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Tree Nut Allergy

My almost 2yr old has an egg and tree nut allergy. I've had success using subsitutions in many recipes. However, does anyone know of a chocolate brand/company that is tree nut friendly? Every bag that I've checked in the stores has the disclaimer, "May contain trace amounts of tree nuts" or "Manufactured on equipment that also processes eggs and nuts." Many, Many Thanks!!!

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My son has peanut & tree nut allergies. I have had good luck with Hershey's-you still need to read the back, but most of the time it is okay as far as chocolate bars and chocolate chips.

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Long List of Nut free products and manufacturers
i found thede dite hope they help

You might want to try neuromodulation. I have a chiropracter friend that does it. It is basically reprogramming the body so that your child will not have an allergy anymore. It's not 100% for everyone, but the success rate is very high. Email me if you would like his info. His practice is in Cedar Hills. My email is ____@____.com.

Whole Foods on University has options. I believe Trader Joes does as well. My 5 years old is allergic to tree nuts and dairy. My 2 year old is allergic to eggs.
I'm sorry I don't have specific brand names at this time.

Hi E.
Unsweetened Cocoa powder should be allergy friendly and you can add it to your recipes and make yummy chocolate desserts yourself but I have had trouble finding premade chocolate without the allergins you mentioned as well.

I would also suggest the Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook by Cybele Pascal which is absolutley wonderful, with tasty recipes including desserts that leaves out all kinds of allergines.

Good luck... I know how frustrating cooking for severe food allergies can be.

My son also has a tree nut allergy. Our grocery store does not sell Hershey brand chocolate chips, etc. Surprisingly, the Spartan brand is peanut free! When we make cookies or cupcakes that is what I use. I also use Baker's chocolate. This is the chololate that comes in a box and has squares that you can melt. I tend to use this to make cakes! Hope this helps!

I don't know of any companies, however, a dear friend of our has a son that has a peanut allergy. She went online and ordered things from Nestle that were manufactured in Canada. I hope this helps.

Check a natural food store- we go to Outpost. They even have non dairy chocolate!

Tootsie Rolls are peanut free! At Halloween time I try to buy candy that is peanut free, so I buy the bag with Dots, Junior Mints, and Tootsie Rolls. Hope that helps!

My niece use to be hospitalized (Primary Children's) at least twice a year for allergies until she was about 4 when my sister attended a science fair where a girl did her project on a program called N.A.E.T. The girl was dealthy allergic to peanuts (couldn't even be in the room with a PB&J). She started doing the naet program and no longer has problems. So my sister, who is very sceptic, decided to try it since the Dr.'s couldn't offer them any relief or hope for the future. I think in all my niece was allergic to over 30 different things including soy (try finding stuff in a grocery store without Soy!) egg, nuts, peanuts, squash, barley, chlorine, cats, dogs, etc. She started the naet program and can now eat soy, swim in a pool, etc. She still has a ways to go before she can have peanuts but she is making progress! I don't know how it works or why but I can tell you that it does work! And she hasn't been back in the hospital for over a year! Hooray!

If you want to check it out here is the website http://www.naet.com/ and if you want to talk to my sister about it let me know and I will get you her information!

I'm not sure chocolate chips are the type of "chocolate" you are looking for, but I did find a all-allergen free chocolate chip at Whole Foods. I completely understand your frustration as my 4-month-old breastfeeding son is milk and soy protein intolerant.....and it can make eating (for me) quite a challenge. Good luck!

I have a son with peanut and tree nut allergies and use Hershey's products. They do a great job of labeling and have many items, including chocolate chips, that are safe. Also check out Vermont Nut free chocolate at http://www.vermontnutfree.com. They have all nut-free products. I also just learned of Merlin's candies which are sold in some local stores. They make peanut-free products and everything else is nut-free except one Christmas item that contains pecans at Christmas time. It is produced in it's own mold so these chocolates might be alright in your situation. http://www.merlincandies.com. Hope this helps!


My son has peanut & tree nut allergies. I have had good luck with Hershey's-you still need to read the back, but most of the time it is okay as far as chocolate bars and chocolate chips.

My 2 1/2 yr old son also has a nut allergy. I understand how hard it is to find chocolate that isn't maufactured on or with nut products. I've found some at natural food stores. Also, look out for Chex party mixes - they also have the allergy warning and even if they don't have nuts in the mix they have made my son sick. Good Luck.

I have the problem with peanuts, but I found that cadbury candy and kissables and even some chocolate chips (I think hershey) does not have either tree nuts or peanuts, and I buy them for my son. There are some that don't have tree nuts or peanuts it just takes a lot of patients, and there is also an online store if you can find it, but it costs a little more than I like and then you have to add shipping. There are also so store cookies like Oreos, and I think it is keebler that are safe. Good luck!

My husband also has a severe tree nut allergy. I have found that Nestle Toll House chocolate chips work fine, they do have trace amounts of peanuts, but that's not a nut. As far as candy bars go, theres several websites available including www.nothinnutty.com. I just find myself making most everything from scratch for him.

Good luck!

Try Vermont Nut Free Chocolates. They have nut free baking products as well as nut free candy.

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