Tricycle, Bike, Big Wheel for 2 Yr Old - Ideas for Something Fun to Do on Bday

Updated on September 08, 2008
G.W. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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My son is turning 2 in a week. We have been thinking about getting him a new ride. At 2 what is the best option? Bicycle with training wheels, tricycle, big wheel? He has not been on any of them so we probably need to go shopping and let him try them out in store. What did you moms do at this age? any other good gift options for this age. Oh yeah, we are not doing a full blown party this year (did last year for his first and I'm sure we will next year) but are looking for something fun for him that we can do as a family. any ideas??? thanks bunches

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We bought our son a Radio Flyer Tricyle shortly after he turned 2. ( I found a great deal on craigslist.) Our neighbor's daughter has a big wheel she would let him ride. We decided against it because since it was so low to the ground, he would just push with his feet, he refused to use the pedals. We wanted him to get the idea of the pedals. I researched a lot and the only complaint I heard about tricyles is that they were sometimes a tipping hazzard. So in the beginning, we stuck right by him in case there was an issue. We were slightly disappointed at first. It seemed a little big and he didn't quite get it. But a little after a month he was all over the place and LOVED it! He is almost three now and still loves riding it. And we have never seen him tip on it. We think Santa will be bringing him a bicycle this year.


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I would get him a tricycle and go to the Arbor Hills Reserve in Plano. He'll love the playground and there's even a massive bike trail there. He won't be into that, but if you bring his tricycle, he may want to try riding it on the trail that is along the side of the playground.

This is what we got our son when he was 2:

the red part flips to be a handle so you can push. He LOVED this until he was about 3 and then saw all the neighborhood boys riding their Big Boy bikes and then he switched to a bike with training wheels.



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A big wheel!!! Totally a big wheel!!! My son turns 2 next month and I was SOOOO excited to find out that they do sell them still, at Target. There's only 2 now (the original and the princess) but there is NOONE my age that didn't have a big wheel, or that couldn't tell you every detail about their specific one. It's lower to the ground, and wider, so it's a little safer than a traditional tricycle, and the seat adjusts back so it can "grow" with the child. It's totally what I'm going to get my son for his 2nd birthday next month. (I know, I know---some people would think I'm sticking my child with something that is fun for ME but that's silly---he's only 2 and this is your last bit of time when you CAN have a say in what they like, lol). Another thing: even though I had a "regular" bike that I was riding without training wheels at 4, I rode that big wheel just for fun for YEARS. I (and my friends) only stopped riding them when they finally died under our weight (even though I used my 10 speed bike for "distance" riding). Times have changed yeah, but fun
As for birthdays: we threw a huge party for his first birthday (a "come meet the baby" AND a first birthday party since we live out of state from everyone we knew), but this 2nd party will be very laid back, and probably will be until his first "school age" birthday. The pumpkin patches will be open during his birthday, so we were planning on going to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch (check it out online) with just us, maybe a couple friends will tag along. He can do a hayride, decorate a pumpkin (we'll do his with markers since he's too young to have a knife or candles), play at the patch, maybe take him to ride a pony somewhere, and they have picnic tables there so we can have a nice family picnic and I'll make a birthday cake for him to eat there. I say it's all about the family these next couple years, and then the school friends and hoopla begin a little at a time. Hope you guys have fun with whatever you decide!



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my daughter started out on the radio flyer tryke.. soon after, meaning about a month she was ready for her 10 inch bike with training wheels. she flew on that thing! now shes on a 12 inch with training wheels -- she will be 3 in november..

i would look around, maybe on craigslist or a garage sale for a tryke.. then buy him a new bike when ready!

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