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Treatment for Severe Eczema and Painful Cracking on Hands

Hello Ladies,

I've been battling with severe eczema on my hands for almost a year. I've been to the docs but they can't seem to find a solution that works.
The cycle is this: Hands dry up, get extremely itchy and then start to crack, A LOT, at least 3-10 cracks per finger and on knuckles. I have used Rx Cortisone cream off and on, changed to soaps and detergents for sensitive skin, use gloves whenever I clean or wash dishes and moisturize with special hand cream like it's going out of style. The water is very hard where I live and I will be moving in the next six months, so it's not worth it to install a softener. I'm desperate for a solution. So any and all, natural or medical, remedies are very much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!

M. P

I should probably add that I have a long history of allergies( mostly nasal-type allergies). I've had allergy tests before so that won't help because it's too hard to tell which allergen is causing which problem.

What can I do next?

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My daughter has eczema on her legs and feet. She loves to swim and is in the pool everyday for the first 6 weeks of summer. Her eczema cleared up completely while she was in the pool. Call me crazy but I swear it was the clorine. I was amazed how her legs looked. You wouldn't even know she had a problem.

I use the prescription (generic) Clobetasol Propionate Cream. No idea what it is but it works wonders. A little dab on the crack and it heals that day. I think it is a steriod cream, my dermatoligist prescribed it a couple of years ago. I have been dealing with eczema for 35 years and mine is stemmed from food allergies and pollen counts too. Good luck!

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I suffer from this and so does my mother and 4 of my aunts. What works for us is: extreme dilligence in NOT touching anything with chemicals. Always use yellow plastic gloves with white cotton gloves (found in the pharmacy section) underneath for cleaning. You must use the cotton gloves or your hands will sweat in the plastic ones making the breakout worse or causing it all together. I also keep a box of vinyl (latex makes it worse) gloves in the bathroom closet. I use these for when I'm putting in hair product, when I'm touching raw meat, or anything else I don't want on my hands. I also apply over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream at night or anytime I have touched something I know will irritate my skin. I only use dove soap for washing my hands, and all dye free/perfume free products for myself and my family. I have been breakout free for over a year, now I can be much more relaxed with what I touch. I am always sure to put on the cream each night though. Stress and my period seem to be triggers for me, if you can figure out what your are you can better manage it that way also. Good luck, I know how painful and discouraging it can be. We need our hands! Don't stop searching until you find what works for you. :)

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I agree with the posts about the Renew lotion. This is a Melaleuca product and a membership is required to purchase it. (like Sams or Cotsco) My middle daughter had red cracked skin in the creases of her arms and legs and irritating bumps all over from excema. We battled it for a little over a year with every cream known to man. I tried everything in an effort to avoid steroid cream because of the negative side effects that could cause. (She was 1-2 y/o during this time) When I heard of the Renew lotion, I had to give it a try. I was shocked by the results. The red in the creases of her arms was gone within a week. Nothing else that I had tried had completely done away with the red, helped a little maybe, but no where close to completely clearing it up like the Renew lotion did. As long as I keep Renew lotion on her daily her excecma stays in check. They have since released a few more Renew products including hand wash and baby oil. I will be a Melaleuca customer for life because of this lotion. PM me if your interested and I'll show you how you can order this product.

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My 2 year old has severe eczema so I know your pain. We went to her doctor and a dermatologist several times and finally I asked for a referral to a childrens hospital. The dermatologist there said to put fluocinolone cream on as soon as she gets out of the bath, not to dry her off because we want to keep the moisture in her skin and to use Cerva lotion. The prescription is only $17 a month and the lotion is $20.00. I would put the cream on your hands before bed and put gloves over it so it will stay on and not get greasy stuff all over your bed. Her eczema has completely cleared up and you'll see results within a couple of days. I hope you get some relief from it!

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My daughter has eczema on her legs and feet. She loves to swim and is in the pool everyday for the first 6 weeks of summer. Her eczema cleared up completely while she was in the pool. Call me crazy but I swear it was the clorine. I was amazed how her legs looked. You wouldn't even know she had a problem.

If your "doc" hasn't figured it out then go to a new doc. I would recommend a dermatologist. You need allergy testing as well. Lots of people get these same symptoms from nickel allergies. Eczema can be controlled with combinations of medications so you shouldn't have to suffer with it if that's what it actually is. However, it could be something more so keep trying to look into it. Again, don't go to a PCP; go to a dermatologist.

Anneka is completely correct. You need a dermatologist, and allergy testing. Exema is usually caused by a food allergy, although not always. Mine flares up in the spring. When the rest of the world is getting hay-fever, I'm breaking out, so my trigger is pollen. The only way to know what yours is, is the allergy testing.

Have you tried a rheumatologist? Tested for any autoimmune conditions? I have something similar when I'm in a flare. It may be worth asking.

Renew lotion. It has taken care of mine and son's dry skin problems. This lotion is truly incredible and helps you skin heal from inside out and is not greasy like many of the others.

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