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Toddler with Ear Infection and VERY HIGH Fevers at Night

On Wednesday we took our 18-month old son to the urgent care because we suspected an ear infection and our pediatrician wouldn't see us until late Thursday afternoon (needless to say, I'm in the market for a new pediatrician). To give a bit of history, he's has had seven ear infections in the past 14 months. He had a double ear infection in early April and was given Amoxicillin. When we went for his well-baby check at the end of April, he still had the infections, and was put on Zithromax. At his two-week follow up (last Thursday), he still had fluid in the ears, but no infection. Tuesday he was sent home from daycare with a fever of 101. That night it went up to 104, we gave him Motrin, and it went back down. On Wednesday, the Dr. at the Urgent Care said he had an ear infection and prescribed Omnicef. Wednesday night his temperature was up to 105, we gave him Motrin and it went back down, although it did stay about 100-101 throughout the day. Last night, around 1AM I checked him and his temperature was 105.8! He had already had Motrin about 4 hrs prior, so I gave him some Tylenol and that brought the temperature down to 102.

The thing is, he doesn't act sick - no excessive sleeping, no ear pulling, nothing. Just watching him, you'd never know he was feverish. Now, he only gets the really high fevers at night. I haven't given him any Motrin or Tylenol today (other than the 1AM dose), and he's been between 99 and 102 degrees. Has anyone had this happen to their child? Should I take him back to the urgent care? Could this be more than an ear infection?

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I ended up taking my son to the Urgent Care on Saturday after his temperature remained high all Friday night and Saturday morning. They took him off the Omnicef and opted for a three-day course of Rocephin shots. We will be taking him to a pediatric ENT shortly.

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Hi A.,

Here I go again w/home remedies. But they work wonders. My daughters always had ear infections & the doctors always prescribed antibiotics/Motrin. Yes, they would clear them up but then they would come right back. Well, first of all I have never liked the idea of giving little one's antibiotics because giving them too much can cause their bodies to get ammune to them and then when they really need them they will no longer work for them. So I turned to home remedies. One night my daughter woke up w/pain in her ear and well at 3 am I was sure not prepared for it. So, I immediately got 1 large garlic clove and crushed it and soaked it into maybe 1/3 cup of olive oil for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile I put some warm towel compresses on her ear and I had given her some motrin. After 30 min. I put some drops in her ears w/the olive oil (of coarse the oil will be better if you can leave the garlic soaking in it at least over night, take out the crushed garlic and use the oil) (you can keep it in a little glass jar and leave it in the fridge but everytime you use some you may warm it up a little in the microwave because it will be very cold or just take some out before using it so it can go to room temprature) In the morning she didn't have the pain anymore and the fever never came back that's how I knew it was working. But I still put 2 drops in her ear in the morning and right before bed time for about a week. You can do this every month for about a week just to keep his ears infection free. My daughter has not had another infection ever since so no more antibiotics. It does smell but just try to keep him laying down for about 5 min so he can get that oil in his ear and then put a cotton ball so it won't drip out and stain her clothes. I tell you it will work wonders! You can also buy some OTC earache drops brand is Similsan and that works very good too. My daughter had her 6 yr check up 2 days ago and her ears had no signs of infection. Hope your son gets better.

My children are 11 and 7 years old and they both get 105 degree fevers. They are lower during the day and spike at night. When this happened with the first child, I was afraid he would die or have brain damage. When I would take them to the Dr. the next day, the Dr. wouldn't even believe me because the fever would be down. Anyway, 11 years later, I know it is just what happens in our family and I just do my best to get the fever down. My mom says that I used to get high fevers also. Wiping down their skin with a wet washcloth for about 20 minutes helps bring the fever down a little. I have also noticed that my kids can tolerate tylenol on an empty stomach, but not motrin. So I give Tylenol first, a few hours later give them a cracker and then some Motrin.

Ask the Dr. what criteria to look for during the fever that would warrent an ER visit. He will probably say lethergy, dehyration, stiff neck, sensitivity to light, etc. A good way to determine a stiff neck is to put a temporary tattoo on his chest and ask if he can see it.

My son had chronic ear infections and finally outgrew them at age 5. My daughter had 1 ear infection that never went away. After 6 months, when she was 20 months, she had tubes put in her ears. She hasn't had a problem since. She couldn't hear during that 6 months and was a little speech delayed, but she was caught up by Kindergarten.

I hope this helps.

I agree with the natural remedies... but also, have you tried a chiropractor? They have AMAZING success with ear infections!!! They adjust infants VERY gently (usually with the tips of their fingers), and babies respond OH SO MUCH faster than adults. You can use your regular chiropractor, or if you don't have one, you can find a pediatric chiropractor through ICPA (International Chiropractic pediatric association) website. Good luck!

2 of my kids went through the same thing. Just make sure he stay's hydrated. I really don't think there is anything else they are going to do for him at the urgent care unless he is dehydrated in which case they may send him to the hospital. You could take him though and see if the antibiotic given via shot would work. I finally got tubes place in my kiddos ears and haven't had a problem since.

Has he evr been considered for tubes in his ears to drain the liquid?

I am so sorry tho hear that you and the baby are going through that. I do understand the long nights etc. It is hard. My sons also get alot of ear infections and very high fevers. I asked the doctor about tubes and she said she is considering it but she wants to wait untill he is two and see if it becomes less. That they tend to grow out of them. Which at first made me think twice but I have heard that before. The only thing about the fevers is to keep his temp as low as you can. I always give cool baths as soon as his fever spikes. Sometimes I end up giving him 3 or 4 baths night just to control his temp. Then alternate tyenlo and motrion. It works. I dont know why but that is the only thing that works for my son.

It may be more then an ear infection. I know that one time the doc. told me it was and he just got worse. So over the weekend I could not take it anymore. So I went to Northcenterl Hosp. There they where wonderful!! Thet helped me right away then did every test they could just to make sure he was ok. Which was good because in the end he had something and they gave hima shot and was better whitin a day. So if that is something you want to do. I would!

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