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Too Young for Deodorant?

Yikes! My 7 year old boy has body odor. I've always encouraged him to wash well, but have lately really encouraged him to wash under his arms really good since we've noticed. I'm guessing bacteria is around with his sweating and getting dirty. I thought maybe we could try an all natural deodorant for him. What do you all think? I'm never prepared for these things....:-) And while I'm having an anxiety attack at the Walmart deodorant aisle today, it occurred to me that I need advice and what better place to get it? Thanks so much in advance!

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First of all, thanks to all of you for your suggestions, personal stories, and humor. I felt a lot better. And as it turns out he had an ear check with his dr. (that I had previously forgotten) and the doc said it's really not that unusual at this age at all. You all were spot on! I got my little guy some Arm & Hammer with no aluminum or parabens and it's just a deodorant. And it's a great time to gain some credibility with him on our knowledge of bodies and how we change as we grow and we parents get some practice too! Ha! Thanks again to all of you!

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My 7 yr old has the same problem, I called his doctor's office and they said it was ok to use a mild deoderant on him. When I went to Wal Mart to buy one I had no idea which men's deoderant was mild, so I ended up buying him Dove. It works well and he's had no reaction to it. I just told him it was for boys and girls, since it was kinda girly on the front.
Good Luck!

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My 7 year-old son has the same problem and Witch Hazel was recommended to my by a doctor. It may sound strange, but we take Tucks with Hazel medicated pads and rub under his arms. The only complain is that it is "too cold" but its seems to do the trick. Hope this helps!

S. S.

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My 7 yr old has the same problem, I called his doctor's office and they said it was ok to use a mild deoderant on him. When I went to Wal Mart to buy one I had no idea which men's deoderant was mild, so I ended up buying him Dove. It works well and he's had no reaction to it. I just told him it was for boys and girls, since it was kinda girly on the front.
Good Luck!

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Hi, my daughter who is 4 also has a smelly problem. I've talked to the dr since she is so young and he said that some kids are just smellier than others. She doesn't smell consistantly, but occasionally, and more in the summer months. He told me to get her a deoderant, not an anti-persperant. I bought her an all natural, hypo-allergenic deoderant, since she is so young. It is called herbal clear. It says it is aluminum, paraben and alcohol free. It has aloe and vitamins A & E. But the point is, that is stops her from smelling when we have to go someplace and don't have time for a bath. Good luck, I hope that helps.

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Have a friend with a 9 yr old girl with this same problem, when she mentioned this to her pediatrican, he wanted to know where she bought her milk. She said usually Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart, or so I've been told, get their milk from dairies that use hormone therapy to produce more milk in their cows. This is coming thru in their milk, thus transferring to our children.

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My nephew started wearing deodorant at a very young age, also. My sister bought him regular deodorant like she did with her older boys and he was fine.

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I see any problem with it. I think it would be worse to have people think he is smelly! Have dad take him and buy some "man" stuff!

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Deoderant is ok, but do not use an antipersperant! Use deoderant only. I can not remember the exact medical reason, something to do with the glands not being fully developed or something. My sister is law is a walking medical book of information and she told me about this. Unfortunatly all I remember is antipersperant is a no no and deoderant is ok.

The witch hazel sounds interesting, my granmother used it on us as kids for bruises and everything. It was her wonder drug.

I may be trying the apple vinegar thing though, this is not the first time I ahve heard benefits from using it.

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Definitely get one without aluminum. Also, what we eat can effect how we smell. This may sound crazy but I started drinking raw apple cider vinegar in water and not only do the mosquitos leave me alone but I smell better! I'm getting my kids (7 and 9) hooked on it, too. It is a cheap way to get lots of good health benefits.

Good luck!

L. C.

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I completely understand...my 9 year old son started wearing deodorant at the age of 7 also. We bought him Arm & Hammer (you can find in at Wal-mart and doesn't smell real flowery-doesn't leave that white stuff behind either under the arm). He seems to be doing well with it and I know that there were a couple of boys in his class that were already using it as well. Who knows maybe their sweat glands are maturing faster than usual along with everything else these days (haha). Good luck and don't panic about the Walmart aisle thing...I think that I was there for a half an hour looking at different things and the prices. I will offer this also..keep it up high enough that your younger son doesn't see it and have him put it on when he is not around. My youngest son was 4 also when he started using it and boy the drama of his older brother getting to do something that he is not old enough to do is just amazing.

Good luck!!

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You might want to mention it at his next DR's appointment in case this is a sign of premature puberty.

Buy some deoderant for him and teach him now to use it every day. My oldest has to reaply half way thru the day sometimes. We've upped her deo strength which has helped. Both of my girls have been using deo since the age of 7. It is never to early to start. Good Luck and God Bless.

I would get him the Aluminum free deodorant (Adidas). 7 is pretty young, but if he needs it, he needs it I would say.

I just saw this and know you got the A&H, but I recommend getting Thai Deoderant stick (or other brand of deoderant crystal). I use one and really like it a lot. They are 100% pure and natural and the label says it lasts 'up to one year.' I just opened a new one and looked back to see when I got the last one. That one lasted 23 MONTHS! Nearly TWO YEARS! Think of the savings ($$$, time, earth resources, landfill, etc.)!!!! Not to mention health benefits (non carcinogenic, easy on body, doesn't cause rash, etc.)!

my nephew started using deodorant at 8. Some kids just need it earlier while others don't need it until 12 or 13. I wouldn't freak out about it but would rather have them start wearing deodorant when they need it then have them smell and have other kids make fun of them or stay away because of the smell. My youngest son thinks he wants to be a big boy like his teenage brother and sister and will put it on sometimes but doesn't really need it yet.

I think this is a very typical issue now. my boy started stinkin last year at 7 as well. i have a friend who has put deodorant on her girls since i can remember, so i started with the simple degree solid but i feel fortunate that he is a boy and they have those boy brand deodorants. now he doesnt mind putting it on and evan enjoys picking the smell out. So i think i am saying that he is old enough if you are ready, and if not there is always baby powder what we put on little old ladies.

I found this web site youngagain.com. It has deodorant for kids. You might check it out. Congrats on anniv. in aug. I have been married for 26 years. It is blessing these days to be married as long as you and I have been. I hope you find something for your son. God Bless You and your family.

Hi R.,

I would do the same as Misty.
Honestly, it is the first time I heard about this, and is very good to know. The only thing that I can tell you is that you try to buy one that is aluminum free; it is healthier and more natural specially for a kid.
I have read so many articles about aluminum contributing to breast cancer over time that my husband and myself decided to get deodorant aluminum free. At first, I did not care much about the subject, but there are several articles and information about this in now days, and I think it is worth to get informed. I, personally, looked everywhere for an aluminum free deodorant, and finally I found it at Shop 'n Save. For sure, there must be other stores that have them.
Well, I hope this helps, I just felt that I should let you know what I learned about this subject.
Take care,

i have 4 boys ,and one of my yougest which is 7 now, has been wearing deoderant for the last 2 years. he has such a stong oder under his arms that i could not get by with just having him wash good. i did not have this problem with any of my other boys but this one is so not like the rest. he is for one a redhead and full of cute little freckles, much bigger built than his twin or even his older brothers at his age. i have talked to our dr. about this because just like you i thought it was something i did not need to worry about at this age. i do like the speed stick must scented deoderant by mennen that walmart carries, it seems to work really good and has a clean smell....good luck


Thank you for bringing this subject up. My boy who is not even 6 1/2 yet, is already stinking and when I've talked to a few other moms, they have never heard of starting to ripe at such a young age before:-) Although I don't have any advise, I am glad that someone out there brought this up because I am going to act on the advise being given to you here!

Thanks, again:-)

I dont see why it would hurt if a 7year old uses deodorant. I think they make deodorant. I think I seen it for girls, they must have it for boys too. Sorry cant be more helpful. You can always call his peditrician/DR.

Good Morning Reneé, I think I would go for some after bath powder a fragrance free shower to shower type. Our 9 yr old gr daughter is doing that now, it keeps her dry and it doesn't seem to cause any pore clogging. Or maybe even a light unscented spray.

I honestly do not remember when I started using deo. To many yrs ago....lol plus those dreaded Senior Moments. ;) Such as Sometimers disease, Sometimes I remember and Sometimes I don't!!

Best of everything to you & your son Reneé

I had the same problem with my son last fall (he will be seven next week!). We ended up doing deodorant and it has really helped. It was hard to get him in the habit of using it, but when he doesn't I feel like he is stinky boy. I felt it was too early for it, but talked to other friends who had older kids and had done the same for them! Good luck.

R., I SO understand the non-preparedness of parenting a growing child! I have 2 girls, 9 and 10. To see them and their friends grow up, the games and conversations changing, the attitudes, etc. (sigh!) It's going to be harder than I thought! lol

Anyway, I would see no issues at all about giving him deoderant. A great alternative to regular scented cake deoderant is actually salt. Whole foods and I think Trader Joes carries it for this purpose, but I have actually seen massage stones made from salt at my churches book store that might be a bit more for your money (no packaging). If you want more info on that, let me know. Salt (real natural rock salt, not table salt) has a naturally antibacterial property so it can be used for a multitude of things. So, when wet and rubbed under the arms, it makes you less stinky! So this is a great alternative since a 7 year old doesn't need to smell like an Old Spice ad and you may have concerns about the aluminum and other chemicals from an antiperspirant on your child.

Good luck, and know there are many more "surprises" in store! Enjoy each one!


Naw, he's not too young. Just choose something gentle, that doesn't smell flowery (ya don't want his buddies teasing him !)and teach him to use it. It won't hurt him.
Whether or not he ever thanks you (and he probably won't) he'll really appreciate not being "that smelly kid" in class.
Also, you can use baby powder for a little added freshness after a bath, or during the day. Especially in that "private" area to prevent painful, itchy rashes.
Thanks, Mom, for caring.

P.S. be sure he is drinking plenty of clear water, too ! It helps a lot !

Tom's of Maine brand makes deodorant without aluminum. I saw it at Target last time I was there.

I have the very same problem with my 12yo son. I (and get it for my whole family to use) a deoderant called Naturaly Fresh Crystal Deoderant. It is 100% natural and works really well(I used to get it when it was a little crystal ball and was THRILLED when they made it into a rollon). It is a rollon and can be found at walmart. It is a little white bottle with a blue lid. It helps keep from being smelly but has no fragrance, and doesn't keep you from sweating (which is VERY important in keeping to body cool). Hope that helps....Good luck!

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