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Toenail Fungus

OK Mamas, I've been reading up on toenail fungus on the web. I'd like to hear what has worked for you mamas out there. I started with the vicks & socks for a few nights then read about soaking in equal listerine & vinegar. That has been a hassle. I don't have health insurance at the moment so that's not an option. What has worked for you? PLease advise.

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Dear C.:

I don't have good news for you. I got a toenail fungus when I was only about 6 months old. I finally got rid of it by taking oral medication at age 28. They now have terrific antifungal medicine. Before that, I used athletes foot powder, washed and dried several times per day, only used sandles, used topical athletes foot cream, and even blistered my feet by soaking them in bleach as well as having a partial nail removal done by a doctor in addition to prescription cream. I also used remedies suggested by beauticians and friends. Nothing worked. My mother had full nail removals and her toenails never grew back. When my nails were tested, I had 7 different kinds of fungus.

It took 6 months to go through the whole process and was time consuming. I was allergic to the first medicine and the second one could cause liver damage so I went in every other week for blood tests. It was all worth it though. It has been 17 years and my toenails are still beautifull! My feet don't stink and perspire anymore. If I get a touch of athletes foot, I use an over-the-counter cream with the same ingrediants that I took orally, and it goes right away. By the way, my dad took a newer medicine that only took 3 months and one pill per day. He did not have to have any tests either.

Since you are saving so much money by not paying for insurance, you may be able to come up with a way to invest in your health (We pay $800.00 per month for insurance). My shoes last longer now, so perhaps the shoe savings will mitigate the cost. Good luck, I hope you find a home remedy, but for me the medicine was worth it.


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I got a prescription medicine from a dr. cant remember the name right now. But omg it worked now my nails are pretty and not ashamed anymore..Ask your dr.

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I would check at a nail salon the might have some stuff you can get from them for it since they do nails!

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I would try white iodine. It kills the fungus that is what I use when I have a finger nail fungus.If it is real bad you might take a very very small peice of cotton roll it up and place it under the nail and then place the iodine on it and the cotton will be basicaly be like a wick.Clean the nail with hydrogen peroxiced first so it can bubble some of the yuk out.

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The doc was never sure if my toe discoloration was a fungus or not... if it was he said it was really mild. I think it was. He gave me Umecta Nail Film to brush on every few days. It worked but took like 4 months or more to completely go away, but it did... finally.

I'll never do a spa pedicure again. I'm sure that's where I got it. Pedicures in the old fashioned tubs with clean instruments are the only way I'll go.


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Hi C.,
I think you will find Tea Tree Oil to be good for many many thing, including fungus. I like to mix it with aloe vera lotion. But be careful of the expiration date. The older the oil, the stronger it gets.
You cna find this at your local health food store. I;m not sure if W-M carries it or not.
Good Luck !

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Hi C., My husband had very bad nails .I am a licensed cosmetologist so i started giving him pedicures on a regular basis (monthly). It helped a whole lot. He didn't have insurance at the time.Make sure you clean all your pedicure utinsils with alcohol after every use.Finally we got insurance & went to a Dr. he had to be put on medicine for 6 months! They had to regularly check his liver as well. The medicine without insurance was $400.00. His nails are still not all the way healthy. Before all this we tried every home remedy there was & it did not get rid of the fungus.I wish i had better news. Rubbing tea tree oil on them will help also. Try this & see what happens. I know the feeling not being ablr to go to the Dr. Good Luck! P.S. My husbands nails were very bad! Maybe yours aren't as bad.

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