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Tonsillitis That Will Not Go Away!

I seem to have a case of tonsillitis that will not go away.

Has anyone else suffered with this as an adult? It is my second case in about six months...but this time I have taken 3 rounds of antibiotics and my throat is still sore.

I am calling my doctor's office later this morning...but I am miserable and it has been 3.5 weeks. I would just like one day of not having to suck on throat lozenges and take Advil.

It is not as bad as when I first went to the doctor, could barely swallow and my glands were so big you could see them on the outside of my neck without having to touch them. But it is sore when I swallow and annoying.

Any advice?

What can I do next?

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I went through a spell in my 20's with tonsillitis. They generally will not remove an adults tonsils because of the increased risk of strep throat. I cant remember exactly, but I want to say that I went through about 3 years and got this irritating thing 6 or 7 times. I was also told that they are not quick to remove tonsils from a child (like they used too) For what its worth, after going through this so much in my life, I am 37 now and would have to guess it hasnt happened to me for 10 years or so.
M. :)

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you need to have your doctor take a serious look at you my grandmother had a bout with this and it turned out she had stage one non hodkin lymphoma that attacked her tonsil... they had tryed the traditional methods for relieving the tonsilitis but it wouldn't go away..and thru further testin they found the cancer.. i don't mean to scare you but it is a possibility that needs to be checked out..

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I had a similar problem with my kids. I had forgotten to throw away their toothbrush and replace it with a new one.My dental hygenist said to replace toothbrushes with a new one when you have a cold,strep throat,stomach virus,tonsillitis,etc. Hope this helps!

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Dear M., One thing to consider is that your body may be immune to your antibiotics. Have they cultured your throat for any other problems? It does seem a little too long to be experiencing this terrible issue. I'm sure it brings you down and makes it hard to be at your full potential. You might think about getting a second opinion from another Dr. Do you have any problems with allergies which would cause constant drainage and make your throat sore? These are just a few ideas to think about. I hope you start feeling better very soon.
M. B. Mother of 2.

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WOW M., you have had a lot of advice. For what it is worth. I would try the natural remedy that another respond gave you. If that does not work, then I would have them out. I was on antibiotics for longer before I asked about having them out and had no problem with the ENT provider doing it with in 2wks. I had mind out last year and I have not had a problem since. I am at the great age of 55. It was not easy but you can do it. I ate a lot of ice and frozen type of juices. The idea is to drink, drink and drink. As a side note--> I lost 10 lbs during the 2wks. My only poblem now is every now and then I get a tickle in the back on the left side where my tonsil was before. Not a bad trade off. But I am an advocate for natural remedies before surgery. Good luck and God Bless.
S.--stepmother of 4 and a wonderful God sent husband.

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Do check into that cancer thing, I never heard of it, but it is important to note. More likely, you are just not respondig to the anti-biotic and may have to use a stronger/different one.

I agree with the other posters to get them out. I got mine out when I was 21 and have never had strep again (I got it every year at least once since I was a kid). The bad thing for me was the anesthesia which made me sick when I was coming out of it. It is worth it though, especially when life doesn't stop when Mommy is sick! Good Luck and feel better.

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I had that as a young adult. Some things you may not know are that you should get a new tooth brush after 24 hours of being on the antibiotic. Do you have a dog? Dogs can carry strep, which is tonsillitis. Also, do you have a dishwasher? I was told once that the rubber seal on the door can capture the strep and keep putting it into the water and onto the dishes. You may need to change it. The last thing is that I would ask for a shot. They work faster and stay in your system longer. They hurt pretty bad but are worth it in the long run. Good luck!!!

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You need a referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist. That person is probably going to suggest you have your tonsils removed. It is a very common surgery with limited hospital time (i believe it can even be done as outpatient surgery nowadays...Once done your throat will be sore and scratchy for a few day or a week but after that it will be fine..

Hi, have you considered just having them removed. My mom had hers done later because she also would have a lot problems. My children and I had ours taken out when we were under 5 years old. I rarely have problem with my throat now.

Dear Maretta, I just had my tonsils taken out. I have had acute tonsillitis and strep since I was 7 years old. it took until now to get any Dr, to do anything about it. I learned the hard way that you have to be your own health care advocate
Now to the surgery part. It has been a very long hard recovery, I was told that before hand. The first two weeks i spent in bed, my husband (bless his heart) took care of the kids and house. The second two weeks I am slowly getting back to my normal routine but take it pretty easy, and still have to eat soft foods, and have a hard time swallowing.
Hope this helped, good luck.


I suffered with this problem all through my childhood. I'm 54 years old now and a young lady at GNC told me to try "Silver Biotics". I promise you it will work. It is 24.95 comes in a purple bottle and all natural. Don't be alarmed, it taste like water!. 3 teaspoons a day and in days you won't remember you had a soar throat. It's not medicine. It helps the immune system so it's good for anything.


I went through this 4 years ago. I ended up having mine removed, and have not had a sever sore throat since. The surgery was not fun, but not nearly as bad as people had told me. I was 30 when I had this done which scared me to death with all the stories I had heard from others about having that surgery as an adult. There is a greater risk of infection as an adult, (which I went through after surgery), but still it was not worse than having tonsillitis all the time.

I had my son's tonsils removed 4 years before they did mine and of course he thought it was funny that I had to have mine out. On the positive side, Starbucks frozen mochas tasted great, and I had more of a reason to drink them. :)

Just check with your doctor and follow whatever advice he gives you.

I actually had my tonsils removed after my second child. I seemed to get really sick once a month and it became unbearable. My doctor finally told me to just get them removed and altough I will get a sore throat every now and then, it is not as bad as before.
It only took about 3-5 days for my throat to not be sensitive to hot foods. Just don't do what I did and eat a tomato basil soup that evening. The spices just stuck to me and it really stung. I learned my lesson though and took it slow:)
Good luck!

Had the same thing and at age 20 I ended up having my tonsils out, I would do it all over again!! It's been great and I have hardly even had a sore throat since, that was 14 years ago!

My 23 year old friend I have known since she was a baby kept getting tonsillitis...she teaches at an elementary school and got very sick with tonsillitis several times a year. She just had her tonsils removed. It is genetic in her family though....her mom and her brothers all had their tonsils taken out but as children...don't want to scare you, but if you keep getting it, you should probably have them taken out.

Gargle with warm salt water. I've also used Listerine as a gargle b/c of it's antiseptic properties.

Hope you feel better soon!

I have found that letting an uncoated Bayer aspirin lay on the back of your tongue and dissolve slowly (just do anything else to get your mind off the taste - it only takes about a minute. It works best when you do it at the earliest sign of throat pain.

I hope this helps, if not this time since you have had it for so long, but for any time ahead.

I'm a 77 yr old great grandmother of 7, raised 7 daughters and have a busy enough life even now. m

According to my Young Living Essential Oil Desk Reference it sounds like you have been being treated for a bacterial infection with antibiotics..and your still sick so you may have a viral infection. In this case you may want to try an essential oil called Thieves. Because a viral infection can lay suspended for months and your immune system is weak Thieves is said to attack viral infections. To find out more or to order essential oils you can go to: www.youngliving.org/sherylhawkinson.
If I can be of service to you contact me on the website above.

If your tonsillitis is caused by strep, then if I were you I would consider getting them taken out, because you do not want to mess around with strep, which can go to your heart. What would you do if your child had tonsillitis for 3.5 weeks? Do not treat your own medical situations less seriously than those of your child. Get to the doctor, because you can also be contagious to others. If your doctor is non responsive, change doctors. Good luck! jenifer

Antibiotics lower your immune system b/c they take all of the bacteria out and you need "good bacteria" in your system. My family does not ever take an antibiotic - we have natural supplements that work wonderfully.

The first thing I suggest is that you do not take anymore rounds of antibiotics and go to your health food store and get some Acidophilus (it comes in liquid form) or you can get a good ProBiotic (Garden of Eden Primal Defense is awesome.) This will put the good bacteria back into your system and boost your immune system.

The second thing you need to start taking is Colloidal Silver. This fights viral and bacterial infections. Anytime you start to get sick, you need to take this.

Did your Dr say whether it was viral or bacterial? If he didn't mention strep then it is Viral and you should take Total Virx (I believe you have to order it online. I get it from my Dr here in Angleton.)

If he said it was Strep/Bacterial then you need to take Total BactT.

My husband, two young children & I always take these things when we get sick and it works better than anything. I also love the fact that the whole family can take it and there are no side effects. If you are interested in trying these products, let me know and I will tell you exactly where to get them. (I do not sell any of this, I just know where to get it cheap!)

Praying that you get well,


My daughter had tonsillitis and strep throat from childhood into her teen years getting progressively closer together each year until finally at age 19 she was sick every time she got off antibiotics. At one of her doctor's appointments we asked if taking her tonsils out would help. She had surgery within the month and has not been sick with strep or tonsillitis once since then and she's now 29! The surgery should have been done when she was 12 in my opinion. Recovery from a tonsilectomy wasn't fun but definitely worth it!


My husband and Daughter constantly passed it back and forth. Finally over spring break they both got their tonsils out. If you can avoid doing this as an adult I would highly recommend it. My daughter recovered much faster than my husband. It was torture to watch my husband suffer so much. The pain brought my grown man to tears on several occasions. He's a doctor though and needed to stop getting sick. I guess he can now empathize with patients. We are now hoping we no longer have to deal with it or strep in our house.

Poor thing I do feel for you because I have been going through the same thing for a long while now. finally my doctor has sent me to an ENT. The ENT wants to take mine out but first put me on antibiotics for 30 straight days! Going on three weeks is way to long. Has your doctor checked you fro mono? I would suggest that and also ask your doctor to refer you to an ENT.

Good luck and I hope you feel better

Yes, I have! I am 39 years old now and I had mine taken out when I was 21 years old. I kept having tonsilitis after tonsilitis. I also had my adneoids taken out at the same time which were really bad. I have not had the sinus infections and the illness like I did before. Find yourself a good Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor you feel comfortable with and see what they say.

Good Luck,
J. C

I ended up hospitalized a couple of weeks ago because I was in so much pain and could not swallow, it was on the weekend. I drove myself to the ER at 2:30am on a Saturday and they admitted me. It turns out I had an abscess on my tonsil.. Maybe you have that.. I was on major antibiotics, the ENT said if it reoccurs 1 or 2 more times, he would remove the tonsils. I recommend seeing an ENT.. I had never experienced such pain before, I feel for you completely.. Dr. Eskew was the ENT, he is the best in Austin. I am so lucky that is who I ended up with when I went to St, Davids on Ben White. Good luck.... J.

You may need your tonsils taken out. Its more painful as an adult but you won't have to deal with tonsilitis anymore.

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