time I was wondering if I would feel feminine losing operation of my tubes. I also was worried about not being able to have another child if something happened to one of mine. I have to say I feel more feminine now and wish I had done it sooner because five years of going through different types of birth control and having problems with it and also going through celibacy for fear, is just not good on a marriage. Birth control can do crazy things with your hormones so can an IUD. The other thing is I could have done cord blood banking which would have helped with fears of illness in my children. From all these listings I guess recouperation is the same as a c-section so you might as well do it together. good luck. I do wish I had done it before.

Since I have to have 2-3x of anesthesia, and I'm not getting a c-section and didnt' with the first son either, that I asked my doc about options. She said that there is a new procedure that takes 20-30 minutes in-house at the OB's office. It's called Essure. Check it out www.essure.com Essure is not covered with AHCCCS Insurance... If I do Essure, I might wait until I am fully recovered at least 6 months. Plus it says on the website no sex for 3 months anyway.

My last pregnancy, I had postpartum hemmorhage, blood transfusion, 3 months iron pills and 2 hiv testings which came out negative. It took me about 5 months to recover and accept it.

My doc said that if I was getting a c-section then they could do it within a day or 6 days...but if you deliver at Chandler Regional or Banner Desert, they'd rather you wait a few months before you really decide you don't want anymore kids. Plus if you deliver at Mercy Gilbert, they don't do this procedure - Tubal Ligation at all since it's a Catholic Hospital.

I JUST had this done 2 weeks ago and didn't feel one bit differently than the last c-section. Other than some swelling and slight pain in the abdomen, I was up and about within a week at home. I figured, since the c-section was easily reaching our insurance deductible, it's like getting a bonus procedure for free. I called Aetna before going in and they did say it was covered. Beware, the docs make you answer about 100 times whether you FOR SURE don't want more babies--they have to cover themselves, I guess!

If you're 100% sure you don't want to have anymore children, you should consider either a partial hysterectomy or "stop the flow" (contact Arizona Wellness Center). With a partial hysterectomy, they only take out your uterus, not your ovaries, so you won't have hormonal issues. I'm not sure all of the details for stop the flow, but these are better options than tubal ligation. Not to mention, you still could get pregnant if you have your tubes tide, just ask around. There are a lot of women who have gotten pregnant after having their tubes tide. Talk to your doctor and check out Arizona Wellness Center. And have your husband get a vasectomy, too, if you're 100% sure you don't want more kids. Good luck.

After the birth of my second child, which I also had to have a C-section for, I had the doctor do a tubal ligation. It made no difference in the healing or anything - it took the normal amount of time, etc. The recovery from the c-section was bad enough - I'll be honest with you, it's not fun. It took a good two to three weeks until I was able to get around without a lot of pain. And even then, if I was on my feet for too long, the pain would return. The only long-term effects of my tubal ligation have been extremly heavy periods and some hormonal effects.

I had a C-section this February and went ahead and had my tubes tied at the same time, mostly because you get the whole thing over with right there. I didn't want to go back in later to have it done. I didn't feel it took any longer to heal, or made it any more painful, but then I had nothing to compare it with. Hope this helps, and good luck,


after my son was born i had tubal ligation but i never has a c section at all. im thinking that it will heal at the same time. it was hard for me because i never had a c section. also i had the tubal done right after my son was born. so i more sore than thinking bout the tubal.

I had a tubal with my 2nd C. No difference in recovery. You're not even aware of the tubal having been done.

I had my Tubal done with my c-section and had no problems what so ever. My recovery was no different that it was with my 1st child, I has c section with him as well. I would definatley do it.

I had my tubes tied after my 2nd child also, but, I did not have a c-section. So, I can tell you, I did not have to hard of a time recovering, so I honestly believe, with a c-section, the healing rate will not increase due to the tubal. Since they will already be in there (sorry to sound so crass), go for it, it would be better then healing and then going back to have another procedure done. I wish you the best of luck!!

It didn't make a difference on my recovery any harder. I had my first one c-section then had my second one natural and then had the tubal ligation. Everything went well for me. I didn't even notice anything from the tubal ligation. It was the ipesiotomy that was more of a pain. So I am sure it will be pretty much the same with you. Accept for you will be concentrating on the c-section discomfort and won't have time to think about anything else.


I had a tubal after our second child. I don't think it would make recovery any harder with a c-section. I didn't have one and I was fine. The only problem is that the incision site got infected a bit.

I had a my tubes tied about 4 months after my c-section and the recovery from that was very short only about a week, so I wouldn't think recovery would be lengthend any with them done at the same time. My doctor made me wait to make sure I was sure and to make sure nothing happend to my baby. He said god forbid anything happend to my baby during or shortly after delivery I would have the option to change my mind about the procedure.

I agree with Kathi. I had two failed inductions and for my second c-section, I said that if my vbac failed, to go ahead and tie them up. Recovery was from the c-section itself. Congratulations and enjoy!

Hello S., Well congrats on the 2nd baby. We were in the same boat. After my daughter was born I was sure I didn't want anymore, however, surprise we were pregnant again shortly after. My daughter was born by emergency c section and I knew I wanted to have my son the same way AND I knew that I wanted no more kids so we had the tubal done during the same time.
So do answer your question. My c sections were 10 mts apart and I do not think adding a tubal to the 2nd one made a difference at all.
Email me if you have any other questions.
Good luck

With my third child I had a tubal ligation at the same time as a c-section(my 3rd c-section) and honestly the recovery did not seem any harder. Is this your first c- section?

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