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TRIPPING TODDLER -Always Falling or Tripping

Ok, My 20 month old keeps falling ALL THE TIME - is it the shoes?? DOes anyone know of a good shoe for toddlers - maybe a really bendy one that wouldnt make him trip as easily? Does anyone have this problem? I just keep thinking he is clumsy and he will outgrow this but it just keeps happening?? any helP?

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Thanks to everyone for all the GREAT ADVICE!! I am going to order some Pedi shoes and some stride rites and see how it goes. I will watch him and see over the next month and talk to his doc about it at his next visit!! Thank you thank you!!!

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Toddlers fall for a lot of reason. They are developing but you may want to see if it might be an eyesight problem. My 20 month old tripped over things a lot. I happen to notice her eye pulling in so I took her to the doctor. Come to find out she was farsighted and needed glasses. She doesn't trip as much now. Just a thought. Don't worry to much about it. At that age they just fall a lot. : )

The best infant/toddler shoe is the "Pediped" they are a little pricey, but do last for a long time.They are recommended highly by doctors. Hope they work!

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My daughter gets "trippy" every time she grows out of a pair of shoes. We have her in stride rites. They are expensive but have always been wonderful for her.

Are you sure that he hears ok? Something in your hearing creates your sense of balance and those that don't hear as well often have trouble with their balance. I have a deaf daughter, who's balance is fine by the way, however, she's a living example of what children with hearing impairments can accomplish when it is diagnosed early. Early intervention is the key. She is now 17, a senior in high school, plays basketball has cheered, reads lips and speaks very well (she also uses sign language with those that cannot speak or lip read) and she has been accepted to TU in the fall. If you decide to have his hearing checked or have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Good Luck!

We took 25 month old J to the Podiatrist because he was falling over his feet a lot. His father is very bow legged and J is a bit pigeon toed. The Doctor took his high top white lace up flexible sole shoes from Wal-Mart that he wears for ankle support and twisted it from side to side, heal this way and toe that way. He could nearly twist it all the way around. He said it didn't matter what the sole bent like but that if you could twist it there wasn't any real support. We put a regular leather lace up shoe on him and his toes nearly touched when he walked. He fell 3 times before he could take one step. We were told to put them on the wrong feet and see if that helped, it did but I just couldn't take him out in public like that, it was totally funny looking.

So, what are we doing? He is wearing a stiffer sided shoe that still has a very flexible sole. He seems to walk okay in it and doesn't fall as much. We plan on changing out his shoes more often even if his feet don't out grow the shoe, if it twists it is getting too soft.

Children, toddlers, are top heavy. Their little heads weigh more than anything else on their body. It is the most natural thing for them to fall a lot as toddlers. As their bodies catch up they will tip over less and less. If he has foot/ankle issues take him to the Podiatrist and have him evaluated. I think most insurance requires the Pediatrician to do a referral, it wouldn't hurt for the Pediatrician to check this out at his 2 yr. check up anyway.

Hi, I'm a pediatric physical therapist. It's very normal for some kids to go through periods of falling, usually as they hit growth spurts. However, there are some kids who keep falling, and they can often benefit from physical therapy. There are lots of mild physical problems, such as flat feet or a tight ankle muscle that can cause falling and can be easily treated. I would keep an eye on your child for a month or two and see if it doesn't improve. If it doesn't, you might want to get a PT referral from your pediatrician...it can't hurt. I also recommend you find a pediatric PT and not just your neighborhood PT. Often, a pediatric specialist can spot small problems that an adult PT may miss. Podiatrists are fine if you can tell there is a problem with the feet or legs, but they are not trained to spot some minor coordination disorders that can cause falling.

As far as shoes, the best shoes are not always the most expensive. You can find great soft sneakers at Payless. The most important, and hardest to find feature, is good arch support. For some reason, they don't put much arch support in most toddler shoes. Stride rite sneakers are great, but I've seen some cheap sneakers that are pretty good too. The other important thing about shoes is that they fit properly. I have met many kids who fall who are wearing shoes that are too big so they can "grow into them." Some kids fall less barefoot and some fall less with shoes, so try both. Good luck!

stride rite have the best shoes for walkers, they measure and fit toddlers feet. I love them

robeez or pedipeds are great!

My now 7 year old had the same problem. I asked a pediatrician about it and he said that it is because babies/toddlers are flat footed. He said that as the arch in her foot became more prominent her balance would get better and it did. I also agree with some earlier advice about letting him go barefoot whenever possible.

I have you cked your babies ears?

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