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Trouble Sleeping Before Period Begins

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced lack of sleep before their mestrual cycle started? It seems like about 1-2 weeks before I start, I have lots of trouble sleeping. I have trouble sleeping anyways, but it seems to be worse at that time of the month. I just wanted to see if anyone else out their was in the same boat as me. Thanks!

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It happens to me the week I am off my birth control pills. For me, I think it is a pre menopausal thing, but it has been going on for a long time (years), but sometimes that process goes on for a long time. Sometime taking an Estroven type product starting about a week before helps.

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I always experienced a few nights of restless sleep during the week before my period would begin and maybe for the first day or two of it. I always just assumed it had to do with the changes in hormones during that time. It will be interesting to see what everyone else says!
(Now that I am pregnant, I have a lot more sleepless nights, so I wouldn't mind going back to just a few!!ha ha)

Good Luck!

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I have found I have vivid nightmares the week prior to menses.

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Are you depressed? Hormones change around your menstrual cycle every month and can mess with depression and cause you lack of sleep. Maybe if it's not depression, it's stress. Stress seems ten times worse that time of month as well.

I suggest finding ways to ease your mind, relax, take a vacation, relieve stress or depression.

When I get that way, I pray. Prayer helps me through everything.

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I have that same problem. I started taking vitamins a while ago. And this week I started taking 2 Pamprin before I go to bed. It seemed to work for me this week. I wish I knew why it is hard to sleep before periods. Good luck to you.

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It happens to me, too...As if the other symptoms of PMS don't leave me tired and cranky enough!!! I'll be interested to see how many others are suffering from this as well.

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I get migraines...but I haven't noticed trouble sleeping. Since your hormones are changing right before your cycle, I woudln't put it past your body to have problems. When your hormones are off, it effects a lot of things.

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I thought it was just me until I read both yours and Michelle's postings here. I have a struggle with the heat (which brings on migraines) anyways but package that with periods, nausea, bloating, and all that stuff at the same time---it's horrible! This time around I had severe bloating to the point I thought I would explode. Like Michelle said, "It has increasingly gotten worst the older I get." (I never had many of these symptoms when I was younger) and my flow is extremely heavy that no one product on the market works; really sux!!! Glad I'm not alone.

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I have trouble sleeping during my period. Getting to sleep is almost impossible, and once I do, something always wakes me up several times throughout the night. The only way I can seem to get any relief is to drink lots of caffeine through the morning to keep me moving and help with headaches that I get too. THEN, I stay away from caffeine after about 3:00 or 4:00. It doesn't always work as I'd like, but it's better than barely sleeping at all.

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