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Trash Cans Safe for Toddlers

I still line an officedsized waste basket with plastic shopping bags and knot extra bags for next use and leave them bellow. My son likes to take out the bags and try to unknot them. babies can sufficate if left unattended with plastic bags. As he is getting more mobile he probably will be out of my site in the next room for short periods of 5 mimuits while I am in the bathroom et. We went shopping at target for trash cans with lids and he liked playing with the swing lids and reaching down inside the bins. I am sure he would figure out a foot pedal in a day or so. Any suggestions from moms?

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Thanks for all the advise and shared experiance!. At what age can I expect him to understand and obay a no even when i am not watching him? I put one of the waste baskets up high out of his sight and there fore interest and reach which works well for thast room. The kitchen trash can is tall. He watches me throw stuff in the kitchen trash and follows suit throwing things in there i need to retrieve out.

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For a while I put my kitchen trash can on a little end table, stuck down with double stick foam tape. This was helpful for the period while my son wanted to investigate. Eventually he lost interest and I was able to put it back on the floor. He's still interested in the small covered can in the bathroom, but I've told him "no" enough that he doesn't touch it, he just runs in there and points at it until I put the diaper in!

We put the kitchen & bathroom trash in cupboards/closets with "childproof"....In the child's bedroom a had a diaper pail from safety first (I think). You press hard on a button to open. You can use it for cloth diapers or trash. It took him a long time to get in probably about 4 yrs. Other ones both the dog & my toddler son could open. We had to use the magnet latches in the kitchen with that one.

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In my opinion people these days try to over protect their kids. I'm not saying you shouldn't protect your kids but most so teach them not to get into the trash can. I do childcare out of my house and every child that comes in is taught not to get into things i have not shown they can have. Weather it's things on the entertainment center or the trash, getting food out of the cabinet or refrigerator. There are things in all aspects of life that is not safe. You can't lock, guard and save them from everything. You have to teach them not to get into things. What i do is guard them for the first few weeks. When you see them getting into things like the trash you move them and say "No" Be consistent. Do it EVERY time not once in a while Every time. For the first few days or weeks you will have to just be around all the time but that will stop when you realize the child will stay out of it because they have learned. You don't have to be mean I'm not saying run over and yell "NO" or anything. Just walk over move them and say No firmly. You have to get through that this isn't theirs and they can't get into it. I have never had a child who didn't learn not to get into the trash or ever had a problem with fingers in outlets or broken things on entertainment centers. They learn and actually learn pretty quickly. This system works forever so you don't have to lock everything up in your house. You didn't say how old your son is but i would assume about 2yrs old. Good luck

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Goodluck....in my experience there is no such thing as a childsafe anything...especially a trashcan full of choking hazards, etc.....Trashcans in everyroom of the house are a luxury (unless up high), until your little one(s) get around 3 ish....sorry, but even child-safe medication caps can be undone by the average child in 20 minutes.


In the kitchen, make sure the trash can is large, with tightly secured bags along the rim, not left unsupervised and accompanied with "no!" when approached. We actually did not have this problem with our boys after a stern set of negative reinforcement for their first forays. For other rooms (and especially so as to completely avoid any diaper pails) we used a wall-mounted product called Rack-sack. They are fantastic and quite inexpensive: a sturdy wire frame mounts to your wall or inside of a cabinet door or outside of a changing table, holds a roll of bags which one-at-a-time fit over the frame and a hinged lid closes over everything. NO smells, nothing on the floor or immediately at child-level, nothing to clean, and the next bag is ready to go when you tear off the one which is full. You can also use plastic grocery sacks and fit them over the rim. Just keep the extra bags in a separate drawer or hanging up high in the room with the rack-sack. We included one in every new parent's shower gifts for years! I know this product has been "improved" since we used it, and now hold two sizes of bags and has a lid which stores the roll of bags. They are readily available in hardware stores for less than $20. We still use one in the garage and an inside kitchen cupboard door for non-recycleable trash. You may view promotional info here: http://www.acehardwaresuperstore.com/rack-sack-kitchen-wa....

If you have an under the sink cupboard area, you could put your trash in there, and get a child safety thing so he can't open the door.

We put the kitchen & bathroom trash in cupboards/closets with "childproof"....In the child's bedroom a had a diaper pail from safety first (I think). You press hard on a button to open. You can use it for cloth diapers or trash. It took him a long time to get in probably about 4 yrs. Other ones both the dog & my toddler son could open. We had to use the magnet latches in the kitchen with that one.

I have ours in the pantry - out of sight, out of mind...hopefully....but there are other options as well - trash cans can come with unique bag clips that will help the trash bag stay in place and toddlers would not be able to put their hands down it - http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&....

We used to keep some cans - just away from his access. Our house was set up where we used several baby gates thru-out because of steep steps and we were revovating, many danger zones. In the BR's I used recycled decorative vases on dresser's and counters to throw small things out of his reach(tags, tissues, etc) and for the kitchen, well, he was just never there without supervision and we just did the "no" thing till he got it. We also have a recycle bin- that trash is usually semi clean from rinsing and we would have him do the throwing away in that one. That way we did not deny him of what he wanted to explore. He learned the difference and is now SUPER aware of recycling. God forbid he catches one of us accidentally putting papter in the regular trash now-he's 5!

I was in Ikea the other day and I found the perfect trash can. It is one of the tin trash can with the lid that you have to lift off. The lid fits pretty tight so not even my two rough necks can pry it off. They come in differnt sizes and colors and weren't that expensive...

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