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Too Young for Braces?

Our Orthodontist wants to do a Phase I and Phase II of braces for our 9 year old daughter. This is new to us. We thought kids are put in braces at around 12 years of age. Has anyone else gone through this? The cost for Phase I and Phase II are about the same. Phase I is to make room for the adult teeth and then Phase II comes in around age 12 with another full set of braces. I trust our Orthodontist but it seems very expensive at around $4500.00 for each phase. Please let us know what you have gone through. Thanks

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You Moms are so wonderful to take the time to help!!! Thank you so much!!! We did get other estimates and we decided that we like our Orthodontist but asked him to work within our budget and only do what was absolutely necessary. He put on four braces on the top to make room for the adult teeth. Our daughter loves having them and it will help with her overbite. Thank you again.

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I actually did have braces in second grade for the first time, so must have been around 7 or 8. It isn't as uncommon as you think. Very expensive, but not uncommon.

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Hi L.,

My name is D.. I got my braces when I was 9 years old, but mine were not to make room, mine were medically necessary. I was not able to close my mouth. I personally do not see that as medically necessary, but whatever, I also got them off when I was 11, and was done with them. However, do to my teeth moving so much, I was supposed to wear my retainer for the rest of my life. Notice I said supposed. I lost it years ago. lol

I hope this helps some how. Good luck!


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Dear L.,
I've been in the dental field for 13 years including orthodontics. I think its a very good idea to begin the early phase orthodontia. Starting the process early on can save a lot of time and perhaps even more expensive procedures in the future. Usually if they start this early they are trying to save your from having to put your child through orthodontic type surgeries, which are sometimes required to acquire ideal jaw positioning. Who is doing your daughter's ortho?

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My son was in 1st grade when he got his first phase of braces. His mouth was too small for the amount of teeth. He had teeth growing everywhere but where they were supposed to. As a result when the adult teeth would have came in, they would have rubbed up against them and ruined the adult teeth.

It was the best thing I could do for my child. He did not have to be teased about his teeth, and he has a great smile!!

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WOW!! 9,000 is a lot for braces!! my daughter had them 1 time only at a cost of 4300 for every thing including her check ups with the orthodontist every year! that even included top and bottom retainers! I will tell you tho my best friend from grade school had them 2 times once for the first time like your ortho suggested and the 2nd time later on, well it did not work!! she had to get them again in her 30's! so instead of just 1 time she had to do it 3 times now, I suggest a second opinion, my daughter only had to wear her braces for 16 months! and they are fantastic! I cant tell you what to do but I do highly recomend the 2nd opinion. that seems like a lot of money to me! Also my daughter got her braces on in 7th grade and off by the 8th! she liked them and it wasnt difficult for her in school at all.

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It really does depend on the individual circumstance of your child. My daughter had braces in 4th or 5th grade just to pull back her top front teeth (large overbite). The ortho. gave her the choice of waiting to have it all done later when her molars were in or have it done in two phases. She chose two phases because she was being teased. Now she has the phase two braces on, upper & lower. Her friend had the same thing done and she is now in phase two also.

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I would get several more opinions before you commit to $9000.00 worth of orthodontics. I thought the purpose of Phase I, early orthodontics was to reduce the time (and cost) of Phase II, for those with more sever problems. We have consulted with three orthodontist so far for our daughter and have gotten three differing opinions of what to do. We opted for the more conservative approach with her. She is now 11 and we will be consulting again, to see what if anything needs to be done.
Bottom line is that the best way to be sure is to get multiple opinions. BTW, if they want to charge you for a consult, tell them "No thanks".

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I would say that is a little young. I did not have braces until I was a Sophomore in high school because I remember my dentist and orthodontist saying that your teeth are not even settled in your head and finally placed until you are almost in high school. They also said that they have a better idea with what your wisdom teeth will do when you are that much older which is something that can change and effect what they do with the braces treatment plan. There is less chance of shifting and better odds of the expensive work lasting and staying as it should.
My parents also thought that I would be more responsible in taking care of them when I was in high school versus elementary or middle school. A second opinion is worth looking into but it is ultimately up to you and what your child is comfortable with.

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I actually did have braces in second grade for the first time, so must have been around 7 or 8. It isn't as uncommon as you think. Very expensive, but not uncommon.

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I admit I was skeptical too when the idea was first presented to us for my then 7 yr old daughter. We just completed phase one and are very pleased! My daughter is really happy as well. She had a ton of crowding and I think it was really starting to bother her. Plus, at this age, all her friends thought it was totally cool! I'm hoping the next phase goes as smoothly. So far, I have no regrets and I have already seen positive improvements in my daughters self image as well as her bite! Good luck!

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