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Trouble Losing Weight

I go to a Fitzone for women 3-6 times a week, and workout for at least 45 minutes. I'm not seing any results probably because I give in to my cravings, does anyone have any suggestions on how to curb the carb cravings. Thanks

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Hey S.:

I am 43 years young and had the same trouble losing weight, it was as though I was on a 6 year plateau - no matter what I did it was short lived. Just recently I learned of a book called
"Fit for Life" and since I've started implementing the life-style changes I have lost a total of 13lbs and 40.5" in about
3-months. Its not an overnight miracle but you can safely lose weight & inches overtime. You can do it!!! Should you have any questions you can always email me at ____@____.com

Take care, I hope this helps you.

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I am not sure this will help with your cravings, but to stay motivated, have a picture you hate of yourself and put it on the cupboard door where the snacks are. You know, the photo that shows you at your worst, when you saw it you said, "That's it, I am going on a diet!" I did this and it really helped.

Hey! I just had my son almost six months ago and i was a pretty thin person before my pregnancy. I gained 60 lbs and hated the way i looked when i gave birth. I joined Jenny Craig and i love it! I have lost 15lbs. in the past three months with the program. It allows you to lose the weight the healthy way and has taught me about proportion size of meals and eating healthier. I also run on my treadmill 5-6 times a week for 50 mins, which definitely helps. It is all about calorie input to calorie output. Jenny craig just helps you eat the right amount of starches, fats, meat, veggies and fruit. I have also heard great things about weight watchers. I definitely recommend Jenny Craig if you have the money to do it. They weigh me every week and it is exciting to go to your consulting appts. to see your results every week and it keeps you motivated.

Hi! My mother turned me on to this Sparkpeople.com It really helps you out. It's great! You put in all your info and what you want to be down to and then it tells you how much carbs, fat, proten everything you should have in a day, as well as how many carolries you should burn a day. Then you keep track of what you eat and burn everyday. I never though that it would work for me, but in a week I've already lost 5lbs! My mom has lost like 20 some, plus a lot of our family is on it and losing weight left and right. It really changes your out look on the things that you eat. Plus you can talk to other people for support and it has recipes and everything. It's great! If you join, my name is Tater0929, feel free to look me up, it really works!

Hi S.,

I am having the same problem. I was talking to one of my old bosses, who is a personal trainer, and he said that I wasn't eating enough. When you work out that much your body needs protein and carbs. He also said don't watch the scale, because you won't see a difference for a while since you're working out so much your body is also building muscle, which ways more than fat. I stopped looking at the scale and started watching how my clothes fit and taking my measurements. I haven't lost many pounds, but I have been losing inches. You can email me or send me a message and I can send you what he has given me about how many calories to consume, what to eat, etc.

Good Luck


Dear Stacy,

I am a distributor for Arbonne International and we sell a product called Figure 8. I could not lose the last 10 lbs. and I was working out like crazy at the gym. I went on this system and not only did I lose the weight, I felt so good! My energy level was back and I felt so nutritionally balanced. If you want to know more about it, please email me back.

We have these weight loss chews that curb your appetite and they are sweet like chewy candy. There is no ephedral, caffeine in them etc. - they are botanical without chemicals.

Hi Stacie,

You're home with your son, which as nice as it is, can be a lot of stress and "down" time where you are probably bored and eat just for something to do. I stay at home too, with an 11 month old and a 3 year old. I'm about 40 pounds bigger than I want to be and I said enough! Since last week, I have lost 5 pounds. I work out about 40 min. a day (5-6 times a week) on an eliptical that I have at home. I love sweets and I haven't cut them out completely. I eat more in moderation now but I still eat some of the things I shouldn't, hard to break the habit. You're young so it'll be easier to lose the weight when you're ready to eat better. Just remember the food that you're eating will still be there to eat, after you've reached your goal and then you just have to watch how much and when.
You will get your body back!! J.

P.S. I use a product called carb blocker too, when I know I'm having a weak moment and from the results, I'd say it's working. Don't worry, it's a healthy supplement and has been scientifically researched, you won't have any side effects or long term problems. If you're interested in reading more about it, go to (jferguson.qhealthzone.com) and just type in carb blocker. Hope this helps you!!

I have really curbed my cravings doing a Whole Body Cleanse. wbcleanse.com Or search for other places. I Purchased it from Miller Chiropractic in Rochester, MI. It says we should do this 4 times a year. I am enjoying the fruit and vegies. Plan ahead and get the foods you can eat and stick to it. Feel more enegetic. Clean out all the processed foods in your body. Idea came from Beyonce Diet. She did the lemonade only one. for 10 days! Try one. Good luck. Pam R

Weight Watchers has an online program you can do for $16/month. It really is trying to burn off more than you take in. WW is good because you can cook healthy for your whole family instead of having to fix one thing for you and another for them. We have changed all our starches to whole grain instead of things make with white or bleached flour. So whole grain (not multi grain, which is better, but 1st ingredient should be whole grain) bread, pasta, etc. I'm still struggling also, but I feel better doing this - I did Nutrisystem before which really worked, but then I had to make my own stuff and try and cook for my husband and son also. This way I feel like I am helping them be healthier, too!

Hi S.,
I've always been a few pounds over my ideal weight so one thing I've done is really be consious about preparing good snacks that are easy to grab. For instance, I'll buy a bag of carrots or celery and prewash/cut/peel so it's in the refridgerator ready to grab when the mood stricks. Dip them in ranch-who cares as long as it's not a king dong going in your mouth. My daughter is 6 and we try to always grab a healthy snack first. Eat small meals throughout the day too, that should help curb some craving so you aren't famished (or think you are) and then eat the first carb "treat" you set your eyes on.

I hope that helps!

Excercising that much Your Body NEEDS the Carbs. Carbs Provide Energy.

I would reccomend overhauling your entire diet, making sure it's balanced and keeping track on something like www.fitday.com That way you have a visual of exactly where your daily calories are coming from.

S.~I do not know what Fitzone is but I do work at a local gym in Chesterfield. From what I have learned from the trainers there is that if you do cardio with weight training you will see results. (I have!) They have also taught me that after changing your eating style it will take a little bit of time before we stop craving the junk food. Check out Xtreme Fitness if you want a change in your fitness routine. They are great people!

Hi S.! I just had three babies in 4 years and I've had a similar problem. I was working out at Curves and not seeing any results. I talked to another mom and an nutrition specialist and they told me to stick with more protein and cut out most processed foods. They didn't really limit me except to change what I was eating. Now for snack I eat nuts (walnuts, pecans and cashews) that are raw and unsalted. I also eat at least one salad a day with protein on the salad like an egg and turkey or ham. I've also cut out a lot of the sugar/flour processed foods. I eat more fruit as well. The protein has really helped me burn more fat during my workouts because without protein your body can't burn fat very easily. I've lost 5 pounds in two weeks and feeling really good. Email me off forum if you need more info or have other questions.

hi there, ever tried low carb such as atkins??? it is hard the first few days, but if you stick to it 100% for three to four days, the carb cravings will be gone.....not that cake wont still look good, but those driving carb cravings that actually make you eat the cake, are gone... its like sugar feeds on sugar... i am still overweight and on and off atkins all the time, but everytime i am on it, i feel supurb. i know results vary from person to person, but it gives me energy and makes me feel NORMAL. good luck, if you dont want to do that, mabye switching all of your treats to sugar free might settle the cravings some???

Hi my name is T., I joined a site on-line called sparkpeople.com, it is complettely free and has alot of diet info on it, excercises, recipes, articles, all sort of good things, you put in all your personal data (weight, height, age, weight loss goals etc) and it caculates how many calories you can eat and how much excer. you need to do in order to loose weight-it gives you a meal plan, but you can change it, add to it or complettely eat other things if you want to. good luck, hope this helps, I joined mid Jan, and have lost 16 pounds so far.

Hey S.:

I am 43 years young and had the same trouble losing weight, it was as though I was on a 6 year plateau - no matter what I did it was short lived. Just recently I learned of a book called
"Fit for Life" and since I've started implementing the life-style changes I have lost a total of 13lbs and 40.5" in about
3-months. Its not an overnight miracle but you can safely lose weight & inches overtime. You can do it!!! Should you have any questions you can always email me at ____@____.com

Take care, I hope this helps you.

Moderation. I have tried quick fix cutting out all carbs at one time only to binge later. Now, I try to follow advice I read some time ago - eat breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen, and dinner like a peasant. That is, largest meal early in day, smallest in evening. I limit the whites (Atkins wasn't first to say it but most grandmothers too - flour and sugar should be limited). Smaller portions is key. If you deprive yourself of something you will want it more than ever before.

This may sound silly, but using a smaller plate forces me to serve smaller portions. Surprisingly, it works. Cut out dark beverages like coffee and cola. I don't have all the literature in front of me to quote now but something in chemical make-up of coffee alters how water is processed in the body. Also, diet drinks do not trigger appetite supressant in brain; rather, they leave you still feeling like you have an empty stomach. Drink water and walk.

Good luck

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