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Trying to Get Pregnant with # 2 - Burleson,TX

We have a 4 year old little boy who was a surprise at the time.We have been trying for a baby since Jan of this year...so about 8 months. Should I been getting concerned that it hasn't happened yet? We had no problems with our first one. I used the ovulation test last month and had sex in the time frame we were suppose to and still not pregnant. I'm only 24, so I don't think age is a issue.

What can I do next?

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It took us eleven days to get pregnant with our first child and eleven months to get pregnant with the second child. Even under perfect conditions, there is still only a certain percentage that you can get pregnant each month. I would try for a few more months before consulting an infertility specialist. I read everything there was to read on infertility on the internet and at the library, but I was not ready to go through all the testing and stuff at the time, and, thankfully, we did not have to see a specialist. I would, however, go to see your regular ob/gyn and have a check up. Also, remove whatever hurdles you can yourself, such as stress, smoking, alcohol, tight underwear, etc. Good luck to you!!

It took us over a year to get pregnant with our first child. I was VERY frustrated...I asked my OB after about the first six months of trying (expensive ovulation kits, pregnancy tests and eternal disappointment when I would be late, but not pregnant) and he tested me for any issues with fertility. He said that we would wait to test my husband, but that he could run some tests on me right away if it would put my mind at ease. I would ask your OB/GYN to run some tests now. The good news is that now we have two beautiful boys!

Hi A.,

My sister in law is a ob. Alot of times The first is a surpise. Then when we go for the second we put alot of stress on ourself thinking about the second and when it doesn't happen after the first couple mths we stress out more sometimes not even knowing it. Relax, Try not to think about it. Stop worring Go to a spa get pampered. Get it some time try not to think about it. After a year then go see your dr.
Good luck.

I had the exact same problem. Got pregnant right away with the first. This time it took about 10 months. I tried the ovulation sticks for about 5 months. Finally, the month we got pregnant, I said forget the sticks and tried the entire week. It worked!
Good luck, it will happen. I am due in 7 weeks.

Most doctors want you to try for a year before coming in to see them. As long as your cycles are normal and regular and you're getting positive ovulation kits, I wouldn't be concerned just yet. A lady that I work with was in the same situation- their first was a surprise and they tried for exactly a year with their second. She's now halfway through her pregnancy. My husband and I are also trying to conceive our second child- the first one, our son, took 5 months and we got prego our first try in April of this year, but we lost that baby in May. My cycles have taken a little while to get back to normal, so I've been a little anxious myself about needing to go to the doctor because something might be wrong. Any way, good luck and I'm sure you'll be blessed with a baby soon!

Are you also charting your BBT? It took me 7 months using both Ovulation Predictors and charting before I got pregnant with #2. Try a website such as www.fertilityfriend.com I know so many people that have used it successfully.

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