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Trying to Get Pregnant - Virginia Beach,VA

hi i have been trying for 5 years i recently last year had surgery to have polyps removed from my uterus they also checked my tubes and all my female organs to see if there was a reason why i couldnt get pregnant there was nothing else that was august of last year. my hubby was checked he is fine please give me some advice money is an issue for us so we would appreciate any adice or secrets on how we can get pregnant

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I had blocked tubes so we had to conceive using Inventro. I also had an (HSG) hysterosalpingogram which showed my blockage. If you have had your tubes checked you may have also had the same test where they do x-rays while forcing dye through the tubes ( I do not recommend being awake unless you have a tolerance to pain).

Maybe you can go to a natural pharmacy (compounding pharmacy) and get on a 3% maybe twice daily of bio-identical (meaning natural not synthetic) Progesterone cream that you simply rub on the inner parts of your arms. Also, have your family doctor check your B-12 levels. If you are deficient this too could cause a problem. Look for Methyl (for short) B-12 a tablet that melts under the tongue. It's like vitamin "C" you can't over dose since the body rids of the extra through urine. Start with 2 per day for 2 weeks. I believe in the Progesterone simply because the fertility clinics when going on the fertility drugs use it to prepare and support pregnancy. I was also extremely deficient after having my son and he is now 15 months old. I just discovered my deficiency after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was having all types of problems but whether you are having weird symptoms or not you could still need progesterone. There is no side effects and a female body natural produces it but some women can be estrogen dominate. Check both out. If all else fails and you want to try IVF it can be affordable. My husband found a place that gives you six IVF tries for one set price. We were fortunate to have equity in our home and took out an equity line but now they have financing for treatments. If you have insurance they may pay also. I had $6,000 lifetime for infertility but all but $150.00 of the drugs were paid for. The other out of pocket was the co-pays but a lot of the visits over lapped making it nice to pay only three co-pays. If you do not get pregnant after six tries you get your money back. If you don't get pregnant and you try and try again for example you are on your third try and you decide to stop you still get your money back.

I also recommend as the other mom did ovulation kits. I used the kits for nearly 3 years and pretty much knew when I was ovulating without taking the tests.

There is nothing negative against weight loss and can only help improve your chances.

Also look at the link below. If you canít click on it copy and paste it to your search engine on your home page.


Hi C., have you been charting your cycles during your time of TTC (trying to conceive)? If not, it might offer some insight into your cycles and exactly when you're ovulating and fertile. I don't want to offer a lot of info here because you may be very well aware of the benefits of charting, but if you aren't, feel free to send a message and I'll give you some info and sites to check out. Also, I know you said they did tests, but have they checked your hormone levels to make sure your FSH isn't too high, progesterone isn't low, etc.? Those can offer insight as well. Hope this helps and let me know if you need any further info?

you might want to consider progesterone, you can purchase it from almost any heath food or vitamin store. It is a cream that you keep in the refrigerator and rub on your inner thighs, inside your arm, or your belly. A lot of women who have trouble getting pregnant, take progesterone shots, and this would be the same thing just a lot cheaper. The dosage will be different so you might need to check into how much you should be using every day, but it could simply be a hormone imbalance. I can understand money being tight and do wish you the best. You might also want to consider going to a naturalpathoic doctor in your area, they can offer you safe and very effective ways to help you get pregnant as long as there are no other problems. I wish you the best.

I can only say, no stress. The less stressed out you are about trying to get pregnant, the better your chances of getting pregnant. Studies have shown that stress can prevent pregnancy. Also, don't schedule when to try to concieve. Check your ovulation with one of those at home kits and figure out when you do ovulate and then just concieve when you want to. The key word is relax. I know it's hard but you can't stress about it or it will take even longer.

C. - I feel your pain, it took me 3 yrs to get pregnant. We finally got preg after finding out I have PCOS and my uterus is tilited. It is common for women with PCOS to be inferitle, also with a tilited uterus it's really hard for those little guys to get up in the uterus & get to where they need to be going. After many tests, my Dr prescribed to me Clomid, which only took 1 time and I was preg.

Just be patient & be educated. Make your DR think - ask all sorts of questions.

Good Luck

Hello I am a mother of four and one on the way I have even thought about being a serrigant mother because I have no problems in this area lol. But my secret is that after sex I prop my hips up on a few pillows and just lay there for about 20 to 25 minutes this seems to give them a head start or something.

D. Sedler wrote:
> I do not know the lady's name but there is a massage therapist here in
> Raleigh that does a women's belly massage. I have heard that women
> request it when they are trying to get pregnant and have had a lot of
> luck. Usually within 3 months of having the massage they have become
> pregnant. I would start by calling massage therapist around town and
> asking they have anyone who offers a stimulating pre-pregnancy massage.
> Also, I had tried to get pregnant for 3 years and was having trouble
> ovulating do to scar tissue in my fallopian tubes from having cists to
> rupture when I was in college. When I went on vacation one year in
> Jamaica I wanted to have a massage for the first time and signed up
> for a healing massage. It is not like a regular massage where
> pressure is used to release the tension in the body, it is more like
> the consent pressure of someone hands on specific targeted areas of the body with slight light massaging.
> Without telling the lady she started on my back, arms, legs and then
> asked me to turn over. Once she got to my right side she told me that
> she was going to concentrate on that area due to a lot of damage that
> it had and for me to be patient. I hadn't even considered it when I
> signed up for the massage and with in 2 months of being home from
> vacation I was pregnant with hardly any effort and have not had any painful ovulating attacks since then.
> I believe it was due to the massage but could be wrong.

I know alot of people who will take birth control for like a month or two and just stop taking them. You are very fertile during the first couple of days when you come off of them. It seems to help some people.

Read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It will tell you how to know EXACTLY when to try. Great info!!

I agree w/what Catherine said below -- that test. A friend of mine tried for years to get pregnant, then had that test and was pregnant almost immediatly after.

You should also check your ovulation. It took us over a year to get pregnant. Turns out I ovulate very early after having my period. We sort of stumbled into finding that out!

Best of luck. I know that it can be torture!

I too have had trouble getting pregnant. Last time after many tests I had a hystopenogram and got pregnant the next month. The doctors figured there might have been a small blockage that got cleared under the pressure of the hystopenogram. Also, I use a ovulation kit, but you're probably already using one. I am trying again and have been for some time. I have to try for over a year, so I guess next month I'll be in the doctors office for another Hystopenogram. I hope it works again.

Good Luck

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