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Toys for 12 Month Old

I have been asked to make a Christmas list for my daughter who by the time Christmas comes along will be 12 months. I am looking for ideas ... maybe your child had a toy they really enjoyed. She is trying to walk now and crawls all over the place. She really likes Dora but I like to try to also do some educational toys that she would also enjoy.

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I made my list and I think there were alot of really good ideas. Thanks to everyone for helping!!

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Discovery Toys have good educational toys that range in ages from birth to adult. I am a consultant and just love the toys for my own children. One good thing about them is that they never had any recalls and all toys are guarenteed.

J. Smith

My son enjoyed the Little Leaps musical toys- the drum in particular. He also liked the stand up table as well...Megablocks were a hit too!

My daughter will be one shortly after Christmas so I am excited to see what you get for suggestions. I know that she will be getting a few Little People sets and a toy cell phone.

Other things I have put on her Amazon wish list are:
bath toys - Boon Bath Goods and Tubtime Tugboat
Various cars - Wheel Pals,
iPlay Baby Activity Pool Inflatable Pool - you can fill with balls in winter
Stride to ride lion
Bounce and spin zebra
Little champs sports center
bowling set
musical instruments

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Hi K.!
I invite you to check out Discovery Toys--they are fantastic educational toys from a 30 year old company, safety tested like crazy (no recalls in the history of the company!), and, 70% of the toys are under $20.

I am an Educational Consultant, who started out just so I could get the discount for the toys I get my 2 year old.

You can learn more at www.discoverytoyslink.com/jenesnough, or feel free to call me at ###-###-#### if you have any questions at all! I'm happy to answer them for you!

What a fun project to be on! :o)
Jen Esnough

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Well, my rule of thumb is to ask for things my daughter will need between her birthday and christmas and christmas and her birthday... (She was born in may so theres a good time span in between the two gift giving 'holidays.') but if your daughter will be 12 months around christmas its like a double wammy! lol! That means you need to think of things she will want/need throughout the whole next year, not nessiarly just the 12 month mark.

From reading your posts, i second the ball popper idea, if you dont already have one- kids love it forever!

My 17 mo daughter is really into books and sitting on things. But ironically enough her favorite toys are literally the tupperware container (boxes) that we store the toys in. She dumps out the toys and carries the containers all over the house. She fills them, empties them, turns them over and uses them as a stool... Endless hours of entertainment! Boring gift, I know, but maybe 12 mo, 18 mo, or 24 mo clothes 'wrapped' in a tupperware or rubbermaid type shoe box would be cool.. Oh- and apparently tissue paper gift wrap is rather fun for small ones to unwrap cuz its easy for them to tear into.

Another suggestion would be a DoodlePro. A friend of mine suggested it to me as a gift for her son's 1st bday stating that she wanted something where she could teach her son about writing without all the mess! I ended up getting a travel size one for us too. I keep in our diaper bag and pull it out when shopping so she's got entertainment and can make 'lists' like mommy. She's gotten really good at holding the 'pen' and now understands the concept of crayons better when we use them. (ps-she still has no idea what to do with those tadoodle toddler crayon holder things but is great with just plain regular fat crayons)

Okay this has gotten really long- Sorry! Have a fun Christmas and 1st Birthday!

My grand-daughter, who just turned 1 year, has a Little Tikes boom box type toy. It has a handle, plays music and has other buttons on it. She loves it and dances to it all the time. For Christmas, we are getting her a caterpillar that she can pull and plays music, plus she can use the feet as piano keys. She is really into music. The animal and letter toys that you point at an animal or letter and pull down the handle is a very good learning toy. Check out Toys 'R Us and I'm sure you'll come up with some very good ideas, also Walmart and Target are good places to go.

I recommend the Leapfrog Fridge DJ. We have the Leapfrog farm and alphabet magnets too, but the Fridge DJ is my son's favorite by far! It is educational, and keeps him busy while I cook. When his friends come over, they all end up in the kitchen playing with it. I recommend it to everyone I know!

I noticed that my daughter did the best with just some very basic toys. She had some blocks that she still loves to play with or stacking cups. Those that light up and make noise would scare my daughter and those that didnt scare she lost interest in very quickly. The classic simple toys are still around and she still loves playing with them at 2 years old.

My son loved the vaccuum cleaner he got for his 1st birthday, and it helped him learn to walk! It had the security of holding on to something, but it didn't actually hold him up at all so his balance developed really quickly. We got the vaccuum in the toy section at Wal-Mart. It talks and it's eyes move back and forth, etc. when he pushes it.

Hi there! I too have a daughter (Kaiden) who is turning 1 year old on October 30. I also have a 9 year old daughter (Alexis). I would suggest lots of books, especially the ones with flaps that open. Wooden peg puzzles are also great for that age, the can lift the shapes, and usually there is a picture underneath so they can match it up again. It seems like a good hand-eye coordination toy, plus they are fun! Activity tables also are great for that age and encourage standing. If you don't have many bath toys yet, I would recommend the foam ABCs and numbers that stick to the side of the tub when wet. My oldest could recite most of the alphabet and count to 10 by age 2 and I think this is largely due to those bath toys. Hope this helps- it's such a fun age!

My daughter was just a year in August and we have a Fisher Price piano for her- she LOVES it! I was also visiting my sister and she had a FP Zebra that playes music and has lights that the kids can sit on- jump, spin and rock, Macy liked that too. It wouldn't be a bad idea to put books on your list either. We have several Sandra Bouton (sp?) books: Hey Wake Up, Opposites, Pajama Time ect. Books are always a good choice! Hope this helped a little. Happy listing!
~T. T.:)

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