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Transitioning Out of Swaddle

Hi, I have a three month old who loves being swaddled and only sleeps well that way. I know he can't sleep this way forever though and am wondering how to transition him out of the swaddle blanket and into a sleep sack.

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Hi A.,
My son loved being swaddled too. I would say take his lead on the swaddle. For my son, we swaddled him until he was 5 1/2 mths and around that time we began swaddling him with one arm out and then eventually both arms out.
I bought him the miracle blanket (if you google it, you can find the website and buy it online). It's a bigger swaddle and worked really well.
I think it was around 6 1/2 months that we were able to put him to bed without the swaddle completely. As I said, just take his lead on it. Some folks made me worry about swaddling him when he was 5-6 mths, but it wasn't really a problem for us and the transition was a lot better because we followed his lead. Definitely try the one arm thing and then two arms out. He'll still have the comfort of the swaddle across his tummy even though both arms are out.
Hope this helps.

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First I would say that if it is working keep doing it :)
We swaddled our LO until she was about 6 months old. We started by just leaving one arm out of the swaddle. We did that for a few nights. Then we left both arms out of the swaddle but still kept her wrapped below her arms. Then after a few night of no arms we were swaddle free. It actually went smoother than I expected. We then used a sleep sack for a few weeks and then just thicker jammies. I have also heard stories of moms just doing it cold turkey with a few sleepless nights. We felt that the slower method was better for us though.

Good luck!!!

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They say the first three months of life are really the last trimester of pregnancy. So I'd say your bundle of love is right on track. Believe me, SHE'll let you know when she's ready for the blanket. You won't be able to swaddle her for love nor money, because she'll be so squrimy! If she loves her swaddle and sleeps well in it, let her do it!

One of the best pieces of advice I was given when my son was an infant, was to ALWAYS take your cues from YOUR baby. Not any other babies, or even other mothers. Ultimately your baby will tell you exactly what she needs/wants and those things may completely fly in the face of conventional wisdom and popular advice.

Trust your baby and trust yourself.



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I swaddled my daughter with her her arms out until she was much older than 3 months. He'll let you know when he doesn't want to be swaddled anymore. Once he starts rolling over and realizes he can't back to a comfy position with his arms bundled, he'll figure it out. Good luck!

hi A. - my son was the same way. i worried he would never grow out of the swaddle and I'd be swaddling him until he was 14. I would try to put him down for naps without it and somedays that would work but mostly not. recently though around 6 months - he is 7 months now - he just sort of decided he could sleep better without it and liked having his arms free . Eventually, your son too will prefer being free and unswaddled. Hope this helps.

I have a baby a little over a month old and I swaddle her over the sleep sack. I know -- it might seem a little warm but we keep our house pretty cool and she can kick off the light blanket. I use a fleece sleep sack with a light swaddle ... sometimes, I use the full blanket but othertimes, I use a light receiving blanket to just wrap around her middle/shoulders. The swaddling seems to still comfort her and if it still comforts yours son, why are you trying to transition out of it? I'm sure that as he becomes older, he'll naturally work his way out of the swaddle.

My first was a premie but she was swadled until nearly 6 months when she would kick it off herself. We had her sleeping in between rols of beach towels for a while on one end of the crib (or tey a basinet) She liked being in small cozy spaces. We rolled the towels like they do in the hospital. Of course, once they rol, those have to go too.

When he is done, he will get out of it himself, until then go for it if he enjoys it. My daughter was until almost three mos, my son however was done at one month as he was a big baby and very active in his crib. Don't worry about transitioning him, when he is too big or wiggles too much around it is time to stop, hee hee.

Angela is right. Your little one is not going to get "addicted" so don't worry. when he seems to be squirming out by himself or rolling, then do what Angela said. There is a whole chapter in "Happiest Baby on the Block" on this issue.

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