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Transport/coping 1 Newborn + 2 Year Old

Hey Mamas,

I'm expecting another boy in April and have a 15m old now. I'm wondering exactly how does one transport a 2 year old and a newborn in those early months before baby can sit in a stroller. Most double strollers are fit for two kiddos, 6 months plus. I've been offered a sit and stand, which would be great..again much later. I've seen some moms with baby in a sling and toddler in the stroller..but I'm not sure that I'm that coordinated. There's one combo that has a seat and space for a carseat or carrycot but it's gonna cost well over $900.00. I'm thinking that's a bit more than we can afford. I'm just asking what other moms have done in this situation. Most of the SAHMs I know with two under 2 leave one at a Mother's Day Out maybe three times a week. Is this likely what I will have to do? I have no idea what to expect..except exhaustion. I can see someone else has asked the stroller question, but any tips on dealing with two under 2 would be great, thanks!!

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mine are 18 months apart...oldest is 28 months, youngest 9.5 months. I used a sling a LOT. I had a Maya Wrap Ring sling, and also got a HotSling. both have great aspects. If you are looking for a sling, the Sling Station in McKinney will let you come in by appt. and try stuff on and they help you find one that works.
I actually also have a BoB Revolution. I put my 6 week old in it and he was fine!! it made getting out and exercising easy. I know they have an adapter that you can put the infant seat in on one side, but i never spent the money on it. it really wasn't as bad as i thought.
Grocery shopping or shopping in general i put my older one in the basket and had the baby in the sling...now they are older, i usually put the baby in the seat and let the older one stand in the basket...probably not the safest, but oh well.

One nice stroller is the Phil & Ted's. It has an attachment for the carrycot to go underneath and the toddler sits up front. As they grow there is a seat on the bottom and one on top so they can both sit. It's expensive but not $900 as far as I know. My 2 kids are closer to 3 yrs apart so we used the sit-n-stand.

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I don't think you need much coordination to work a wrap & a stroller. Infact, my wrap was a lifesaver! I don't know how I would have gotten out anywhere with my three girls if I didn't have it. I had the Moby Wrap, which was previously suggested. Not at all difficult to use, once you practice a couple of times. Both my husband (from the UK himself :)) & I were able to wear it comfortably with our youngest two when we were out & at home. I was able to wrap it on myself in the parking lot, slip the baby in & then get my two year old out.

We never did MDO, but I do try to do the big shops when my husband is home to keep a kid or two (or three :) ).

Good luck!

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I have a 27 month old and I'm having my new baby in 3 weeks. I looked at a lot of double strollers several months ago. I bought the Kolcraft Contours stroller at Babies R Us, it was under $200 with a 15%off coupon. I got it b/c both seats can be removed and face different direction (both forward or rear facing, face each other). The back seat can be removed to put an attatchment on so you can put the infant car seat on the stroller. Or the seats are also good for newborns if you'd rather do that. I like that it has so many options! It is big and bulky, but I love it so far (I've tried it out a few times)!

You can look at the Babies R Us website and see it, or other double strollers. There are lots of options out there. Congrats on the new baby:)

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Hey R.!

My babies are 1 year and 12 days apart in age, and it has been a wonderful experience! For transportation we purchased the Peg 60/40 and a Peg carseat and it was a life saver! I love the stroller and it allowed for quick loading and unloading thanks to the snap in feature of the carseat. However, when I went grocery shopping, I needed more space in the cart and my oldest was still too little to use anything but a regular shopping cart. So I found a sling that I LOVED, put my youngest in it, the oldest in the seat, and groceries in the basket. By having the sling and the double stroller I opened up more options for the three of us. Due to expenses and my own preferences, we never put either of them in a MDO program (though I am involved in a mom's group). We go almost everywhere together and have since day one. They are now 28 months and 16 months and we're loving it!

Good luck and enjoy!

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It's really not that bad. When I had my last child, I also had a 17 mo. old and a 3 1/2 yr. old. I have the Graco double stroller that came with the baby carseat that attaches to the stroller also. My kids are now 6, 4 & 2 1/2 so we are just finally at the point where we are ready to sell our double stroller. I think it was around $200 or so and we got a ton of use out of it! I would put the two big ones in that and the baby in the Baby Bjorn when I had all 3. When it was just the two little ones, I put the baby carrier in the back of the stroller and the other child in the front. By the time I hit 2 weeks post partum, we were all up and out running around again. Congrats!

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My girls are 15 months apart. They are now 2.5 and 1.5ish. I won't lie, those first few months are tough! I put my little one in a moby wrap every where we went and then my little one walked or i pushed her in a stroller. In addition to the $, most people I know that have a two year old and a newborn don't like having them in the same stroller because the 2 year old bothers the little one. AND, by April, your little guy might not want to be in the stroller anyway.

Moby wraps look intimidating but really aren't once you get the hang of it. I would strap mine on before we left, then put the little on in as soon as we got somewhere, then get the big sister out. I also wore it around the house a lot so I could still participate with the older one and not feel like I was always just leaving the baby on the floor somewhere! Good luck! Feel free to pm if you have any other questions. It is exhausting, but so much fun too!

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I have been researching this as well. I have a 14 mo old and am due with another one in May. There is no way the regular sit and stands would work at first. Below is a link to a sit and stand Plus. If you click on the 3rd image underneath the main image, you will see that you can put an infant car seat in the front and the older child has the stroller seat in the back. Then, as your children grow this stroller can be converted to the regular sit and stands. It costs a little bit more than the regular sit and stands but they are far from being $900.


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Target used to have a double stroller with two seats - check to see if they still sell them. The rear seat can be used with an infant carrier, so the stroller will last you for years. It only costs about $75. Our kids are 15 months apart and it worked out great for us. Even when the older one didn't need the stroller, we still used it. That second seat and the basket under are great for shopping bags and leaves one hand free to hold onto the older child. The seats also recline pretty far - great when the older one is tired of walking.

Hi, R.. I had the same issues with a 14 mos old and a newborn. So, I did some extensive research and found the Kolcraft Contours Tandem stroller. It runs between $210 and $240 depending on where you purchase it. I purchased my stroller from BabysRUS at $219. It has been well worth the money. The size is a little daunting, but it allows me to place the carrier (not the same brand) for the little guy in the back while the big boy sits in front in his own chair. Soon, the little one will be able to sit in a chair like his big brother and I will have the option of facing their chairs in or out. (Accessories are included.) It also comes with a large basket on the bottom that we can load up while shopping. I have gotten so many inquiries about the stroller, I am wondering if I need to be a spokesperson! Hope this helps!

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