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Transverse Baby at 32 Weeks

My 32-week ultrasound showed that my baby is in the transverse position. Everything I read on line says that it will likely shift on its own by 36 weeks, but does anyone have any recommendations on things I can do to make sure she moves her head down? I'm terrified of a c-section.

What can I do next?

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I had a pregnancy yoga instuctor who was asked this question and recommended a chiropractor who also specialized in this.

I had the same problem and the doctor told me to play music (putting the headphones down toward the pubic area). It worked out well. Good luck!

If the baby does not move by 36 weeks and you need a c-section please don't be terrified. I had to have one and it was not bad at all. Just a bit more recovery time in the hospital. good luck.

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don t worry about the c- section. It is not as bad as everyone says. I have had 2 very successful ones. But you will need help afterwards because of your other 2 kids. Make sure to do what ever is best for baby and if you have a supportive husband and other family members to help out for between 4-6 weeks everything will be fine.
If you decide to go with the c-section don t be shy with the medication just remember to take something to keep you regular. You don t want to be constipated on top of everything else.
Good luck and God bless you and your family !

I had the same problem and the doctor told me to play music (putting the headphones down toward the pubic area). It worked out well. Good luck!

I don't know how to make it happen.However , I can let you know that my daughter was transverse my whole labor and at the last moment turned and was born. They told me that they were going to do a c-section if she wasn't born soon, then an hour later she turned and came.Good luck!

I wouldn't worry too much. My little girl stayed head up until 38 weeks. Then she turned and all was fine. Another friend of mine (responding to my own concerns) said her son kept doing sumersaults throughout her pregnancy. Each day he was in a new position and the day prior to her delivery he was head up. But on the final day he turned head down and was born vaginally without any trouble.

Stay very active, and try some basic yoga positions. Pevlic rocking is really good for this, too. (Plus they feel really good on your lower back!) Try not to lay on your back while watching TV. My midwife said that lounging on your back, even propped up, can keep a baby comfortably resting in a less productive position. (It's not bad for the baby, but it doesn't encourage her to turn!)

I'll also tell you that I had to have a C-Section. I was terribly disappointed, after 36 hours of laboring naturally. But in the end, I had a wonderful, healthy baby boy. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part was my own disappointment in myself, which led to a little depression. Whatever happens, try not to get your expectations out of whack, like I did. That little girl is going to be such a blessing, no matter how she gets here!

Good luck!

A., I would suggest seeing a chiropractor who is certified in The Webster Technique. I personally know of one in Milford. A friend of mine was seeing him for a breech baby at 36 weeks, and the baby turned just in time for her planned home birth, completely avoiding an preventable c-section.

His name is Dr. Jason Jenkins and he is on Gulf Street in Milford, right by the Bob's store.

I understand the being scared of a c-section, I also was terrified, and ended up having one. I have dealt for months on end since my son was born with the emotional and physical repercussions of it. As many women here said "its not that bad" but believe me, for some women, like myself... it WAS... THAT bad.

I know the thought of a c-section terrifies you, but please consider the following - your baby may be transverse for a reason. My friend's baby was trnasverse and she tried everything to get him to turn. Nothing worked. He went into distress and she had to have an emergency c-section. Turns out that his cord was too short to allow him to be in any other position than the one he was in.
My son was transverse all the way until the end of my pregnancy. I did nothing to turn him and he turned. I believe that if your baby is able to turn, she will, just at the right time! And if not, educate yourself on c-sections and know that they are done all the time and both of you will be just fine.
Best of luck.

I don't know anything about the transverse position. However, I would like to echo the sentiment that c-sections are not that bad. We had planned a home birth. I labored for about 28 hours at home. We were trying to get the baby into a better position, plus I didn't dilate past 5 centimeters. We ended up going to the hospital. Having a hospital birth was not in my plan and a c-section was the furthest thing away. I did not even have a bag packed. I was pretty scared and disappointed when I realized I would have to have a c-section. We all hear stories about unnecessary c-sections and associated health risks. Plus, I wanted the experience of a vaginal delivery and all the good things it does for baby and mom. Again, the c-section was not a bad experience and was even beautiful because our son was born and we were able to nurse skin-to-skin in the bed a few minutes later. Bad things can happen, but more often they do not. Being in labor, while very tiring and hard work, was beneficial, too. Congratulations and good luck!

Hey, when my baby wouldn't budge, I played classical music and the soundtrack to the Thomas Crown Affair (HA!) down by my pubic area pretty loudly with my hips propped up on a pillow. I did this for a week for a 1/2 hour each time. (as instructed to do in Henci Goer's The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth ~ HIGHLY recommend getting this book:) I also did pelvic tilts ~ I think we all did this in gym class at one point or another where you are on all fours and stick your butt up in the air and then curl your tail bown under and do that going back and forth like 10-15 reps a day. And, I went to see a chiropractor. In a week, my baby girl was head down and totally fine (no cord wrapped around neck, nothing). I saw the chiropractor the entire time I was pregnant and it totally helped with my natural child-birth. I too was petrified of a c-section, so do everything in your power to get that babies head down. Doing those pelvic tilts also helps so the baby isn't face up when it comes out (this position causes terrible back labor for you). Pick up a copy of that book...it gives tons of tips for an awesome birth experience:) You will be in my prayers that that little one will turn with no problems or interventions (accept the little help you can do) ;-D Keep us posted!

My son was also breech, he was & is stubborn & stayed in that position. It turns out it is a good thing he didn't try to go head down. He had the cord 3x around his neck & if he tried to turn he would have compressed his cord. They gave me a c-section & my experience was wonderful. The recovery was great & I was up & about in a day with a little soreness. My milk coming in hurt worse than the c-section. I was already high risk & my perinatal Dr told me if he had the choice all his patients would be C's as there is such a risk of complications with vaginal deliveries. That's my two cents (for all it's worth!) If you have a "c" ask them to "stich" you not staple that way the scar is smaller.

A section is nothing to fear. I had one at 38 and produced a very healthy daughter. My daughter has had two sections and produced two very healthy children. You need to have a good relationship with your doctor and also tell your family of this possibility so you will have addition help for a few weeks.

hi A.,

i haven't read all the responses but as a birth doula i have a few things to offer. first, don't start concerning yourself with this just yet, but you're smart to start thinking about what your options might be. so check out this website: http://www.spinningbabies.com/ it's an excellent resource. here's a list of things you might try:

-acupuncture (around week 36-37 if baby is still not head down)
-a chiropractor who knows the webster technique
-shining a light aimed at your vaginal opening... baby will tend to move toward the light
-play music, also by the opening, to attract baby's head
-yoga postures... talk to a prenatal yoga instructor about which postures to do this, there are quite a few
-talk to your baby and stroke your belly in the direction of your opening (the direction you want baby to go), not where you think baby is lying.

hope this helps.


I'm not sure if you have a midwife or a traditional doctor...
I gave birth to my daughter when she was in a breech position - she came out butt-first! :) Quite amazing when I think about it!

Best thing I can suggest is getting on all fours on the floor, do pelvic rocks, put your head/chin to the floor, butt in the air and move your butt around - it may move the baby...
there are things to do to get the baby to move...

Try the pool or bathtub...I think the bathtub caused my baby to turn...


I had a pregnancy yoga instuctor who was asked this question and recommended a chiropractor who also specialized in this.

I've heard that they don't like cold. So if you hold an ice pack at her head and a heat pad where you want her to turn it works, but you have to remember you want to be careful. One of the problems with inversion therapy was the the embilical cord could get wrapped around her head. Since you have so much time left I'd wait to see if she moves on her own, because anything you do now she can flip right back. You still have 8 weeks so wait she still has quite a bit of room to move in there, even though you don't think so.

Have you been under chiropractic care?
some people find it helpful in these circumstances!

I read somewhere that certain accupressure/accupuncture techniques do the trick! I cannot speak from experience, but maybe a phone call and a few inquiries will give you some info about that! Good luck!

all 3 of mine were breach until the end, 2 of them were past 36 weeks, and they all turned on their own. dont worry about it, im sure it will be fine. also, the doc can try to turn the baby too, my friend did that toward the end. try not to stress about it. best of luck, D.

Don't be terrified. I had a C-section with my twins, one of them was transverse and couldn't move because there was no room. C-Section is really not bad. You'll have an epidural, just like a regular birth. You won't have any soreness from an episiotomy, you'll be able to sit up comfortably. You will feel gassy, but walking in the hospital will take care of that. So really, it's a breeze, don't stress yourself.

Hi A.,

Typically at 34 weeks is when the doctor/midwife will consider your baby to be permanently positioned. Transverse means she's halfway there. You are right to be leary of the risks of cesarean, and of the recovery with a toddler and preschooler to care for.
Chiropractors, acunpuncturists and reflexologists all have techiques that may help a breech/transverse baby to turn. Some midwives also suggest using a bag of frozen veggies to guide the baby's head down, you can do musical version - playing soothing classical music through headphones right down at your pubic bone, you can look online for "breech tilt" exercises. And if your baby is still transverse, your doctor may be able to give you information on performing an external version. I've been a childbirth educator for 12 years and I've had students use a number of these options successfully
Good luck, sending turning vibes to you.

My son is now 6 mos old. At 25 weeks he was breech - still breech at 32 and 36 weeks. At 37 weeks I went to the hospital and my doctor performed a version. I was given an epidural and 43 seconds later, my baby's head was down. I then delivered 2 weeks and 5 days later (2 days early!!!). Nothing hurt! I was scared, but that's it! Good luck!

First of all - don't panic. Both my babies were transverse. The truth of the matter is if your baby is transverse there is not much you can do - the only way to get them out is a c-section. My son - who is now three was transverse pretty much 3/4 of the pregnancy. He stayed that way until my water broke - and then he turned ( he was 9lb 2 oz) - we still ended up with a c section as his head got stuck. My daughter was a planned c section - very relaxed and all done in 20 mins from incision to sewn up and ready to go to my room (by the way the second time around I was up and walking really well that afternoon..but everyone is different). What matters is the baby is healthy and well. C sections are strange as you are awake, but trust your doctor..he really knows what he is doing.
Good luck!

Do not be afraid of a c-section! if you have to have one - it will be very tramatic for you if you go in afraid. calm your worries - i had one & was nervous beforehand but a friend told me a few weeks before that i had nothing to worry about & i know everything went much smoother because i was calmer going in. if you have to have one then relax and let the professionals do what they are trained to do and everything will work out fine. if you go natural....happy pushing!! good luck!

Hi A.,

I never had transverse issues, but I have had 3 c-sections (which were not terrible)...If that ends up being your case, please feel free to contact me. My experiences were more than pleasant...nothing to fear.

Best wishes,

Hi A.!

Both of my babies were facing the complete wrong way. They were facing back and were sideways almost the entire pregnancy. I had the worst back labor right up until delivery. Both my son and daughter turned within an hour of me giving birth. If they don't turn on their own the doctors can also manually turn the baby for you. Good luck!


My name is N. and I'm writing because I've been hoping to meet someone whose boys are similar in ages to mine. My oldest turns 4 in December and the younger is 2 in November--almost the same as yours. I live in Hampton Court, on the corner of Metropolitan and Park Lane South, and spend a lot of time in Overlook Park. Congratulations on a healthy pregnancy, and also that #3 is a girl! Lucky you! We're hoping to try for a 3rd, but I'm not ready yet. Sorry that I can't give you any information on transverse positions...

If the baby does not move by 36 weeks and you need a c-section please don't be terrified. I had to have one and it was not bad at all. Just a bit more recovery time in the hospital. good luck.


I just saw an episode of the baby story this morning where the dr. performed a version. It was risky, but it worked and she did not have to have a c-section. Did your doctor ever mention anything about the doing the version procedure?


At 32 weeks, you've still got 8 weeks to go...your baby will most likely shift when it is time. I really just wanted to address your concerns about c-sections. You didn't say if you have had one before, but I wanted you to know that having a c-section is not the end of the world...but if the only reason you would need it was for the baby's position, I believe that the midwives would manually move the baby into position for you when the time comes. (Look at me assuming you are using midwives!!) Anyway, recovery from a c-section is definitely harder than a vaginal delivery...but I was surprised to find that it is not nearly as hard as I was thinking it would be. I have had one vaginal delivery and then three subsequent c-sections. I would definitley prefer vaginal deliveries...but the end result is the same...and the good thing is no pain when sitting!! So...if you do end up having a c-section, I know you will be ok and will be so enamored with your little girl that you will hardly feel the pain. Oh, and the biggest thing to remember...take the pain medication like clockwork, even if you think you won't need it, for at least a week after you're home...I've made the mistake of forgetting a dose or thinking I'm fine and by the time the reality of the pain sinks in, it takes a long time for the medication to work and you'll be quite miserable!


Hi, A..

I met a lamaze teacher while in physical therapy during my pregancy. My baby was breach at this point. I was scheduled for a c-section within two weeks of meeting this womean. She suggested laying on an ironing board with you feet elevated and putting ice on the top of your uterus. It worked. I delivered my daughter naturally.

Good luck.


My 2nd son was transverse and he tried to move into position and his head got stuck on my pelvis. I had the same option, to move the baby near the end, but if anything went wrong my dr. was going to have to do an emergency C-section, so instead I scheduled the procedure. It was the best thing. I truly preferred a C-section to natural birth. It was planned, controlled and more time off. I was up and showering the next day. I went almost 42wks with my son in that position, my first son was premature, so I was thankful the second got "stuck". But truly, dont worry....I hope you have a natural birth, but dont be afraid of a C-section it isnt that bad. Good Luck!

My oldest son was transverse till 34 weeks and turned on his own. My fourth son was frank breach. At 37 weeks, they tried to do an external version (manually turn him from the outside... and yes, it's as painful as it sounds so demand the epidural), but my son wasn't budging. So at 38 weeks when I went in to labor, they took me in for a c-section. I was very apprehensive, but it's so much quicker than vaginal. If ever given the choice again... I would choose vaginal because it's easier than surgery. I just kept telling myself... people have c-sections all the time. I'll be okay.

Best wishes and Congrats,

I know you are worried, but honestly, don't be. A transverse birth is extremely unusual. You are still only at 32 weeks and there is plenty of time for her to move. My son was complete breech and he never moved. I tried cold peas, laying with my pelvis up, and positive visualization. I did not try that wierd moxibustion or any chiropractic work. Also, I did not do version. Seemed to risky. I wouldn't worry, your baby will move. Worst case scenario will be that she will be breech, but that is pretty rare too. I hear a lot of babies moves even past 36 weeks.

There is a simple technique in Reflexology, a working of the little toe on your foot that will turn the baby; also, an acpuncture treatment will do it! No need for those terrible C-sections so overdone in the US.

R. Conte CCHT

Hi A.,

My baby too was in Traverse position all the way up untill 35 weeks and I was dead set against a ceasection. Most of the advise I got or read (mostly from natural childbirth resources) told me to do squats, the down on all fours pelvic tilt and a lot of walking. I did all of the above and low and behold the baby did turn. So, try walking at least once a day, doing several sesions of pelvic tilts and squats and if you are so inclined, be intimate with your husband. The more you wiggle that little one the easier it is for her to move. Oh, and try to relax while doing these things, it will go a long way for the both of you. And please try not to be terrified, should you have to go the c-section route, your doctors and nurses will take very good care of you. Just keep in mind, you know your body and what it is capible of. I wish you the best.


P.S. I'm a terrible speller

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