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Tooth Trouble!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to know if any mom has had thier toddlers damage their teeth from falling? My daughter (2.5) fell last week and hit her mouth. Her teeth were sore for a few days, now they are kind of turning gray. It is just the front two, the ones she hit. There is no sign of decay and we take great care of her teeth, or so I thought. My question is, does anyone have any toddlers with knocked out teeth, tooth damage, or decay so that maybe I will know what to expect before we go to the dentist. Thanks for reading this. I am really beginning to worry!

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Hi Everyone! We went to the dentist last week and he said that he wanted to watch her once a month for 3 months, and if the tooth at any point shows no sign of life, then there will be a root canal to protect her from abscess and adult tooth damage. You were all right, I should pay you all instead of the dentist! :) Thanks for your help!

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hi, my name is C.. yes, i had a 2 yr old fall, and chip a tooth, ect. i also had a granddaughter fall and damage her 2 front teeth.

the grayness is probably nerve/root damamge from the fall. it will probably remain that way until they loose the tooth/teeth later, to get their permanent teeth. we never had any other problems. just the fact that it looks kinda yucky! health-wise they were fine.

take care, and good luck!


My DD who is now 22 did the same thing when she was 2. Her front tooth remained gray until it fell out - which unfortunately for her did not happen until 3rd grade!!!!!!!! You just have to live with it. Unless I guess you would spend the money for cosmetic dentistry and they could do something.

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my 3 y/o hit her front tooth on the landing of the steps in February....I took her to the dentist and and she had no root damage so the tooth didn't need to be pulled. they did say that her tooth probably would turn gray due to nerve damage. It has not changed yet and have been to the dentist since then for her exam/cleaning. Having good teeth care doesn't help when there was a trauma to the tooth.

Hi M.,
Both of my kids did the same thing. We took our daughter to the dentist when it happened and he said to make sure that it doesn't abscess. As long as it didn't, we could just leave it alone. Actually, my daughter sucked her thumb and I told her that putting pressure on her front teeth might make it abscess (which of course it wouldn't) and she might have to have it pulled. She didn't like that idea, so she immediately quite sucking her thumb. Kind of mean, but it worked. Anyway.... her tooth eventually reattached itself and the black went away. She has since lost both of those front teeth and now the new ones have grown back. When my son did it, we didn't take him to the dentist. We knew what to look for and eventually his must have reattached themselves because it isn't black anymore either.

Hello!! When my daughter was in pre-school, she was hit in the mouth by another child. Her front tooth turned gray and black. I took her to the dentist and they said the tooth turned that color because the tooth had died. They wanted to remove it just for the reason of looks. I opted to leave the tooth in and let it fall out when it was time, after all it was a baby tooth. I did not want her to have to go threw the pain of having it removed only because of the look of the tooth. I hope that helps!!

My son has done this twice, falling on his face and hitting his two front teeth. Both times, the teeth were a little loose. The first time it happened, I immediately called my dentist and she said to leave them alone and they will reattach themselves. They are both a little discolored and pushed back/slanted from the fall but they never "died". He just turned 6 and 1 of them is now loose, so I can't wait for them both to fall out.

Yes, I have had this experience. About 6 months ago when my son was 2.5 he fell and hit his lip. Sometime after that, his front tooth started turning a darker color. I took him to the dentist, and his was turning more of a yellowish color, as opposed to grey, but she did tell me at that time, that they prefer to see them turn the yellowish darker color as opposed to the greyish darker color. They did xrays, and said it didnt look like there was any root damage or damage to the adult tooth, but that I had to bring him back in a month for another xray. That one still looked promising, so then we went three months. So far, his tooth has been salvageable, but she said that the concern is making sure that the adult tooth and root remain salvageable which is why they want to xray it and check it. If they felt that the baby tooth was an issue, they said they would have to take it out in order to save the adult tooth behind from being affected. She also told me to look every day when I brush his teeth for little white "blister or pimple" looking things along his upper gum/ lip and to call her immediately if we did, as that indicates an abscess and is dangerous. I would definitely get her into the dentist for an xray so they can start monitoring it. They explained that the reason it turns color like that is just from the bruising/ bleeding that occurs behind the tooth and goes down into the tooth....and quite often it will get better with time...(my sons has turned whiter over time)- but its better for them to be able to monitor it from the beginning. Unless there is serious damage, chances are they will just do an xray and watch it for the next 6 months or longer.

Hello! I have a four year old duaghter who was in a similar situation. Last year,(she was three at the time)she fell while at her daycare and hit her mouth on a bookshelf. She ended up having four damaged teeth. I delt with the Childrens Hospital dentists and they watched her teeth for about three weeks waiting to see if they would heal. Her teeth did not turn grey immediatly it took a couple weeks.The dentist told me that if the tooth turns grey immediatly that it was a good sign because it would most likely, after time turn back to white. In my case however her teeth waited to turn grey and they said that it meant that the tooth was going to die off eventually. I hope this helped at all!

I didn't finish reading all of the responses so I am sorry if someone has already said what I am about to say. A friend of mine works for a pediatric dentist and she says that you can bruise your teeth and that it is nothing to worry about. However, a lot of continuous falls and injury to the teeth may cause problems. Hope this helps!

You shouldn't worry because it is really common. My neice did the same thing as a three-year-old. The dentist mentioned either do nothing or remove the tooth. Usually, the tooth is not dead. What you're seeing is in effect a bruised tooth (blood inside the tooth). His suggestion was to do nothing and watch the tooth. If it's still gray in a few months, then it's probably dead and they may pull it. My neice's tooth returned to white in about two months. The main thing to watch out for is any type of absessing/pain. If you decide to have it pulled, it may be a lot harder for her to eat without those 2 front teeth. I would still call the dentist and have it looked at, but, more than likely, they will tell you just leave it be.

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