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Toddler with Nail Polish

Hello girls. My MIl recently told me that my 3 year old daughter should not be wearing nail polish since the chemcials in the polish will soak into her skin. Has anyone ever heard of this before and if so when can she start wearing it. She loves it and I use it as a special "treat" for her. Thanks.

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I found a website http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/ that explains to "avoid nail polish containing dibutyl phthalate & toluene-linked to hormone disruption & cancer". This was the only warning and it was in the children's products section.

My daughter is only 13 months but I'm glad you asked this question.

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i read a couple of responses, and have to agree with some...i grew up with my nails painted from a very young age, as well as many little girls i've gotten to see grow up and none of us have any problems. i was told that my nails were flimsy because of the nail polish, but after not using any for YEARS (nearly 10 or so) they're still pretty flimsy. i've heard so many things going either way on whether it's safe or not. i personally would think that as long as the fingers aren't going into her mouth while nail polish is on...then there shouldn't be any problem. if you really are concerned, i would talk to the one person who would most likely know for a fact...her pediatrician! (s)he should be able to tell you if it's ok, or if there are only certain ones that are ok (which i noticed some had mentioned special made ones) and then i'd go with that. i'm going to have to ask my daughter's ped. next time we go. good luck.

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My daughter also loves to wear nail polish as a treat and she is about 3 as well. We have found a very low/no chemical nail polish. We found it at Whole Foods Market. If you don't live near one then you can go online and Google it. There are a few brands, post again if you don't find any.

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are you kiddin? if thats the case all my kids should be in the hospital now with nail polish poisoning bc all 3 of em chew off the polish off their nails. the only good thing is they dont suck on their toes so the feet polish is ok
i am sure its fine. i have 3 healthy kids and one of which is almost 9 and she paints her nails every other day it seems new colors and never had a prob other than not being able to stop those fingers from her mouth ;o)

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You would be amazed at the number of personal care products (shampoo, toothpaste, baby lotion etc.) that have toxic chemicals in them. I've been researching this for almost 6 years now..since my oldest was born. I don't let my 3 1/2 daughter wear nail polish unless I know that product is safe. There are alternatives. If you want more information, feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to share what I have discovered. Here are a couple of recent links concerning chemicals in baby/personal care products.

UW study warns of chemical in baby products


Wishing you well,


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My daughter loves to get her nails done as well and I've been curious myself, especially when I see her fingers go into your mouth. I found a number of natural beauty sites that offer non-toxic nail polish. I only looked briefly but most did not recommend for young children. www.safenailpolish.com claims to be safe for you, your children and pets(?). A lot of these sites make false claims but I found a few that seemed legitimate by just googling "safe nail polish". A site I love and has a good reputation for natural products is Sephora.com but its a bit pricey. Good luck.

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I have never heard of that, except from people who are a little over enthusiastic about homeopathy and hugging trees. As far as I know from my experiences and asking my doctor, there is nothing wrong with painting your cuties nails. My daughter is 4 and loves having her nails painted! So enjoy the joys of having a girl!

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Hi G.,

You can try Barielle (http://www.barielle.com/barielle/control/shades) or Zoya brands (http://www.artofbeauty.com/scrpt/scr.dll/ShowLines?cat=3&..., both of which are toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate free.

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Good morning, Unless your little sweetie has a sensitivity to the nail polish an occasional treat is fine. I have 2girls 15 and 8. They both loved a little grown up play with nail polish. Neither of them had any problems. If you are really concerned go to Whole Foods, they have a wonderful selection of natural products. That may put your mind at ease. I think much of this over concern is just a bunch of crap. Too many well educated moms and scaredy cat doctors looking for trouble where there isn't any cause. I could go on but I won't. Good luck !

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It's the formeldehyde in the polish that does absorb thorugh her skin. You can find a few companies that do not use it - Nicole Miller is one that I know of. Nail polish is not the only products you should be concerned with. Everything we put on our children gets absorbed through their skin, you should be looking into the chemicals in your shampoos, lotions, detergents, etc. Even your cleaning products are being inhaled (& absorbed) and effecting their little bodies. If you have any questions, I have been reseraching this for the last three years since I lost my sister to cancer and started to research why we are all getting sick - and why so many children have ashtma, ezcema and ADHD.
My 7 year old, only uses Nicole Miller Make-up (as her play make-up)and NM polishes, it is guarnteed to contain no caustic-chemicals - it is more expensive than the little make-up kits for kids, but I know it is safe for her and my girl is worth every penny :)
C. G

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I have never heard of that in my life! I don't see how it could be true, either, as the human nail is pretty dense and thick. I would love to know what you find out in your research!

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