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Toys on a Plane for 19 Month Old

We will be traveling in August for vacation and this will be the first time we are flying with our son, who will be 19 months at the time. He will be sitting in our lap during the flight, unless we get lucky with an empty seat we can use. I know that you should bring toys, books, etc on the plane but what kind of toys would be good to have on the plane? I would like to find some toys that either don't make any sounds or you can control the volume. Does anyone have any ideas as to what toys to bring that will keep him entertained during the flight but will not disturb others on board. Also any other suggestions would be great, as like I said this is the first time we are traveling with him. I'm a little nervous but we will be traveling with my family and my parents are sitting right behind us on the plane so that should help some.

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Thank you to all who responded. I have a few ideas now of what to take on the plane. Feel free to keep adding to this request because there may be someone else who is wondering about the same question I had. We will be flying out in August, so I will have enough time to get what I need. Thanks again.

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Hello H.,

get to the airport with plenty of time. yes, also lots of snacks. also, bring toys that don't have too many pieces and pieces that you won't have to be chasing under the airplane seats. if you have a portable dvd player, start recording his favorite cartoons or buy a couple of dvds that he likes. think of his favorite toys and get a couple of new ones just a bit different from what he has at home. remember to save one for the trip back. a book or 2. specially those small ones that fit on his hand. bring an empy sippy cup so you can fill it with water or juice once you're in the plane.

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Hi H.,
I fly a lot with my son (since he was 6 months old to now- an almost 6 year old) and I have found that the Little Einstein bath puppets have been some of the best entertaining toys ever. Of course, you have to not be too embarrased to put the puppet on and be the puppet voice. BUT, if you are okay with that, it truly will keep them entertained for a good chunk of time. AND, somehow, my son, at times, will listen better to the puppet more than he does mommy. :)
Also, I use the cheapy stickers (the book of 500 stickers you can purchase at Wal-Mart) and we put stickers on the back of the seat in front of us (of course, you take them back off when you are done). Your child can also decorate you with the stickers, as well. They love that.
And finally, the coloring books that come with the markers that only work on that special paper are awesome, as well.
Oh wait, the little bubbles that you sometimes receive at weddings works great, as well. I think you can pick up those at any party store. They do not make a mess because the bubbles are soooo tiny. And, of course, you can blow them down to the floor, not up in the air.
And finally, a travel size etch-a-sketch is wonderful.
Of course, munchies of all kinds is a must.
Most importantly, if you stay relaxed, it seems to help your child. Don't worry about other people. I have found that most people are very sweet and nice and helpful. As for the occasional turkeys, well, they will just have to deal with it.
Have fun!
R. B.

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FYI - I would check with your airline who you are traveling with and make sure that they do not require him to be in a car seat. Each airline is different...it is safer for the child to be in a carseat. If it were me I would pay for the seat and use the carseat. You wouldnt drive a car with out him in one - why would you fly without one. I found this out because we are planning a trip to Disney World. I know it will be easier for us and more calming for our child to have her straped in to her car seat.

For more info on flight regulations:



She is 24 months and they do require her to be in a car seat

As for toys: I am bringing a Magnadoodle, Portable DVD player, crayons that are triangle shaped so they dont roll around. Sticker book, and books.

I agree with the other posts. I just flew last weekend with my 20 month old son. He sat in my lap and did much better than I though he would. Remember that unless you are in the bulkhead, there is so little room for lots of toys- so keep that in mind. I sat next to the window so my son could look out- which he enjoyed. He was also fascinated by the window shade and kept easily entertained by opening and closing it. Another thing he loved were all the buttons and the air vent above the seat and he would often stand in my lap and play with what was above his head. My parents sat behind us so that helped entertain him too. One thing I didn't do was let him walk in the aisle. I felt that if he knew he could do that, then it would be harder to keep him happy in my lap. On both flights he was asleep by the time we landed. Have fun on your trip!

A magnadoodle is our miracle toy for our son during church.

Also, these Spy Bags are excellent toys for entertaining young ones, just check out her feedback. The key is, is to have something new that they can discover during the ride.


I hate to say it, but we flew several times with my son as an infant and once at this age, and this age was far worse than the infant age. We also didn't buy a seat for him either thinking he'd sit on our lap. On the way to our destination, we had a butthead airline agent who refused to give us an empty seat even though there were several on the plane. That trip was a pure nightmare. On the way home though, they gave us an empty seat in the bulkhead which was a Godsend. So, if you can get the bulkhead, definitely try for that. As for toys, you could get a magna doodle, maybe some playdough, books, sticker books, coloring books, some of those magnet toy things (the kind that have the magnet pieces and the case is magnetic with a play scene), etch-n-sketch, view master. Those are all small, no small pieces, and very quiet. If you have a portable DVD player, those are great too. Whatever you decide to take, buy it new if possible, and don't let him see it until the plane trip. The newness of it should hold his interest better. Good luck! We're going somewhere in AUgust too. This will be my youngest boy's first time to fly and my oldest son's first time that he'll remember. The flight we took when he was 1 1/2 was our last! They are 6 & 3 now, so hopefully it will be better.

I would suggest the toddler toys from McDonald's Happy Meals. They are small versions of Fisher-Price toys, most have wheels. They are all made of plastic so they are light weight. We have traveled with my boys (8 and 11) since they were infants several times a year. These were the best, you don't care if they are lost since cost is 0. Hope this helps. Just remember don't stress and have a good time. I also recommend the bulkhead, check with the agent at the gate if you can't get it before the flight. They usually block those seats until day of travel just for this reason.

Its been many years but I will give it a try with what worked for me! First of all, think quanity not quality and small and many works best. If there is a small toy he has always been drawn to at the check out counter get it. If you have resisted getting a special plastic cup to drink out of try it.
Take some time teaching him to drink out of a straw if it has a bulit in one attached...you can blow some bubbles too! With everything don't show him any of it till on the plane.

I agree with the last post also take lots of snacks this tends to keep them busy. Take there favorite stuff animal and lots of books.

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