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Too Much Tylenol?

My 3 1/2 month old has been teething for a few weeks (no teeth yet). He is a very strong willed little boy with quite a temper. I give him tylenol whenever he is very miserable, usually not everyday or more than once/day. My question is, should I be concerned about extended use of tylenol? It says on the bottle not to use it for more than five days... Any knowledge out there?

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Thank you to everyone who responded. I am certain that he is teething because I can see his teeth right beneath his gums. I have also heard many stories of very young children teething (every child is different) and read that it may take several months for a child's first teeth to break through. I will try the teething tablets, as I am also a believer in natural remedies and hate to take medication myself. I am only trying to do what is best for my little boy, and if tylenol helps him to be happy, I have no problem giving it to him as occasionally as I have been. Thank you all again for your help!

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Just wanted to second the Hylands teething tablets! I put them in all my baby showers gifts now... they were a life saver to me!
You can find them in almost asny store now... walmart, walgreens, cvs, etc... usually in the baby section. Good luck!

I can't offer any advice on this one but I was wondering the same thing. My son is about 3 1/2 months. He's miserable if I don't give him tylenol but I'm worried about excessive use. I follow the dirrections on the bottle. I can't wait to see what everyone's responses are.

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you sure he teething? have pediatrician check him

but no not bad to do.

if you gave it to hime several times a day for a number of days different

Check with your doctor to see if it is okay to give Tylenol to your 3 month old child, first.

Volunteer at a nearby day care center in their nursery to see how other babies that age act. That way you can see first hand how others your child's age interacts with their surroundings.

Listen to your "mother". There are lots of senior mothers out there who have raised their own children, grandchildren, or neighbor's children.

Visit other mothers your age with children. This web site is a good place to start. Keep up the good work.

Pray!!! God bless you and give you wisdom in how to raise the gift that He has allowed you to bring into this world for some reason. Ask Him to direct you daily and He will show you how to train up this child in the way she/he should go.

We didn't get a consistent answer to this question from the various pediatricians in our practice, but I can say that we gave what is generally considered to be a LOT of Tylenol (daily, for months--otherwise he didn't sleep at all) to our little guy (now 7 1/2 months) without any ill effects. But definitely check with your ped. Also try the cold teething rings or even a wet washcloth (easier for the youngest babies to hold), sometimes those make a big difference.

Hi L.! My doctor advised absolutely no pain releivers to any baby less than 6 months of age and even then to use sparingly so I would stop using the tylenol immediately. If he seems fussy ask your pediatrician what the issue could be because it might not be teething. Hope this helps!

Hi L.,
I would recommend that you try a homeopathic remedy designed just for infants and kids. It is Chamomille, made by Hylands( very well known) 800-624-9659. These mini tabs dissolve in the mouth and kids love them. They can be found in healthfood stores and supermarkets like whole foods and wegman's. We have used chamomille tea, (from generation to generation) as a general calming tea for pains, tummy aches etc. The tabs are inexpensive, easy, effective and safe. While you are at it make yourself a cup of yummy tea too!

Please dont give your baby tylenol for teething. If you are certain that his gums are bothering him, go to a health food store and get chamomilia tabs for the gums. These are just as effective and are better. You may be waiting for your childs teeth to come out for quite a while.

Hi L.. I'm a mom of 3 and also a pharmacist. I don't recommend giving your son Tylenol every time he's miserable, because I'm not a big fan of over medicating. That being said, teething sucks!! The worst is when you don't know if they're miserable from their teeth, from hunger, wetness, boredom or an inherent awareness that their crying drives you insane and it amuses them. I always tried orajel first, then if it didn't seem to soothe them any, I fed them, changed them, bathed them, played with them, anything to see what it could be. If they settled down a bit after the orajel (really slather it on, it doesn't get absorbed to any great degree in the body), then I gave them a supplemental dose of Tylenol to help ease the pain once the Orajel wore off. The most accurate dosing of Tylenol is 5mg for every pound of body weight. This should get enough into their system without being too much that you can't re-dose them 4-6 hours later if necessary. I avoided Children's Motrin and other ibuprofen products in my babies because it can upset their stomach, not something I wanted to deal with on top of sore mouths and gums. Good luck, and hang in there. Soon you're done worrying about teething pain and worrying about braces pain!

Just wanted to second the Hylands teething tablets! I put them in all my baby showers gifts now... they were a life saver to me!
You can find them in almost asny store now... walmart, walgreens, cvs, etc... usually in the baby section. Good luck!

If your 3 1/2 month old has been fussy for a few weeks, it is probably not teeth. They usually don't come until a little later.

Tylenol can be very harmful to you liver. There have been reports not too long ago on the news about how acetominephin can cause life threatening liver failure in children (in come cases after the first dose). Even if there are not immediate, noticable side effects, it can cause long term damage, especailly with repetitive use. Many liver transplants are the result of years of overuse of pain relievers.
I do not use tylenol at all on my children or myself. Only when absolutely necessary, I use ibuprophin. (it is the safer of the pain relievers)

L., Usually any recommendation such as Don't use for more than five days stems from the fact that if you are having a problem for that long of a time period you should probably be seen by a doctor. You should have a concern about the extended use of Tylenol, HOWEVER I would not consider the amount of doses that you are giving to be excessive. Have you noticed any bumps on his gums? I know all babies are different but most will develop small bumps where the teeth are coming in. Believe me you'll know what I mean if he has them. You can also try wetting a corner of a washcloth and putting it in the freezer then letting him chew on it. You may also just want to check in with your doctor. It sounds like this has been going on for a little while. You may just want to rule out an ear infection. Has he had a cold or anyting lately. Good luck.

One little tip I just wanted to share with you that REALLY helped my son was to take the small baby washcloths and fold them into quarters, wet them, stack them & place in a ziplock bag in the freezer. When he's hurting--take one out & let him go to town on it. They thaw pretty quickly so it won't damage his gums from the ice, etc. And they have that little bit of terry cloth texture that must feel so good! Good luck!

Oops--One more thing--be careful of the gum-numbing Orajel-type treatments! Use sparingly and only EXACTLY on the spot of the gum where the teeth are coming in. I was told that too much of this stuff being swallowed can numb the throat & cause choking. Not exactly sure about that but it scared me into applying the Baby Orajel with a Q-tip!

Hello L.,
If you are only using it once a day, or even every other day i wouldn't worry to much about it, as long as he is not getting an over dose of the durg he should be fine. They tell about not using it for five days straight if you are going by giving it to you sone every 4 to 6 hours like it says on the bottle, but if he is only getting it once a day or even everyother day he should be fine, you would notice white stool in your sons diaper if he wasn't ok, that would mean that his liver was failing. I give my son tylenol every other day and he has been fine, and he normally only gets it at night time to help him sleep. I hope this helps, good luck

I had a girlfriend who's daughter ended up in intensive care at 2 years old from kidney failure due to too much tylenol. Be very careful, it can be dangerous. She wasn't even using it excessively.

My friend is a teacher. A young girl in their school took tylenol every three hours for a tooth ache to hold her off until she got to the dentist.

She died. as little as 1250 mg. can be fatal -- it cause kidney and liver shutdown/failure.

"I" Stay away from it. As with any other medications -- always read the label very carefully or call the local pharmacy if ever in doubt.

Have you tried any homeopathic remedies? Hyland's Teething Tablets work well for some. Giving Chamomile can also be very helpful. (It will calm him down and help him rest.) Sometimes, when they're so irritable, and you've tried everything else, then Tylenol (or later on Infant Motrin) turns out to be the way to go (speaking from experience, with a 12 mo daughter who has been working on at least 2 of her molars for the past month, and neither has broken the surface yet!). I avoid OTCs in favor of homeopathic solutions as much as possible ... it tends to be much safer.

Other products: Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Camillia Teething Relief, Hyland's Teething Gel, Hyland's Calms Forte For Kids, Hyland's Chamomile 30x Tablets (a tablet version of chamomile!!)

And when he actually begins to cut those teeth, you may want to consider Baby Orajel applied MINIMALLY to the exact area where those teeth are popping through.

Stay away from Tylenol, recient studies show that it is NOT AT ALL a different doses as in adult medication.You might think you are doing him a favor by calming him down (or yourself) but it can later have TERRIBLE CONSEQUENCES.There is a product for INFANTS from Hylands that is wonderful for teething.They also make homeopathic for colic pain. they are 100% NATURAL and you can get it at Whole Foods or any Drug Store over the counter.

I can't offer any advice on this one but I was wondering the same thing. My son is about 3 1/2 months. He's miserable if I don't give him tylenol but I'm worried about excessive use. I follow the dirrections on the bottle. I can't wait to see what everyone's responses are.

I have a 7-month old and try to stay away from medications, except when absolutely necessary. I thought my son was teething around 4 months, but he didn't get any teeth until after 6 months. So, I don't know what his drooling/fussiness was about around 4 months. Maybe teeth were starting to move? 3 1/2 months is pretty early for teeth, but I've heard it is possible. I recently started giving my son the Hyland's teething tablets because he is teething again. It seems to help him sleep soundly for naps. Yesterday I gave him 2 before both naps and then before bed. Haven't given him any today yet, because he seems not as fussy. Anyway, the tablets dissolve super quick in the mouth and are homeopathic (no meds). Best wishes to you and your baby! And if no one has told you recently . . . you're doing a great job. We moms need to hear that!

Hi L.,

I would ask your pediatrician about the tylenol. It probably isn't good to give it on an extended basis though. For teething, we bought my son one of those teething rings that can go in the freezer and we would give him that whenever he got fussy. It usually helped, plus he loved to play with it. I would also give him baby oragel (make sure it is the infant kind) when it got really bad.


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I am not so sure it is teething.If he is only 31/2 months and this has been going on for a few weeks,it likely is something else.That is early for teeth,although it is possible.Check with your doc for possible other causes of fussiness.

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