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Traveling on Train with Ergo Carrier?

Hi! I have an active 15 month old boy that I have to take with me on the train once a week. I don't want to use a stroller bc it is always crowded on the train and I don't want to go through the hassle to find elevators. I was thinking of getting an Ergo carrier but was wondering if a 22 lb baby is too heavy for it? And do you think he would be too heavy to carry in the front? (He doesnt like being on my back in my Moby wrap)


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Hi J. - I have a 15 month old who is 24.5 lbs and I still use the Ergo with him as well. I love it. When we get on the subway or bus and are lucky enough to nab a seat, I take him out of it and have him seated on my lap. My only problem is packing a light diaper bag! :)

Hi J.,
I love, love, love the ergo and just took my daughter on the train with it (front position). She is 22 months,tall for her age,and weighs about 27 pounds and it was no problem (although, once on the train, after some people got off or a seat became available, I did take her out so that she didn't get antsy). I haven't used it for awhile b/c I have some back issues and my back didn't bother me at all. I forgot how much I enjoy carrying her in the front all snuggly. Plus, given that the train was crowded, I didn't want her on my back where others have more acccess to her and I couldn't react as quickly.
Good luck!

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I carry my 22lb 10 month old in my ergo and love it. I still predominately carry him on my front, because I have yet to master the loading the baby on my back without assistance move =)

Hi J.,

I used to teach a babywearing aerobics class with my son in a mai tai- in front- it was comfortable up until about 25 lbs. A participant with a child the same size used the ergo in back. I think it'd be doable- you might just get a nice little workout while you're at it!

Hi J. - I have a 15 month old who is 24.5 lbs and I still use the Ergo with him as well. I love it. When we get on the subway or bus and are lucky enough to nab a seat, I take him out of it and have him seated on my lap. My only problem is packing a light diaper bag! :)

As an Ergo and Moby user, I love traveling with the ergo and no stroller. Your son will have more mobility in an Ergo than a moby so I would practice back carrying. That's how I travelled with more daughter everywhere. It's not to heavy for front carry though, especially if you have a backpack to counter the weight.

For me, traveling with a 20 pound baby was much too heavy for my baby Bjorn...

What DID work for us was to put the baby (8 mo/20 pounds) and his sister (2 years/30 pounds) into their own cheap-o umbrella strollers ($20 at Babies R' Us). We folded them up on the trains/subways if there wasn't room for them to be open with the kids strapped in. It only took a second to step to the side, pop the kid out and fold up the stroller to carry it up the stairs once we reached our stop. We did an entire NYC/Philly/DC road trip that way. The umbrella is so light, it's really easy to carry the baby in one arm and the umbrella in the other, and just go!

I hope that helps!! I did try to do our road trip with the carrier...but after the first day, I was POOPED.

I echo the otehrs who say try him on your back with it. It is less restrictive than a wrap for child. Try it when he is happy and you can get moving, like going for a walk and singing songs or pointing out things around him. My kids love the Ergo. And yes, you can still carry him on the front at this weight if it is what he will tolerate.
(PS, If you want a discount code to purchase one, message me!!)

I love my Ergo carrier and so does my 15 month old! You definitely feel it more when your carrying in the front as opposed to the back. But it's not bad at all. Your little guy might not mind the back carry position b/c it's very different feeling from the MOBY which is tighter and more constricting. The Ergo says it can take the weight of 35- 40 lbs I think. I think the Ergo is a great investment. Good luck.

J., I have a newly turned 2 year old who is about 27 lbs now I think. I STILL use my Ergo Baby Carrier with him, especially when he is asleep and dead weight. I LOVE my carrier. It's the best thing I've ever bought and I just can't believe I didn't have one with my first two children. Keep in mind that they cannot face out though with it. My son doesn't care though, he'll still look around or you can where him on your hip as well. It's no different than you carrying him on your hip only your arms aren't going to feel like they are going to fall off. ;)

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