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Trapped Air After C-section

I recently had a c-section and have been having extreme pain in my chest, upper back and shoulder. My doctor said it was trapped air from the surgery. I was curious if anyone else has experienced this and if there was anything to help with the pain.

Thanks in advance!

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you might want to try gas relief medicines and gentle downward massage to press it out... this is so painful I know.. I experienced in the hospital after having my boys... I took A LOT of gas x and sat in awkward positions to help it escape out... hope this helps

I had the same thing after my c-section! my friends called it "back gas". Ha, Ha! really! I had my husband massage the painful areas and it really helped. however, I think time will be the key. good luck!

I have had three c-sections and have never heard of such a thing, get a second opinion, and I would get it rather fast!

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With my experience, the nurses insisted I start walking down the hall of the hospital the day after the surgery. I was amazed that it helped.

I had multiple c-sections and, strangely, got different instructions each time! One was walk; next was take pain pills; and the third was no mention at all -- but I remembered that I should walk.

Still, I would advise calling a nurse advise line or your doctor's emergency number if your pain stays extreme or just doesn't improve. Good luck!

After my procedures, I was instructed to lay on my LEFT side (somehow it works better that way - placement of organs, etc.) and try to relax completely to allow myself to pass gas - don't hold it in as it only makes it worse. This shouldn't last very long - if so, let your doc know.

Hi A.,,,
no i have never heard of that but i'd be sure leting the Dr hear about it alot until it stops he's getting bad the big bucks to make you comfortable so make him do his job
good luck feel better L.

I had two surgeries in one year with two different doctors. The first one I experienced all the pains in the joints, the other I didn't. What I did find out before the 2nd surgery was... walk. Walk all you can, even if it's small trips to the kitchen, bathroom, to the mailbox.... walk.

When you walk, the is a natural method of passing the gas from your body. Your body is moving and moving it to other others... burping, passing gas. When you rest, lay down, the gas take longer to leave.

Hope this helps.

had it! i thought it was more painful than the c-section! it went away after a day....good luck to you! sounds like you have your hands full over there!

Oh yes indeed - painful
Get some charcoal tablets from your local pharmacy - that should clear up the problem.

I had the same thing after having my gallbladder removed, it was awful. Unfortunately laying down helps most so the air doesn't move to your chest and back but since that's not an option I would take Motrin or Advil, it should go away in a few weeks. Of course if it gets worse go back to the doc!

Good luck!

I had the same experience after my c-section. The doctors thought I was having panic attacks in the hospital. Nope...just couldn't breath!!!! The only thing I found that helped me was sitting up. It seemed to bother me the most when I laid down. Unfortunately, I don't think there is anything you can do to speed up the dissipation...it just has to work it's way through your system. Good luck.

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