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Toddler with Pellet Poops

My son is 22 months old and since birth about 90% of his bowel movements are little hard pellets. We have taken him to the doctor and they said not to worry just give him more juice and maybe prunes. Nothing seems to work and I am just really getting worried because it is not changing and it is with everything he eats. Has anyone else had this and what did you do? Thanks for all your help

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my now 5 old daughter had pellet poops since birth and she has been completly healthy, did not change her diet, she did potty train easily. Now her poops are fine. Some say it is not drinking enough water, give him more water if you are concerned. hope this helps

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my 26 month old son has the same problem but we don't do anything about it, as you said the dr's said it is fine but i have noticed that pedia sure softens it up and is somewhat normal.

Our 3 year old had the same prob...her ped told us to try apple juice...then pear juice....then prune juice....each one for a week...and in that order....also to cut back on milk as well.....good luck

It sounds like he's dehydrated. Juice and prunes could help but nothing substitutes good old fashioned WATER! Most Americans are seriously dehydrated and don't realize all the effects that can have on the body. Whenever I'm constipated, I know I need to drink more water.

My daughter, now 3, is on maralax. She has been constipated eversence she started solids at 6months. They have tested her for everything and they couldn't find anything.
Maralax was the only thing that worked for. Good Luck!

my now 5 old daughter had pellet poops since birth and she has been completly healthy, did not change her diet, she did potty train easily. Now her poops are fine. Some say it is not drinking enough water, give him more water if you are concerned. hope this helps

Is there a naturopath in your area? This sounds to me like a food sensitivity and laxatives are relieving the symptoms but not treating the condition. Try to feed him 100% whole grains instead of white rice or white bread, and serve lots of fruit, but if he is constipated due to another food sensitivity, you need to find out what that is. A naturopathic physician may be more willing to look for the cause of the pellet poop and treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Good luck!

Hi T.,
My son was having lots of hard bowel movements until I introduced Pear Juice into his diet. I was told to give him apple and prunes also but pear juice is what seems to work for him. I give him some at least every other day and it seems to help him. And I have also stopped giving him so much milk and replaced it with more water. Hope this helps.

Yes, My daughter has always had that problems she has to take glyclolax (maralax) about three times a week. She use to take it everyday but it gets better the older she gets. Her daughter stated when she was one that her digestive system was not yet completely developed. She was constipated all the time and when she did use the bathroom her bowls were very hard. I remember crying with her because she could not pass her bowls. When she was younger everytime she makes a bowl she uses all her energy and falls to sleep. It made me feel so bad until her docter gave her some medication. Talk to you docter about it. It is just a stool softner not a laxative. Her bowls are not runny is just makes it regular and she goes regular with no problems

my children had this once and my doctor suggested mixing a little mineral oil in some coke and letting them drink that and it worked.

Hi T.-

There is an excellent product at the health food stores called CALM (for kids). It's a powdered magnesium drink that I recommend to my patients. Also, consider having his nervous system evaluated by a doctor of chiropractic. The nerves in his low back that innervate hi small and large intestine may be underactive from past birth or other trauma. Even, being confined to the small space of the womb can affect the structures of an infant. I'll help you find a good chiropractor in your town if you email me directly.
Dr. Kaz

Wow... your son sounds like mine (except mine is almost 7yrs!)

I have to carefully watch what my son eats and also feed him the right foods.

Avoid processed foods and limit foods like cheese that will cause constipation.

Have your son drink water instead of juice - it's a good habit to start young anyway but plenty of water helps to loosen up bowel movements.

Increase natural fiber - many foods are high in fiber. For example, pears are very high in fiber and taste good, too. Push fruits for snacks and offer it with every meal. Look online for a full list of high-fiber foods - you'll really be surprised what foods are high in fiber.

Hope this helps!

Call a health food store or look on the internet. I know there is a mineral oil you can add to their juice that is supposed to be very effective. It supplements a deficiency he may naturally have. Another option is incorporating Flax Seed (ground so you can disguise it) into his diet. It is a great source of fiber, and the good fatty acids. Good luck.

has the Dr said anything about Karo syrup, mineral oil or myralax? My daughter did the same thing and was constipated quite a bit. After making sure nothing serious was wrong with her, I used Karo syrup in her bottles...it seemed to work. When she moved on to sippy cups I was told to use mineral oil. I did not like that idea since you can't give it until 2 hours after they eat. Finally the Dr gave me myralax and it has saved her a LOT of discomfort. You can get it over the counter, but your Dr will need to tell you how much to give and how often.

good luck

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