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Traveling with Infant on Whole Milk

I will be travelling with my almost 10 month old son by plane this coming weekend. His has been put on whole milk, and I'm wondering what the best way is to keep his milk fresh. The first problem is with the airlines not allowing liquids past security. Does anyone know if any vendor within the airport sells milk? And then are there any suggestions on how to keep his milk from souring. I am flying from Seattle to Florida, not a short trip.

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They have eased the rules on infant liquids. You can do two things. First call the airlines pronto and ask if they have a fridge with space that they will allow you to use explain to them your son has no other option and you will need to do this. If they are saying no to that idea tell them you will need to ok to bring a small cooler with you. just get a half gallon or whatever you think your son will need and put it on ice in the cooler or premake the bottles to save space. They should understand. my son is lactose intolerant and we took a trip down to california. we were first going by train and we had agrranged to have it stored in the eating car. but then we ended up driving down from seattle and we did the cooler idea. it took us two and a half days driving so i know the cooler idea works because we never had any problems with it. good luck!!

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I believe they may have relaxed the rules on childrens food/drink but I'm not sure. My husband travels for his job and he says that he can't recall seeing if anyone sells whole milk, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did. http://www.portseattle.org/seatac/shopdine/ Powdered milk might also be an option.

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We took our infant son to Hawaii last September from Seattle (where we live), and he was drinking whole milk at the time, so I was wondering the same things you are now... Here's what I found out and experienced:

1) I emailed SeaTac Airport to ask about the availability of whole milk. I received a quick reply that said whole milk was available from a variety of vendors once we made it past security, including any of the coffee stands (you can always double-check with them to see if anything has changed since then).

2) We ended up bringing two 8 ounce bottles of milk with us in an insulated bag (we used the insulated diaper bag that was given to us at the hospital when he was born). We didn't use ice packs, since I believe those might be governed by the same liquid and gel restrictions, but I'm not sure about that. The milk stayed cold in the insulated bag for the entire trip (6 hours on the plane).

3) TSA has relaxed the 3 oz. liquid and gel rules for things like milk for infants and medications, although it needs to be an "appropriate" amount for the length of the trip, and the interpretation of that rule is up to the individual employees. We didn't have a problem with our two 8-oz bottles for our flight, but I read an article recently about a couple (who were both doctors) who tried to bring several extra bottles of milk for their infant on a shorter flight because the flight was often subject to delays, but the TSA employee said it was too much and took the milk away.

4) To comply with the rules (and I recommend checking the TSA web site before your trip to make sure nothing has changed), you need to pull out the items over 3 oz. as you approach the scanners and show them to the TSA employees. Tell them they are for your infant. They will do a visual check, and sometimes a more extensive test (on the way back from Hawaii, I had a bottle of medicine for my son, and one of the screeners pulled me off to the side to check it for bomb residue - it was a quick procedure, and did not involve touching the contents of the bottle). To help in the event there were questions, I printed off the appropriate information from the TSA web site, but I never needed to show it.

Hope this helps!

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I would suggest calling the airline ahead of time, they may have whole milk on the plane that you can use. And you can bring liquids through security if they are for infants. We travel a lot with our son (almost two) and have never had any problems getting through security.

I had good luck bringing a coffee thermos. The kind with a handle and a button on top the handle which allows you to push when you need to pour the milk. It kept milk good for more than three hours! It hold a half a gallon. Once you get past the gate you can fill it up at Starbucks. Also, you can ask the stewardess' for milk if you run out but they usually only have 2%.

I usually get my milk from a coffee vendor near the gates. Also I just traveled with my son and once I got on the plane they gave me some juice before take off so my little boy would have a tasty drink to slurp on for take off. I am sure they would give you some milk.

I live and Seattle and am travelling with my 9 month old this month as well, but he is still on formula, thank goodness. I am sure that if you cannot find milk in the usual 'book/convenience' store in the airport, any of the coffee shops will sell you milk by the cup. As for keeping it chilled, I would pack an empty thermos in your carry on so you can fill it once you get the milk. You'll be fine by then since you're already past security! I would think it will stay chilled enough to last through the flight! Hope this helps!

last time I flew I was able to bring formula and pumped breastmilk on the plane.... anything else had to be purchased in the terminal from the restaurants and deli's there.

so you could buy some milk in a little carton once you get past security.... or use formula.

I would call the airline. Because your child is with you, they will let you bring a certain amount of liquid through security and that usually depends on the length of the flight. As long as your child is with you, they (security) shouldn't give you too much of a hard time if you know ahead of time how much you can bring. But the responses below are right, Starbucks will have whole milk they will probably sell you.

We just flew with our one year old and they let us have one of his bottle with milk in it. But when he finished that or if he didnt drink it for a while we either bought milk in the airport or we got milk on the plane.. We just brought extra empty bottles with us in his diaper bag. You can try buying one of those diaper bags that keep these cool its like a cooler in side or i think they have stuff in the baby isle in store. Hope this helps!!!


You should be able to purchase whole milk once you clear security and then take it on the plane. You can also list dietary requirements on your flight reservations to help ensure the airline has whole milk on board for your flight.

I got for my husband one time and I just saw in a children's magazine last night the same thing. It's a cooler that plugs into the sig. lighter and keeps things cool. You can find them on line or I have seen them at Target before. Like this:


I am not sure how much then are now, but I just thought of it last night and wanted to let you know.

Good luck!

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