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Training Pants for a Small Toddler

Hi, I have a very small 13 month old who already uses the potty for #2 and will go #1 when I put her on, but definitely goes in her diaper as well. I am not looking to transition her out just yet, but during the day, I would love to use some kind of pull up in the next few months. (I know I am very lucky in this regard)

My "problem" is that the pull ups are so big, and I would really rather use a washable training pant, but I can't find any smaller than a 2T. My daughter barely weighs 20 lbs on a good day. Does anyone have any suggestions for good training pants that aren't impossible to get on and off that also come in 12-18 month sizes?


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My son transitioned to the potty at 12 months too. We get everything from the EC Store - http://www.theecstore.com/

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I thought that the gerber brand at Babies R us was available in smaller sizes, I'm pretty sure I got my son 18 month sizes there.
I had to keep using diapers as we worked on training him (he was daytime trained at 25.5 mos) when we went out. But when we were home, he was without anything on (nothing from waist down except socks). If he had underpants or a diaper on, he felt secure that he could pee in it. So, we went commando while at home and he learned how to hold it so much better and faster.
I wouldn't spend the $ on disposable pullups, so just continued to use diapers. Plus, my son got a terrible rash from the feel and learn diapers, which have nasty chemicals in them to make the child feel something cool (I think) when they wet the pull up. Avoid that!
Best of luck w/ baby 2 coming and congrats on your daughter's potty training! You'll have regressions, but just keep moving forward. She'll get the hang of it!!!

My first one trained very young too. We just went straight to undies and plastic pants. I think Gerber makes an underwear and plastic sewn into one, that is washable. This brand holds in alot more than just undies and seperate plastic pants. I'm not for sure if either one of them come in the smaller sizes. Geerber makes a cloth undie with extra padding in the crotch and the leg holes are pretty snug. You may want to consider doing layers for your little one. One thing about the pull up...my doctor sort of pushed me to not use them. She said that they do not have as great of absorbency and tend to cause skin irritation more.

That's great you are starting so young. We did with my daughter, too, and she was trained by 18 months. We used Imse Bumpy training pants and they fit her skinny little butt pretty well. They are very thick and about $10 each, but you'll save in the long run if you use them for more than one child & don't have to buy pull-ups. I think we bought 6.
Here's one place you can buy them online:
A tip for cleaning anything, like diapers, training pants or sheets, that come in contact with urine is to use a detergent that is free of perfumes. The scented kind actually makes the urine-soaked clothes smell worse when accidents happen.
Good Luck!

I think I found JUST the thing for you. The small size is for babies UP TO 24lbs. That should be just right for your little girl. Here's the link...tell me what you think!


Have you tried regular training pants? They are cloth pants with plastic pants attached. You can buy them seperate or they come attached. They are somewhat old fashioned... but they work.. I used them with my kids.. I guess that kind of ages my self...lol.. you can usually find them at Walmart... Good luck


I bought our son the 24 month size Gerber brand plastic underwear (training pants). Although he didn't like them because they're like diapers and he wanted to be in his underwear only.

Remember once you start training her, you shouldn't go back to diapers/pullups/etc. She will get confused, or maybe hold in her waste until you put on that protective garment.

I personally don't believe in pullups...they are like diapers, and remember when we were kids and our moms trained us, there were no such things as pullups back then. Old school training sometimes works the best.

Good luck

My son transitioned to the potty at 12 months too. We get everything from the EC Store - http://www.theecstore.com/

Try the training pants that Motherease makes. They are a canadian company that make cloth diapers (I've used them in the past and are good quality). Their small size in the training pants is from 20 - 30 lbs.

Hi Jen!
We had the same problem when my oldest son was potty training. We found training pants (the thicker underwear) and bought the smallest size and then washed them in HOT water hoping to shrink them and same thing with the dryer. We did this over several washes. There are also several "interpretations" of what 2T is. I found that the faded glory 2T (walmart) was smaller than most other 2T sizes.

Its hard having a small potty trained child. There are also "preemie" underwear. My son was a preemie. I know we also found some from an "older preemie" site. I just googled it and I can't find it, but perhaps someone here knows.

The washing the undies in hot water helped, though.

Hope this helps,

I had the same problem with my daughter being small. I used the thick cotton Gerber training pants, but I sewed the sides in. It was easy, even though I don't actually know how to really sew. By hand, I just sewed down the length of the sides, taking them in about an inch or so, and then stitched down the top and bottom edges so there weren't "flaps" if you know what I mean. I didn't cut off the excess fabric so I could undo them a bit if she outgrew them, but she didn't. (Later I did the same thing with regular underwear when she was completely potty trained.) Also, I didn't use the plastic pants over them because I couldn't find an easy way to make them smaller and they were even more ridiculously big than the others. So in order to make pee accidents less of a clean up, and not have to change her pants every time they soaked through, I stuck a pantiliner with wings to the inside of the underwear!! It was an inexpensive solution, and it worked like a charm...even though it might sound a bit odd!

Have you looked for the little thick cloth training pants that look like they are made of teri cloth or diaper material. I trained the little one I watched at 19 months and her mom bought those. I thought they were great. My little one was 24 months when I trained her and barely weighed 20 lbs... I just put regular panties on her. They don't hold anything, but she hated going pee pee in her big girl panties...so it wasn't a problem. I got Elmo, Dora, and some princess panties at Walmart that said 2t, but they were small...especially after I washed them.

Are you sure you realize how lucky you are? I hear nightmare stories about children not trained by 3-4 5 years old. GOD bless that she wants to go. Put her on the pottie every time she drinks something then give her a little something special each time (piece of graham cracker etc.) she "goes" anything. You'de be surprised how much more time you'll have to do other things that need your attention, including her. That's great mommy but don't send her mixed signals.

Try www.theecstore.com
My favorite are Bright Bots.

We also used the plastic pants with the lining. I can't remember which store we bought them at, but I know that our smallest size is 18 months.

We started training our oldest when he was 2 1/2 and while his weight said he would fit, he is very skinny with thin legs. Every time he would go in Pull-Ups the pee would just run down his leg. Then we stumbled across Pampers Easy Ups. Pampers makes 2 pull on pants products. One is their "Feel and Learn", which are just like Pull Ups and are sized 2T, 3T, etc. Their other product is "Easy Ups". They pull on like pants, but are sized like diapers- 4, 5, 6- and we have found them to be much more snug (especially in the leg area).

Hope this helps.

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