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Toes Turning White

This is a wierd question but yesterday I took off my son's socks and shoes and his big toe and baby toe were white on the edges like when you sit in the bath tub too long. Has anyone experienced this before and are his shoes too tight or is there something else going on.

What can I do next?

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hi A.,,,
it sounds like his shoes are to small both in width and size .
blessed L.

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hi A.,,,
it sounds like his shoes are to small both in width and size .
blessed L.

Your son's feet may be sweating a lot in his shoes, which is why they would turn white like when in the tub (or water) too long. This used to happen to my son when he was younger too.

I would`nt worry about it, it probably is only perspiration from having the socks on with the shoes for a long period of time,especially if it is warmer than usual.


Are his socks wet? It could be sweat.

Sounds like sweaty feet. My boys get it too. Boys can be very active and they have sweaty feet. Wait till they start smelling... It is not pretty... :)

Hey A.,

This site (http://books.google.com/books?id=xQsjyagTincC&pg=PA63...) says that the condition might be athlete's foot... which is especially problematic because the fungus (tinea) also causes ringworm elsewhere in the body... And of course, if it is that, then it is highly contagious, especially anywhere he might go barefoot (like around the house, in the bath tub, and then someone else in the family could get it).

Put a call into the pedi... Also consider getting shoes that are made of breathable material to reduce the moisture.

Could he be swetting a tons in his shoes?

was he wearing crocs? That happened to my daughter when she was wearing crocs a whole bunch. The white spots turned to dried calluses and then peeled off. Sounds gross, but it all sorted its self out. I put her to bed with eucerin on her feet and socks on and it got better.

Being cold,poor circulation could cause these things take your child to the Dr. if it keeps up.

were his socks sweaty? maybe his feet are sweating and from all the moisture, they look like bathtub toes! My sons feet used to peel from those onsie baby pajamas with the plasic bottoms on the feet! If sweat is not the problem his shoes may very well be too tight! I remember my son telling me when he got much older that he once wore a pair of shoes for months when they were too small for him and he had to curl his toes to wear them! Why Do our kids not tell us sooner??? You got me! But it sure makes you feel like a bad parent when you find out!LOL!

It sounds like maybe his shoes got wet on the inside? IF that is not the case, then maybe the shoes are too tight. Did the color come back after the shoes were off for a little bit??

This is probably going to sound silly, but he may have sweaty little feeties!! I know when I get home from the gym, sometimes my toes will have that "bathtub" white, almost wrinkled look!! If his shoes were too tight, he would probably be letting you know about it!!

This really sounds like Raynaud's Syndrome. I would have it checked out by a doctor.

This may or may not be related but I at one time had symptoms of one of my fingers getting white like that. It always happened in cold weather. My doctor told me in was Raynauds. It was nothing to be alarmed about and eventually it stopped happening (after a couple of years) but you might do a search on it. I would ask your pediatrician if it happens again.

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