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Trying to De-mystify Work-at-home Options

I have been trying to research wrok-at-home job opportunites for several months now, but it always leads to the same conclusion: That I have NO idea what I'm doing. Everything I've read regarding "how to find" work at home jobs tells me that if I have to pay start up money, then it's probably not legitimate, and that 99.99% of the stuffing envelope jobs are nothing but scams. But it seems like everything I try to research leads to something like that. I'm not cut out for things like Pamperd Chef and Avon, I simply don't have the salesmanship needed. However, I'd love to be able to find something that would fit into my family/school schedule and let me bring some extra money in so the entire burden doesn't lie on my hubby. I go to school in the mornings while our children are at school so we don't have the added expense of day care and would love to be able to find some kind of work that I could do at home in the evening after they go to bed. And suggestions or help would he greatly appreciated.

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I thought I would tell you about what I am doing. It has no fees or anything like that. My website can give you all the information about it. http://www.mypowermall.com/biz/home/66288

I hope yo find something that works for you!

Hey!I work for THE MOM TEAM! I love love love it!I LOVE HELPING OTHER MOMS WORK FROM HOME! The Mom team is for everyone! Men, Women, Mommies, everyone! If you want more information you can see my web page and request more information! Good Luck!!


I am an Arbonne Consultant and the income is REAL. I got started for only $29 and at first I was as skeptical as anyone out there, but it truly is a work-from-home situation and it does not require hosting parties!! It is a simple business. I have 3 little ones at home and just do Arbonne in the nooks & crannies of my time. It is the best thing I could have ever done. Let me know if you would like more information. My email is ____@____.com. I wish you the best!

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i sell TUPPERWARE. now i am a born sales person but you don't have to be. TUPPERWARE is a nationally known product. we've been in business for 60 years. (i cut my first teeth on a piece of Tupperware). it sells itself. i have people in our distributorship that sell 1000 per day and we have people that only sell the minimum of 250 every 4 months. either way you meet alot of nice people and you don't have to do traditional parties, you can do only catalog orders or only web site orders... it's your choice. if you need more info. contact me at...###-###-#### or e-mail me at ____@____.com . thanks.

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Check out www.teamdoubleclick.com. I have two clients through them and will be getting more soon. They get you virtual administration jobs that you do from home. I love it.

J. D

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Hey there. I work from home and if you are interested. I have a website that you can skim over. If you are interested let me know it will give you an option to get more info if that is not enough for you. I have a 16 month old son and watch a 3 month old during the day.

here is my site


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I don't know if you are still looking for work at home options but after a long time of searching myself I found a legitimate work at home job! You can apply at www.workathomeagent.com and there is nothing to pay, you set your own schedule, and I love it, what you do is answer phone calls at your home with your computer for infomercials on TV for this company called West Corp. You are paid by the minute for your talk time, not for your sales! You can also get certified on other projects for the company and answer calls for Home Shopping Network, Virgin Mobil Phone, E-toys, ToysRus, and alot of other well known companies! I have been doing it since September and I love it, I have a 3 year old at home with me in the day and a 6 year old in 1st grade, you can work late at night or early in the morning, naptime or whatever you want to work. I have been doing 15-18 hours a week and I make an average of $200 every other Friday (they direct deposit your pay in your checking account!) and it is legitimate, I have told all my stay home mom friends about it and now we all do it! so if you are interested in easy work around your own schedule you could give it a try! Good luck! By the way I found out about it on a website called WAHM (work at home moms)! D. G

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Hi S.,

I was like you once, I looked and looked and couldn't find anything. But now I work with a great company. If you want more info just go to my wesbite http://www.iboplus.com/livethedream and it will give you all the information that you need, plus they have a free gas program going on right now. They also give free benefits for the whole family, your own free websites and so much more. Or you can email me at ____@____.com a wonderful day!


Hey!I work for THE MOM TEAM! I love love love it!I LOVE HELPING OTHER MOMS WORK FROM HOME! The Mom team is for everyone! Men, Women, Mommies, everyone! If you want more information you can see my web page and request more information! Good Luck!!


give me a shout I'm sure I can help. ____@____.com
or ###-###-####

Hi, S..

I was in the same situation just a few months ago. I have an 11 month old daughter & my husband & I chose for me to stay home with her. I needed an extra income & sales positions were all I could find. However, I have discovered that if you find a product you truly believe in & are passionate about it makes all the difference in the world. Our philosophy is 'sharing' more than 'selling.' I was so lucky to find a company called Once Upon a Family. I can't tell you how much I love it! It is a ground floor company & there are so many families to reach! I would love for you to join my team, I can't wait to tell everyone about it. Please check out my website or feel free to contact me, I would love to share it with you. Thanks!

A. Griffin

Hey S.,
I have worked at home for almost 4 years and love what I do. I get to help other moms work from home as well. We don't have to stock sell or deliver products or anything like that, but we are able to work around our family. I have a 1,2 8 year old, so my time is precious. :)
If you are interested see my web-site www.ourfamilyfirst.info
Blessings to you!!

I have worked from home in various capacities for years. I am currently starting my own publicity and marketing business. What is it that you want to do? Feel free to email me I have resources available for some businesses. You can email me at ____@____.com

I wanted to reply to your post.. You sound a lot like me, as far as the trying to find an at home job, having 2 kids, ect.. I too was looking for a great at home job and to no avail, I never found it or they were all frauds. I finally sat down and sit some math with reguards to at home parties/business.. I finally joined up with Pampered Chef. I wanted to do something that I enjoyed, something that let my kids be involved in(cooking) and also get free things to use in my home or to give away to friends. I too am not a salesperson, I couldn't sell snow to santa in july if I needed too.. but i knew i could something. I have done lots of catalog shows, lots!! and It doesn't require me to go to anyones home, talk in front of anyone or look like i don't know what I am doing.. I have made a ton of money plus more free stuff than I ever imagined. I do all my work when the kids are at school or napping and the rest at night. I use my phone and internet for everything and even my website for orders and misc.. I paid $90 for my kit of goodies, which is mine to keep and I made the money back after 1 show. WOW... not much work for all that I got back. I have done a few cooking shows but only for family and they know i do not do good infront of people. I just wanted to share my business with you and to let you know that if you wanted to do an at home business it really doesn't require that much work, but i would choose somthing that you could get the most benefit from. That is what my friend told me and I thought i would share with you. thanks for reading my long story.

I know you have gotten a lot of responses and I don't know if you have found anything that interests you yet or not. I was introduced to a company that has changed my life, impacted my family and others that have crossed my path. This is not a sales company. I came home from my nursing career to be a FT mom to my 3 daughters. I also provide care 2 days/week to my Grandma with dementia. Listen to this special recorded messge(it's less than 2 minutes) and see if you would be interested. Leave a message, and I'll get back with you. Even if you are not really sure, just leave a message. I have another resource available to me and in 10 minutes you will know if this is something you would like to try. Call 866-688-2623 and press "2"
God bless you!

Want to work from home for a REAL company?
Check out my website www.MommaWork.com and "get more info"

I thought I would tell you about what I am doing. It has no fees or anything like that. My website can give you all the information about it. http://www.mypowermall.com/biz/home/66288

I hope yo find something that works for you!

I am an Arbonne Consultant and the income is REAL. I got started for only $29 and at first I was as skeptical as anyone out there, but it truly is a work-from-home situation and it does not require hosting parties!! It is a simple business. I have 3 little ones at home and just do Arbonne in the nooks & crannies of my time. It is the best thing I could have ever done. Let me know if you would like more information. My email is ____@____.com. I wish you the best!

S. - I spent YEARS trying to find a legit work at home business that wasn't direct sales...couldn't do it. Like you said most everything is a scam or they want you to pay a registration fee to get information. It was crazy. I finally decided to look into the direct sales market. I was hesitant since I did not like to do home parties (I tried that a long time ago) and I did not want to have quotas, carry inventory, or make minimum purchases in order to stay a consultant for whatever company I was working for. That is when I found Avon! You don't have any of that stuff. Avon has been around for 120 years and I have never found anyone who doesn't know what Avon is...it practically sells itself. Get your books out there and people will call :) Another great part about Avon is that it is only $10 to sign up. If you want more information just let me know. I am happy to help.
Avon Unit Leader

I never used to have an issue with working full-time outside of the home until I was injured, became totaly disabled and unable to work outside the home. My husband understood how I felt and would always encourage me to find a work at home businesses but I was very skeptical of each one I looked into, fearing it would be a scam. I did try a couple but they weren’t for me so I gave up. Then one day, purely by chance, I read an ad by a woman who was able to become a stay at home mom because she found a home-based business that actually works! So I contacted her and got all the information and I was so impressed and excited that I got started that same day!

Finally!! A legitimate opportunity to work from home that is risk-free, scam-free, and there’s so much training and support available you can’t fail! Not unless you allow yourself to, of course.

Now I work from home and haven’t looked back since! If you are interested in this wonderful opportunity to be able to spend more time with your child(ren) and bring in some extra money each month, I would love to help you work towards that goal. To request more information click here www.momstakeaction.com and I will contact you myself. Rest assured, your request will only go to me and no one else.


I did Pampered Chef for almost 5 years but gave it up when my 2nd child was born. It's not an "at home" job (no matter what they claim) because in order to make any real money you need to do 3-4 shows a week and those are outside the house during the evenings or weekends. They have strict guidelines on doing any type of online business (basically make it impossible except for a handful of sales a month) because the company focuses on the in-house kitchen show.

I started doing the Ebay thing a few months ago. I started by selling all my old Pampered Chef inventory that had been stacking up (PC doesn't allow consultants to sell stuff on Ebay) for awhile. Then I cleared out my craft room and the toy room. I took a break over the holidays but right now have 4 hugs boxes in my office full of stuff to list and sell. I made a couple thousand dollars in Oct and Nov last year but most of that was the brand new Pampered Chef stuff I had. I have several rooms yet to clear out and I'm sure I'l find more to sell. In the past I've seen stuff at garage sales that I know will sell for alot on Ebay and so I buy it and resell it at a high profit. I've only done that here and there but this spring/summer I plan on doing it alot more. I focus in on 1 or 2 areas and get to the know the prices really well... right now I focus on plastic canvas/cross stitch books and Little People toys (the sets from the 70s/80s sell for alot of $$ on Ebay and are easy to find at garage sales!).

The other day in the (very long) post office line I met a college guy who bought sports cards at shows and sold them on Ebay. Started when he was 15 years old and he made over $40k in sales his senior year that paid for his college. Now he has a great business and does other memoribilia (like jerseys), too. That got me motivated... I have thousands of NHL cards from the mid-80s to mid-90s stored at my parents' house. I'll be going through them and selling them... I know I have some very high priced cards in there. A friend of my mom's makes $5k-$10k every year simply by buying stuff at garage sales all summer long and then reselling on Ebay all winter. Another friend of mine has written several 'how-to' e-books and sells them online. None of my friends have gotten rich through Ebay, but the little added income is nice.




Check out this site. I worked for one of the site discussed for a short time. It just didn't work out for what I needed at the time, but I do still consider it an option for the future.

How much do you like kids? I'm not talking about your kids, but other peoples. There is always a demand for child care...even if it's evening care. There are many single moms out there that need affordable, dependable child care so that they can work to support their kids. It can be demanding at times to care for your own kids much less someone elses, but it has it's benefits as well, such as working from home, giving your child a playmate or two to enhance his/her social skills, it's steady income that you know you will have every week. Not everybody is cut out to provide child care, but if you think you can handle it, it would be a help to someone.

Hey S., My name is M.. I am an RN a St. Vincent Hospital. I am educated and respected in the field of nursing, BUT it wears me out. It has taken a toll on my body and spirit. (Don't get me wrong, I love my job, just not 40 hours a week) Needless to say, I decided to cut back my hours at the hospital and search for something I could do to make money from home to suppliment my income. My kids love the fact that I stay home four days a week and work three. I have so much more time witht the kids and if I have to go to the DR., I don't have to take a day off work. Ok, you want to hear what I do? I started my own on-line travel business. Sounds difficult and time consuming, huh. NOT AT ALL. I love it. I can tell you all about it if you are interested. I am always willing to help another woman out. I think every woman should have the opportunity to make money and have a family life too (without losing your sanity). Here is my website
Click on company presentation. My number and e-mail address are on the website. Let me know what you think. I'm telling you, the perks of owning your own on-line travel business are out of this world.

Hi S.,
I am a consultant with the Body Shop at Home. You don't have to have any sales abilities because the products sell themselves. I am also a sahm and have always worked and sometimes 2 jobs at a time. I used to sell avon and it just seems that there are so many avon reps out there. I was introduced to the body shop at home by my aunt. They have an awesome training system that you can do anytime you want. You can also get all of the support you could ever want by actual people like you. I love the Body shop at home because they support some very important social issues and were founded on these core values. Against animal testing, support community trade, activate self esteem, defend human rights and protect our planet. I would love to talk to you sometime if you are interested, just let me know. You can check out my website at www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/aoaks.
I know how frustrating it can be to want to be home with your kids, but also want to be helping with the money. If you just want someone to talk to I would be glad to chitchat.
good luck

Hey S.,
My name is R. and I a mother of 3 children under 5. My twins are 4 and my littlest one is 19 months. My girl twin has a rare genetic disorder called Townes Brocks Syndrome, Mild CP, Sensory Integration Disorder, G-tube, & Bi-lateral Hearing Loss. I am unable to work outside of my home because of Reanna's special needs. I work with a company called work At Home United. You can get more info at http://workathomeunited.com/millerrenee .



I would talk to some people at school or at your kids' school. Sometimes people need small administrative stuff done and will pay you cash to help out for a few hours. Also, you can check some volunteer activities. For example, youth centers and YMCA's will recruit volunteers, but sometimes pay them a small stipend. This would probably require you to work out of the home, but you could do it for an evening or two per week if your husband is willing to watch the kids. It gives you a break from the kids and some adult time as well. Also, check with local hospitals, women's clinics, or humane societies. Although a lot of positions are actually "voluntary," some places will work with you to help you earn a little cash.

Have you tried doing E-bay? I am in the same boat I just want a job outside the home but having problems cause I have not worked in 10 years. Good luck Wish i could help more... What about that SMC thing on tv... Seems ok.

I know you said Not AVON but why? All you do is hand out books. people give you orders and you givwe them the products and collect the money. It is fun you don't have to do parties or facieal or anything you don't want. If you would like 50% off you produts and have a great tax return next year at least double what you got with your kids this year. call me ###-###-#### or write ____@____.com

just from experience, most of them are scams...or they just dont work.. and they want you to pay them for you to work..i have been looking at the same options lately too...or they dont pay what they say...i have found that your best bet is home shows...their is alot of them out there that do not pressure you and dont cost an arm and a leg for your kit... i do not sell anything yet...and even if i did i would not force you to get involved in what i was selling...i just have experience in this and just thought i would share some of it with you...you dont have to really do alot of in home shows like you used to...avon...stinks...you dont make much on avon and you have to work harder at making money with avon then some of the otheer ones...i know i have tried to sell it...things like pamperd chef, and some others you do make the money and they are fun to sell...you get out and have fun with women...we all need that...i have looked into alot of plans, and havent really found one yet that i have been sold on...tried one recently and was burned because alot of them lie...the one that is really pushy and claim it is so easy and great is ameriplan...well any other questions or if you visit some and are not sure about them ask if i know about it i will tell you hope this helps


Hi S.,

Check out this website http://www.homeworkerleads.com There are several homebased job opportunities. Some involve sales and some are mystery shopping, paid surveys, freelance writing, customer service and more. Good Luck!

Hi S.,

Have you heard of Arbonne International? I know many moms who have changed their lives (and their family's life) since becoming Arbonne independent consultants.

I recently had back surgery, so don't get to my computer every day. But, if you want to know more, let me know and I'll put you in touch with a good friend of mine who is doing great in Arbonne.

Best of luck in whatever you decide!

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