Trigger Finger

Updated on January 02, 2009
R.C. asks from Torrance, CA
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Hello, hoping I can get advise if anyone's child had "trigger finger"?
My 3yr old daughter suddenly complained of her thumb and is not able to straighten out her joint. She's going in for x-rays tomorrow and peditrician thinks it may be "trigger finger". Has anyone expierenced this? I am being told if physical therapy doesn't work than surgery would be needed.
Any insight to this would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

Went to an pediatric orthopedic specialist, was told to keep massaging her thumb / palm area and come back in a month. If her thumb has not corrected itself by then, surgery would be needed. I was told that this is more self fixable in infants but not common for it to "suddenly" happen at the age of 3yrs. Been massaging daily with no improvement, surgery would most likely happen at Long Beach Memorial / Miller's Children Hospital.

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My experience on this has varied. Sometimes the person will recover fine on their own, through rest, stretching and time. Other times all avenues have been explored and surgery becomes necessary. In the case of a a young child I would definately explore stretching and therapy, along with a great deal of time for the situtation to resolve it's self before resorting to surgery. The young body heals well when given proper time and encouragement :)


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It sounds like what happened to me when I was about 4. I had surgery, this was 23 years ago. We were supposed to exercise the thumb, move it back and forth, but my parents never did this and my thumb has limited mobility. I am sure the technology has come a long way. But I would suggest, that before you agree to a surgery, and as long as she's not in pain, you and you husband inform yourself very well, get second and third and fourth opinions and make sure you understand the full extent of the post surgery treatment. Also, talk to your child about what is going on, she's old enough to remember the whole thing. I still remember being hungry before surgery and asking my mom for a salami sandwich (she'll have to fast, due to the anesthesia) and wearing a cast to school. She'll be fine. Just inform yourselves so you feel good about your decisions.
Best Wishes!



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homeopathic Calc Phos 6X, dissolved under the tongue on going to bed and again on waking; try for a week and review, reducing gradually as the finger improves. (Of course, it is best to see a homeopath as each person is unique - treatments and dosages vary.)
Good Luck



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Hi R., my son had this surgery done when he was 1 year old. Was done as outpatient. Surgery was about 20 minutes. He is in his late 20's now. He works in construction now and has never experienced any problems with his thumb.



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My DS was diagnosed with this when he was 18-months. He wasn't in any pain and learned how to 'pop' it back (quick grab and pull) himself. We never made a big deal about it, "oops, pop it back" and now at 5-1/2 I can't remember the last time it has happened. Of course, every case is different and your DD's may be more severe. I've had friends whose DC have had the surgery with no negative effects. Good luck.


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my daughter had trigger thumb surgery at 9mo. it is fine now (6 mo later). We were advised that sometimes it can resolve itself, but not as common. I would definitely keep an eye on it and see if it is occasionally bent or always that way. If it hurts her, then that is a worthy consideration. Hopefully PT will work, but if not, the surgical procedure is very simple (a tiny cut in skin, and a little snip inside) and only takes 15-30 minutes. We used Dr. Lisa Miller, who did the procedure at Childrens Hosp. I can find her # if you are interested.



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Hi R.,

You might check out this sight before you have any surgury done on your daughters finger.
He has a radio show you can call into on Saturdays to talk with him. Perhaps he can help your dauther with some simple exercises to release the finger.

Blessings, L.

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