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Too High Maternity Deductable but Wanting to Have a Baby... Advice?

My husband and I are wanting to have a baby, however, our insurance deductible is $6500 and we just cannot afford that. We are trying to be responsible and not just go and have a baby without being prepared. I am sure we are not the only ones out there that have been in this situation. I was wondering what others have done in order to get around this, etc. I do not think we could qualify for Medicaid and Alfac doesn't do the maternty reburisement anymore unless it is through an employer- which is not an option for us. I just feel stuck and sad and frustrated. Any advice, opinions, etc would be greatly appreciated. We live in Utah (in case that matters for things)

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Many hospitals have a slididng scale or a charity reduction program. I took in some financial information after both of my kids were born and the hospital was able to write off a large portion of the deductible.

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The first 18 months of caring for a baby are so expensive.... Diapers and formula are your biggest costs (besides daycare!). I breastfeed for a while and then my daughter self-weened and we had to do formula. Powdered formula costs about $20-$25 a carton and lasted us 4-5 days. So, your monthly formula bill could be about $120-$150, maybe higher depending on brand and dietary needs. As for diapers, the number in a box/cost of per diaper range depending on size... Let's say it costs $20-$25 for 64 diapers; average diaper usage is 6-8 diapers a day. Let's say one box lasts you 8 days; you'll need 4 boxes a month or $80-$100. And let's says there's $50 per month in other costs (other food items, doctor appointments, lotions/soap/diaper ointment, clothes). So, you're estimating $250-300 a month (again, not including daycare costs) to support that new baby. (And even if you don't have formula costs initially after birth, you will have to get a car seat, stroller, breastpump if you keep working.)

My point is: If you started to save $300 a month (as if you already had a baby to support now), you would have $6,500 in slightly less than 24 months. If you saved $350 a month, you'd have the $6500 in 18 months. Plus, you and your husband would be in the habit of having $300 being out of your normal household finances. Remember, pregnancy is 40 weeks (10 months). You could always start saving now and wait 8-14 months until you get pregnant, and keep saving during pregnancy... That should allow you to reach $6,500.

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Hi M.,

I actually work in a Hopsital and see this all the time with high deductibles. I know that in our system we off a cash price for all OB deliveries. It's to be paid upfront and at times can be paid monthly until the baby is born. It is a huge discounted price. A lot of patients that have high insurance deductibles or out of pockets that have to be met before their insurance will pay 100% or even way less than that take advantage of this. Vaginal deliveries can run up to almost 10-15,000 dollars (this is the bill that is sent to the insurance..the patient hardly sees this amount) NOT including Dr and Anesthesia fees! Cesareans are far more since it is a surgical procedure. I would ask your Dr and the Hospital that they are contracted with if they offer these cash prices (self pay prices). Most of the time it's way less than 3,000 dollars. May still sound like a lot but when compared to $6,500.00 that's a huge saving.
BTW just because the insurance company has a good name...ex: BCBS..doesn't always mean that their plans are the greatest...I have seen plenty BCBS insurance with $10,000 deductibles with only covering 50% after that. You just have to research different plans. Always check the deductible, out of pockets, and then the percentage they will pay once it's all been met.
Hope this helps! Good Luck to you!

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Many hospitals have a slididng scale or a charity reduction program. I took in some financial information after both of my kids were born and the hospital was able to write off a large portion of the deductible.

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How much do you pay each month for health insurance? I would look elsewhere because that deductible is CRAZY!!!

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We have a high-deductible plans as well. I went from having my first son of only $100 co-pay to my second daughter costing us $5600 b/c our insurance changed in just one year. We were freaking out at first when the change originally happened b/c I was 6 months pregnant and all I could think of was how am I going to afford $5600 in 3 months. Anyways, with the savings we had in our monthyl premium from changing from a traditional PPO to a High deductable plan we were able to put into our Health Savings Account to prepare us for the $5600. Granted, we did not have $5600 in 3 months but we were able to pay off by the end of the year. With our HSA it is pre-taxed dollars that go into the health savings acct. You should ask your employer (or if it is your husbands employer) at what $ amount can you put money into your acct with out it affecting your bring home check. For our situation I was able to put $50 a week into my HSA and I still had $1 or $2 more in my bring home check. Just remember the $50 pre tax dollars is not the same as $50 being taken out of your bring home check. So this is why I would ask your payroll department to help you figure out where your $ amount is to keep you balanced at what you currently bring home. If this isn't making sense than you need to speek with your department that handles your health insurance or the payroll department. if you take my post to them it should make perfect sense to them.

Good Luck! and hope you are able to work things out!

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Go to a midwife and talk about your options. Be your own advocate and ask everyone lots of questions. I have done it both ways and I will never go to a traditional OBGYN again. A birth center will also cost a fraction of the cost. This isn't because they are not as good but because they will not do anything that isn't necessary. God made you to carry and birth children. I know you get ancy with your first but trust me (not that you know me) you need someone who is looking out for you not themselves. If you do go to a hospital, they cannot report you to a credit agency unless you do not make any payments. You could pay $5 a month until you get some cash...

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I know this doesn't answer your question, and it's a completely different world now, but if you wait until you THINK you can afford it, you never will.

I agree with maybe talking to hospitals/docs to see if they give some sort of payment plan or discount. But if your income is a certain level but you just have a high deductible, I'll be surprised if they offer a discount.

We too, by our choice have a $5000 deductible, but we are in a different stage of our life. My doctor, offers a discount and treats me as a "private pay" but that is her practice and has nothing to do with our income level.

Good Luck

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You can try and save money for a year, or alot of hospitals will let you set up a payment plan of 50.00 a month. I feel God will provide for you if you trust in him.

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