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Traveling During Pregnancy

I am 8 weeks pregnant and am scheduled to travel in 3 weeks. I am nervous about traveling to Europe. Is it ok to travel now?

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Where are you travelling? I live in northern Germany. Pregnancy is NOT a disability!!! unless you are going somewhere terribly remote, you'll be fine. Relax and enjoy!!!

Unless you aren't having a "normal" pregnancy there is no reason to worry, as with the other moms I agree when in doubt call the ob! Just watch what you eat and drink bottled water.

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Hi N.
Congrats on new pg.
My advice is to ask your OB-Gyn, he knows all about you, and baby too. You can tell him about plans. With some mine said, go & enjoy with others mine said don't like the idea, and with the twins mine said no way. It also changes with the timing so simply ask.
God bless you and that new baby too.
SAHM of 4, married 38 years.

I went to Italy when I was 7 months prego. You will be fine! Just watch what you eat as best as you can. Treat it as a "Baby Moon"...its might be the last chance at really travel alone with your hubby. before you know it all of your vacations will be at Disney World!

Have fun!

I am no physician,just a nurse and a mom,but I think it is 100% ok for you to travel unless you are considered high risk and are already having complications.

I think a lot of women have these misconceptions about what they are allowed to do during their pregnancy.You should be able to do everything you were doing before with just a few minor changes based on your situation.Like no alcohol,changes in meds, maybe a better diet if needed, additional vitamins.

The most common misconceptions about pregnancy are that you cannot travel and that you should not exercise which is wrong.As far as flying women and their doctors are probably trying to avoid any chance of blood clots.This can happen on a long flight regardless if you are pregnant or not.Your doctor can give you some suggestions on what you could do on a long flight such as getting up to move around more often. This is usually a concern for women who are much further along than 8 weeks.

Good luck and have a nice trip!

My experience has been that it has been very stressful traveling even within the states for the last few years.

Check with your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to travel.

Also check with your health insurance company to make sure you are covered and what you are cover for out side of the USA as many policies no longer cover out side of the USA. But know you can buy health insurance to cover you for the time you are traveling.

If you decide to go, have a great time....

Hi N.,

I traveled to Australia when I was 5/6 weeks pregnant, i actually found out when i was there... and flew back to NY at around 8/9 weeks. It was a long flight - - like 24 hours, but everything was fine... drink plenty of water, small snacks and walk around when you can... and sleep! i also wore those special socks that help with circulation. But always check with your OB if you have concerns, if nothing else to put your mind at ease.


Hi N.,
Yes, you can travel. I had to travel when I was 10 weeks pregnant. Make sure you drink lots of water and during the flight take time to walk around when it is safe. Have a great trip. Hopefully nausea wont set in. Good luck.

I travelled from NY to AZ for a business conference when I was 12 weeks pregnant. I checked with my doctor and she said that it would be fine. Just drink lots of water (stick with bottled water since you're travelling abroad), eat healthy and get rest. I think the best time to travel within a pregnancy is during the first trimester (as long as you don't suffer from morning sickness). I know people who travelled when they were well into their 2nd trimester and suffered no problems. Just check with your OB first. Enjoy Europe!

Most would probably tell you it's fine. Did you know there is more radiation one way to Europe than in a full set of xrays? Nobody would every xray you while pregnant except in an emergency so I can't imagine why it would be ok to fly.

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